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We now Offer RDR2 Accounts and Recoveries!!!!!!!
Hello, and welcome to HD Sanctuary. We are a fast growing community with services for GTA 5! Down bellow you will be able to see what we do in our community!

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✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ Welcome to Wandering RP ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧

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Try us today and experience all of these features and way more. Click below for a list of our links & features.

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➡️ Unique Street Racing (with player saved maps/routes)
➡️ Design you own house with over 500 furniture options
➡️ Custom Clothing and Emergency Service Outfits
➡️ Player run businesses (Twotter, Mechanics etc.)
➡️ Ability to write notes and drop them
➡️ Balanced and maintained Economy
➡️ Several Passive Income methods
➡️ 5 Whitelisted Legal Departments.
➡️ Working Cinema (Movie Nights)
➡️ Fully developed penal codes
➡️ Over 300 Persistent Tattoos
➡️ Custom Fire/EMS Vehicles
➡️ Advanced Police Divisions
➡️ Realistic Vehicle Handling
➡️ Persistent Vehicle Tuners
➡️ Advanced Drug Missions
➡️ Advanced Stress System
➡️ 1271 Available Houses
➡️ Lore Friendly Playstyle
➡️ 50+ Custom Mappings
➡️ RP Based Loot Crates
➡️ Custom LEO Vehicles
➡️ Gold Based Missions
➡️ Car Bomb & Crafting
➡️ Anti-Cheat System
➡️ Whitelisted Gangs
➡️ Furniture System
➡️ Custom Clothing
➡️ 15+ AI Missions
➡️ Weekly updates
➡️ Personal Safes
➡️ Live Anywhere
➡️ Stash Houses
➡️ GPS Trackers
➡️ Safe Heists
➡️ Unique UI’s
➡️ Giveaways
➡️ Bowling

✧༝┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ Our Links ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉༝✧

📎 DC |

📎 Uploading IG Photos

📎 Certified Citizen

📎 Suggestion Box

📎 Penal Codes

📎 Property

📎 Racing

📎 Guides

📎 Gangs

📎 Rules
🔥 The official AresModz GTA5-Modding server 🔥
✅ Website/Store:
✅ Reviews/Vouches:
⭐Extremely Cheap Recoveries and Modded Accounts
⭐Get RP and Online Cash | 150+ Customers
⭐Safe and Reliable | 0% Ban rate
⭐Free / Paid Money Drops
⭐Frequent Giveaways | Weekly 10 million dollars
⭐Friendly staff & community | 24/7 Support
⭐Version: 1.50, The Diamond Casino Heist
🌟[Bronze Package] - £1
250 Million
🌟[Silver Package] - £3
500 Million/Level 1000/Unlock Max Skills
🌟[Gold Package] - £5
1 Billion/Rank: Level 2000/Unlock Max Skills/Unlock ALL
🌟[Platinum Package] - £10
2 Billion/Rank: Level 4000/Unlock Max Skills/Unlock ALL
🌟[Diamond Package] - £15
4 Billion/Level 8000/Unlock Max Skills/Unlock ALL/Custom KD + Playtime
💰[5 Invites] 30 minutes Private money drop session
💰[10 Invites] Recovery service - 50 Million
💰[20 Invites] Recovery service - 150 Million
💰[30 Invites] Recovery service - 250 Million + 50 levels
💰[50 Invites] Recovery service - 300 Million + 100 levels
💰[100 Invites] Recovery service - 500 Million + 250 levels + Unlock ALL + Max Skills
A GTA 5 Modding server with a shop with tons of items to buy. Great community with tons of members. Fair prices with great assistance. Everyone who buys something is always satisfied and the process is fast.
This is a GTA 5 Online server where the owners host every weekend free money drops and sometimes giveaways where you can win free recovery for your gta 5 account. We sell bundles too, 3$ 5$ and 10$.
Join for free money drops.
🚨Fivem Market discord which will provide you with high quality scripts and 3d work.
If you're looking for Premium FiveM Scripts that nobody has. This discord is the right place for you!
Exceptional for an already ongoing server or a up and coming who wanna swing hard from the beginning to spread their wings and be one of a kind. 🚨

* 💻We sell custom scripts for big servers, modified by our own developers.💻

* 🏠We will also provide you with custom made 3d mlos easy to drag and drop on your own FiveM server. 🏠

What we also can provide:
🚗-Vehicle Skins
📇-Complete FiveM servers with customized and unique scripts

🚨Come enjoy our scripts and take part of our community maybe we could improve your server with both script and mlos.🚨
We are a new fun discord RP server, we have open staff roles, and would like to get a nice RP server.
Cheap GTA 5 And Red Dead Redemption 2 Recovery Service And Free Money Drops Everyday On GTA 5 And RDR2! Website here:
Hey there! We are new community but we hope so that we will grow very fast =)

What we offer:
✅ Extremely Cheap Recoveries
🎉 Giveaways every week
✔️ Friendly Staff and Community
⭐ Version: 1.50, The Diamond Casino Heist
✔️ ... and many more =)

Give us a chance, We guarantee You will not be disappointed 😊
this is a active community we have lots of departments we need active members we try to host rps every day staff spots are open have leo civ and other departments we also have a cad join the community
Looking to get into Military Roleplay on GTA 5?

