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⭐ 5 Star Rated Server!

🎉 Nitro Giveaway Active Right Now!

💠 Level 2 in Boosts! 15+ Boosts

😎 Homie Hideout, we are an extremely active server with an amazing community! Our server puts a focus in music; we have many producers, upcoming artists and musicians, giveaways; bi-weekly Nitro Giveaways and making friends, we have hundreds of active members who love the server, please check us out!
Welcome to Cloud ☁ we're a new community that is looking to be able to form new friendships and kill time with multiple events and semi active chats.

We offer :
☁ A rewarding level system
☁ A large variety of self assignable roles/ colors
☁ Multiple giveaways (Currently a giving away 3 classic nitros)
☁ Friendly staff members.
☁ Dank memer and OwO channel.

Currently recruiting new staff.
Our server is legit and we give giveaway when have enough memebers!! So join us now!!
Hello! We do giveaways for a few games on ROBLOX. Like bloxburg, adopt me, and even robux! :) We hope to get fun active members. Be sure to interact with the server as much as you can! I also make gfx's so if you'd like to order dm me.You can self promote YouTube, clothing, Bloxburg builds, any builds, snippets of your game, etc! Please partner with us too. Join and tell your friends about us to avoid being lonely, lol.
A fun and relaxed server that you can talk about almost anything you want as long as it follows the rules.
We also have:
Gaming chats
Self advertising
Community chat
Pokemon bot
And more!
Hello! We are a CS:GO Trading Server owned and managed by staff with years of expertise in the CS:GO Trading Scene. We strive to provide the best environment and safest place to trade all your skins. Welcome!
Welcome to the Official Duck Squad!
This server is owned by a Roblox Youtuber, Uploads very helpful Roblox videos and we even do giveaways!
giveaways such as: Robux, Spotify Premium, and many others!
What are you waiting for? Join this server now!
Amareth - Multigaming Polish Server

Szukasz ludzi z którymi mógłbyś pograć w wiele
tytułów wieloosobowych i kooperacyjnych?
Zapraszamy do nas!

Co oferujemy:
- miłą, kulturalną atmosferę,
- tier 1 server boost (wiele emotek)
- wspólne rozgrywki w wiele tytułów,
- klucze z grami do wygrania dla aktywnych użytkowników,
- wydarzenia serwerowe,
- transmisje w serwisie Twitch
- sesje papierowych gier RPG,
- dostęp do kanałów gdzie na bieżąco
pojawiają się informacje ze świata filmu i gier
oraz atrakcyjne oferty zakupu gier i sprzętu,
- pomoc w grach, sprzęcie, oprogramowaniu.

Co oczekujemy:
- minimum wiekowe to 15 lat i więcej,
- kultura osobista,
- komunikatywność,
- aktywność na serwerze.
▬▬▬▬▬ ◅{ 𝐒𝐢𝐦𝐩✗𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧™ }▻ ▬▬▬▬▬
Welcome to 𝐒𝐢𝐦𝐩✗𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧™, come join our community and talk to new people and even potentially new friends.

A few things you can find in our server.
◈ Sh*tposting/Memes
◈ NSFW Channels
◈ Friends
◈ Giveaways
◈ Games
◈ And much much more..

TK Trading is for all CS:GO related trades.

• Active friendly community who enjoy playing games and interacting with each other.
• Active staff team to ensure no one gets scammed on our server.
• Regular giveaways.
• Price checking channels.
• Guides on how to get started in trading.
•Mini Games on server.
Bienvenue !

Nous sommes un petit serveur français qui repose avant tout sur les jeux-vidéos, sur le chat et l'entraide... Nous avons créer la team [D.F.C] afin d'apparaître sous un seul groupe lorsqu'on joue. Notre but est de s'entraider, de jouer, de se taper de bonnes barres, et de se supporter mutuellement même dans la vraie vie (support psychologique par exemple). Si vous vous sentez de participer à la vie de notre Discord en rejoignant notre team, ou juste pour venir parler/jouer. Vous êtes les bienvenues !

Nous faisons aussi des giveaways de temps en temps, réservé aux plus actifs du serveur et sommes ouverts à des propositions de partenariats.


Welcome !

We are a little French community server which is based on games, chatting, helping others etc... We created our team [D.F.C] to appear as an individual group in video games. Our goal is to help each other, play together, have fun, chill, and to support each other even in real life (mental support for example). If you feel like having fun, joining a team (or not) or just chatting with us, feel free to come !

We also do some giveaways from time to time, but only reserved to active people on the Discord. We are also open for partnerships.

PS: We can speak English, do not be alarm by all of the French messages when you arrive !
Można tu robić sporo rzeczy,są kanały do rekreacji,zabawy,rzeczy 4fun,Można porozmawiać o grach i o czym się chce! Jesteśmy otwarci na pomoc i TY możesz dołączyć żeby ulepszyć server!
Hey we are a active new discord for fun we are hosting a giveaway rightnow and more comming soon it's for chatting/fun/advertising so have fun!!!
Arkadaslarinla birlikte eglenebilecegin birlikte oyun oynayabilecegin ve yeni dostluklar edinebilecegin bir discord!
Nitro pub est un serveur publicitaire avec des rewards d’abonnement !!! Et des très bonne rewards de boost ! Pour en savoir plus on si vous ne comprenez pas tout, mp le fondateur.
je vous présente mon serveur discord
se serveur est, un serveur rencontre fun et gaming staff actif
invite-rôle et serveur complet
des mise a jours seront fait selon vous !
venez a plusieurs !
merci -Galaxy
Everything is good here!!
-Many Games
-Spin of Fortune (With many Prizes)
-Robbery Disable
-No Toxic Users on the Server
-Many Activites Like
*GOTD (Game of the Day)
*Lottery Game (Guess the Number rolled)
*Unluck of Fortune (For fun)
*And many more things you can do on this server 😄!!

Im sure you will gonna like my server😉 #YourCool!!

Sup' celestials? What we are: The most transparent Robux giveaway server!
No scam guaranteed!

Just a heads up, 1 invitations = 4 Robux! / 100 invites = 500 Robux!

What we offer:

・Thousands of Free Robux in exchange for invites!
・Minecraft accounts in exchange for invites!
・Insane special events regularly so you can get even more roux!
・Large giveaways almost every days!
・Open and nice staff!
・Easy ways to advertise your own server!

What are you waiting for? Join and get them rewards! ❤️
This is a fun and cool server to meet new people.

Come in and hangout and chill with other people that may like what you enjoy as well. Talk about your interest and just have fun with people.

(Potential Nitro Classic Giveaways)

- Mudae
- Pokecord
- Anime Chats
- Random Giveaways
- Anime Discussions
- Anime Nights
- Dank Memer
- Casino
- Chill Staff

We will try and make it fun and wholesome for everyone so please make yourself at home.

If you need any help please contact an admin or the owner