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Zapraszamy wszystkie osoby, którym nudzi się w wolnym czasie na nasz serwer. ;)
Istniejemy od 2009 roku i kierujemy się w stronę graczy, którzy szukają uniwersalnej rozrywki, ograniczonej jedynie zasadami dobrego wychowania, nie oszukiwania i nie przeszkadzania bliźnim.
Przed wejściem zapoznaj się z regulaminem dołączonym do opakowania bądź skonsultuj się z lekarzem lub farmaceutą, gdyż każdy serwer niewłaściwie stosowany zagraża Twojemu życiu lub zdrowiu.
FullServer Serious Business - pamiętaj!
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🔥𝐂𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐆𝐥𝐨𝐛𝐚𝐥 𝐎𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐧𝐬𝐢𝐯𝐞
🔥𝐑𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐭 𝐋𝐞𝐠𝐮𝐞
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⬛️ Discord-Nitro Gewinnspiele!
⬛️ Ein freundlicher und kleiner Server zum Zocken!
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⬛️ Kinoabende, Music und vieles Mehr!

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Want to join a new server that is aimed towards gaming and community? The Hangout is all about gaming, meeting new people, and just chilling! We have a wide variety of topics and channels!
Fun bot channels!
Events & Gaming!
Youtube and Twitch Streamer Channels
Join Now!
Recruiting for DOHJ 14+. Our departments are BCSO, SAHP SADO, SAFD, SAMD AND CIV.
This is a Xbox only server.
This server is only a recruitment server, and not the main server, so please do not be put off by the member count.
We're a GTA5 Xbox roleplay server, which is expanding everyday,

This server is just for you! It’s an upcoming GTA 5 Discord Roleplay server that’s in need of members! We also need staff!!
Criminal Justice Roleplay is looking for motivated Officers, Civilians, and Fire/EMS candidates to work in a professional and enjoyable server!

We're a new server made for Criminal Justice that brings the role play to reality. Enforcing all laws, regulations, and procedures of San Andreas and the Federal Government. Unlike a lot of servers, we will not condemn you if you can't make it to a session as we all know that personal lives come first. We are looking for people who would like to enjoy a good match as well as bringing Law Enforcement and all other departments into reality.


FIRE/EMS- We are looking for members who are interested in this role and/or have experience in it. Weather its in real life or in game. Plenty of room for promotion!

Police Officer- We are looking for motivated officers who would like to start in a fresh server with motivated players who have a thirst for Law Enforcement. Benefits include: Plenty of room for promotions. Video, document, and class participated training in Law Enforcement from experienced players and real-time Law Enforcement Officers.

We have:
Custom vehicles (Including Redneck & DOJ)
Map Addons
Custom peds
Custom weapons
Variety of depts.
EUP with custom uniforms

Join us on discord at



Swift & DreqmTalksTech
Willkommen auf dem Discord Server zum Lachen, Reden und Zocken. Hier kannst du neue Freundschaften schließen, einen chilligen Zockabend veranstalten und mit anderen Nutzern interagieren.Wir erwarten dich schon!

Aktuell suchen wir noch ein paar Leute für das Server Team. Nähere Infos gibt es auf dem Server.
Это отличный сервер где вы сможете найти отличного собеседника, здесь вы найдете где поговорить с вашим товарищем, так-как на сервере присутствует много отрослей (Видов игр), но если вы не найдёте нужный вам канал для игры, то вы можете попросить Админа и он в скором времени добавит вашу опцию. Мы вас очень ждём на этом сервере. Разувайся, проходи, не стесняйся!)
California Roleplay is a Xbox One community built to have fun with people and roleplay on Gta5 online.
We also have a good working cad for the server. We have a good staff team also.
We do NOT allow fail rp in the server at all, if you fail rp you will get a punishment.
We are a active server for roleplay and we might host a few events too!
The server is still growing so please be patient!
So if you want to join a roleplay server join the link below!
Departments able to join:
Civilian Operations
Los Santos Police Department
Blaine Countys Sheriff Department
And more coming!
Welcome to the UN\\RICED Car Club! Est. Mar 27th 2020

The URCC is a brand-new, active GTA car-meet community that is easily one of the best developed on Discord. Our server is well developed and detailed, and our management system is top-tier.

We host multiple events weekly, including;

-] A number of Car-Meets
-] Racing Series
-] Drift Tandems
-] Regular cruises through LS
-] Offroading
-] The Occasional Air-show
& Much more!

Come and check us out. We promise you won't be disappointed!
-URCC Management Team.
Welcome to LSARP Interview Server! We would be happy to see you join this server, we are a friendly community with a great staff team, and awesome a roleplaying experience. We are the fastest growing roleplay professional role-playing community out there!
Want to join a fast growing roleplay group street kings RP is the place to be come have fun with us on PS4 only
Infamous Gaming has recently been established coming from a Grand Theft Auto V past. A server that enjoys all things gaming, trying to connect people around the globe to other gamer's who share common interests in games and consoles. Expanding our channel base to better suit new and old members in hopes to provide an enjoyable environment for all who become a part of the Infamous Gaming network.
We are a GTA V grinders group.No modders,glithers,or hackers allowed.We help each other to earn money and have fun in the server
The Official Discord to /r/HeistTeams. Here you can find other players to play heists and any other mode in GTA Online on all platforms PC PS4 Xbox.
Are you looking for a good time with fellow car enthusiasts? Stanced Online could be the place for you! We are a new community that will organize fun events for everyone to enjoy on GTA Online. Come join our discord to meet new people and experience the world of cars in gaming.

We offer the following activities:
>car meets
>and so much more!
Do you play GTA for the Xbox one? Do you enjoy showing your cars and trucks off? Well now you can in this community. You can host Car Meets and join them!
{🔥}-----(🔶)-----{ Phoenix Council }----(🔶)-----{🔥}
Are YOU looking for a community that is friendly and non-toxic? Then Phoenix Council is for you!

Here are its features:

🔸 Custom modpack! (Through the Eons)
🔸 Minecraft server running said custom modpack!
🔸 Themed roles, channels and categories!
🔸 Phoenix Coins custom currency!
🔸 Nice Staff always ready to facilitate activity and help you!
🔸 Never before seen bot scripts.

Fly into Phoenix Council and have a nice time!
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Welcome everyone to Crystal Trading 💎

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