Welcome to Black River PMC we're a professional, realistic and mature military RP crew for ps4.

We have been established since July 22nd and we offer a roleplaying experience, unlike others.

Please if you want more information stop by and talk to us.
As a growing community, our goal is to unite as many gamers as possible, covering a wide range of videogames so come and play with us anytime!
Join the gritty world of gangland violence in southern San Andreas, set in 2009, rp in East/South Los Santos and the incorporated city of Davis.
Run with the ballas, Vagos, Aztecs, and other street gangs form the GTA universe, claiming and fighting for turf, or join the LSPD, trying to put a stop to the rampant gang violence, unless you're curroupt like 90% of the department. You could always just go on your own, try to open a business, maybe look for acting jobs, your sure to be found beat up in a back alley somewhere.

- Relasitc rp
- Gang Turf system
- lore friendly
- News system
- Friendly & Active staff
A Chill community of gearheads who play primarily FiveM and drift our cars on the Okutama slopes. we have chats for a myriad of games so come and join us and make some new amigos
Avalon is a military based crew on GTA V for PS4. We operate with the same standards, regulations, professionalism, and chain of command as that of the United States Army. Our crew is dedicated to helping its members develop, improve, and progress through GTA. We help our members with selling business products, supplying warehouses, improving combat skills, and personal growth. We are also devoted to the GTA community as a whole. We provide security for car shows, protection for outside organization sales, security for organizations’ events, and police free aim sessions for griefing.
We take pride in our devotion to help our members and our community succeed.
💸Do you want a lot of GTA Online cash? 💸

💸 If you invite 5 people you get 20 million 😱 💸

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💸 If you invite 10 people you get 50 million 😱 💸

Hallöchen und herzlich Willkommen bei The Crew!
Wir sind eine Community von Gamern. Du willst Teil dieser Community werden? Okay, dann joine uns doch einfach! Sea of Thieves, GTA, Stardew Valley, Minecraft - du kannst wahrscheinlich für alles Teamkollegen finden!
Selbst wenn du kein Gamer bist, kann man auf unserem Server nette Leute zum Schreiben finden. :)

• Der Server toleriert keine Diskriminierung!
• Jeder ist willkommen!
• Der Server ist zu 100% entenfreundlich!
🔥 The official GTA5-Modding server 🔥
✅ Extremely Cheap Recoveries and Modded Accounts
✅ Get RP and Online Cash 💵
✅ Safe and Reliable | 0% Ban rate
✅ Free / Paid Money Drops 💰
✅ Frequent Giveaways 🎉
✅ Friendly staff & community | 24/7 Support
✅ Version: 1.50, The Diamond Casino Heist
we are a fivem community trying to get big, this server is for roleplaying on gta 5, we have active staff on there and always updating our server, hope you enjoy your time here
Retro Role-play Network Is a FiveM role-playing server started up in early 2020. We are a Public server which as of February 21/202 has now been opened to public and the Application process and whitelist has been put on hold. We open our members up to a wide variety of Role-Playing Opportunities in many aspects of the server. We allow Members to create their own Civilian operation and jobs within the discord server. This could be a post service, a shop owner, or even a taxi cab business. We also have EUP and a wide range of Custom vehicles. Since we are whitelisted we strive for brilliant RP and we are very professional in everything we do. We are also currently looking for Staff members and LEO positions to be filled.

- San Andreas State Parks
- Los Santos Police Department
- Los Santos Sheriff Department
- Los Santos Fire Department
- San Andreas Medical Service

Along with LEO departments there are many more opportunities for you to choose from. And if you feel that they are lacking, then you can simply start up your own one. And invite other members as you please. An example of a Civilian operation would be a private security firm. The choices are endless for whatever you want to start up or become a part of. Here are a few.

- Gruppe Six Security Firm
- UPS or FedEx Shipping and Delivery Services
- 7/11 Shop management and Work
- Vehicle mechanic
- Tow Truck Service and Maintenance
- Factory Engineer
- Nightclub owner
- Car Dealer

Our Rules & Regulations are simple
• No spamming
• It's not allowed to threaten fellow players or staff members, this includes DDoS and death threats
• Respect each other. Racism and/or discrimination is not allowed.
• Listen to staff
• Don't backstage recruit!, this means DM advertising another server this will equal in a immediate ban
• Violating privacy is not allowed.
• Impersonating other members is not allowed.
• Sending IP-loggers is strictly prohibited.
• don't unnecessarily tag staff.
• Promoting DDoS or doxing in any shape or form is not allowed, this includes sending 'fake' IP addresses..
• DDoS related chat conversations are prohibited.
• Self bots are not allowed.
• Do not tag our staff members or Partners without a good reason
• NSFW content is not allowed in this Discord community server unless in the shit post channel
• Don't harass player/staff in PM or continue when muted, it's a punishable offense.
• We suggestion you type in English.
• Use our channels/commands as described.
• If your account has any suspicion of alting, you may get banned. But most importantly have fun while you can
• No Speeding around in Sports or Super Cars for no apparent reason, you must have a valid reason for the RP, eg. Street Race.

We hope that you join us at the RR Network!