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JOIN SAN ANDREAS PRINCIPLE: With great staff, everyday RP's, and AMAZING member. Great server to have serious RP's and make new friends... ANYONE is welcome to our community and we hope you have a great time! (We Do Not Merge)

What We Offer:
Custom CAD/MDT
Active Members
Everyday RP's
Amazing Staff
Police, Civilian, EMS, Firefighter
welcome to the official Chicago PD Roleplay server.

what we offer?

-Staff Roles

-Chicago Police Department
-Cook County Sheriffs Office
-Illinois State Police
-Chicago Rangers Office
-Chicago Fire Department
-Communications Department
-Civilian Operations

Voici HELISTRA comptant parmis les meilleurs serveur RP PS4, ayant atteint cet été pas moins de 2500 membres ! Ce serveur est ouvert à toutes individus voulant faire du RP avec un âge supérieur ou égal à 14 ans. Nous sommes sur session sur invitation ce qui nous permet d’avoir accès à de nombreuses fonctionnalités, de plus nous faisons en moyenne du 25 par sessions. Donc si vous cherchez un bon serveur complet et enrichissant alors venez wink
N’hésitez pas à envoyer ce lien à vos proche, que ce soit votre amie, l’amie de votre amie, l’ennemis des vos ennemis,... 😘

LADOJRP is a roleplay-oriented community geared towards realistic roleplay. We are a premier example of active staff and LEO coming together to provide a good environment for new players should be. If you are new to FiveM or looking for something different then other servers give us a look.

Our applications are easy and quick for LEO, our staff team is active in helping people, and we have many players who regularly frequent us and can't seem to stay away because of our good roleplay and sense of community. Our smooth experience and very lag free server also brings a lot of people to us, and the friendships people build here brings a great sense of community to us.

Join our discord and server today and if you need any assistance feel free to #make-a-ticket in our discord and a staff member will immediately help you out ! Thanks for taking the time to check us out and we hope to see you in our server and discord soon !

Discord :
Please join King's Roleplay i am ace founerd of the Roleplay server I roleplayed for 6 years now and I started my own so if you can join it would help me out a lot for future content
Hello guys, gals and pals. Today we're offering you an invite to Cross Play Gaming Community, a server dedicated to gathering you buds to game with! Many platforms, many games, all these possibilities, it can be very hard to find people on the same level and same mission as you to play with. So come on in today, and experience a whole new world with new people and experiences.
What you can expect from us:
:> A nonjudgmental, nontoxic community.
:> Complete safety, be it in games with newly found allies, be it in the server itself.
:> A dedicated team of moderators and admins, always happy to help with any concerns.

Notice: The main focus of the server will be on HALO, Titanfall, Grand Theft Auto, Rainbow 6 Siege and Star Wars: Squadrons. You can still find people to play other games with, of course!

Give us a chance to impress you, and we, pinky promise, will do so. Welcome to Cross Play Gaming Community!
Welcome to GTA Trading Hub

Server is designed for trading cars on GTA Online using GCTF
Must read and follow rules upon joining.
Welcome to SRP,
We are a Chill and Roleplaying server.
We have both Xbox and PS4 to accommodate all users and will be introducing our FiveM soon!
Join now!
Bonjour nous avons ouvert notre serveur communautaire. Je vous invite a nous rejoindre pour plus de détail signé la Horizon Family
Hello! We are a role playing community within GTA V. We have a range of jobs such as civilian and emergency services. As we are a upcoming community we are looking for new staff members all the time so you never know what role you may receive when you join!

We are an airport simulation group and have many departments such as civilian, emergency services (fire/ems, police) Pilot, Ground Crew, Cabin Crew and Air Traffic Control

Please feel free to join our great community!!!
Welcome to the GTA Glitches server!
This server provides you with all the newest glitches and all working glitches for all consoles!

We have three separate channels for each console with a whole list of working glitches for Xbox, PS4 and PC!

Included in the three separate channels we have a “bogdan” channel where you can ask players in your own console to do back to back glitches! And even a help channel where players can help you or you can help them!

We even have a channel for the newest glitches that just came out, so you’ll know if there is a new glitch and can be one of the first to do it! It also tells you if it’s patched or not so you’ll know if you can perform them or not!

We also have a giveaway channel for each console. Giveaways can include free bogdans, cars etc!

This server is only new (created on September 5th) so there may not be many users but we are always updating the server to help all gta players as much as possible!

So join if you’re interested! You can always leave if you want to at anytime!
We are a new FiveM roleplay server, we're looking for new members to help build up our community!
New GTA 5 RP server you can join today


- AIR Department
-10+ Members every day
- fastest GROWING
- Started 29/10/2020
- Server Help Videos
We are a small FiveM community. We are a Canadian based server and host realistic roleplays. All of our officers undergo training to ensure consistency throughout the roleplays.


-Thunder Bay Police (Open)
-Ontario Provincial Police (Open)
-Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Open)
-Thunder Bay Fire Department (Closed)
-Superior North EMS (Closed)
-Dispatch (Open)
Zapraszamy na nowy serwer 𝑪𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒓𝒂𝒍𝑹𝑷. Prace nad wyspą dopiero się zaczęły ale już teraz zapraszamy do napisania podań i zostanie z nami, aby stworzyć bardzo dobrą wyspę.
Xbox lounge for all types of games!

We basically have a little bit of everything!

We have different channels for different games! Like fortnite, Minecraft, gta, etc.

We made a google classroom because why not lol. Ask staff for code.

Looking for News Mangers to provide the news of games!

Roles for each game!

Earn VIP role over time and you will get benefits!

Music channels for different genres of music!

Staff are very active!

Bot channels!

We are always open for suggestions!

Yes, we do partnerships.

Meet new people! :)

Join we are cool! ;)
нетоксичные игроки. мы играем в турниры. мы делаем подарки. больше информации на сервере.
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Gaming community!
Just hit 5k members!

✯ |・゚self-roles
✯ | nsfw channels
✯ |・゚ partnerships
✯ | active vc
✯ |・゚Looking for staff!

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