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Mohawk Nebula Knight's
- Hardcore base player on [NA] Server.
- Company base on Faction support and conquer the Aeternum realm.
- Sieging will be our main goals as faithful Covenant Adjudicator.
- Français & English Community [18+]
Welcome to Halo: ChronoStorm
Moments before the Master Chief and the Arbiter could stop the Prophet of Truth from activating the Array, the ChronoStorm struck the universe combing past present and future into one.
The ChronoStorm shifts time and space so one could find themselves anywhere in the universe right after the ChronoStorm.
Now factions and characters from the past and future fight for control over the universe. The future is no longer set, anyone can win.
Play as anyone in this epic fight for the universe.
Faction Covenant NA & EU

Our first scope is to grow as a Faction,
Our second is to bring the convenience to Company Governor and
Our Third is to make company grows and have all the right tools to progress.

What We Offering

Multiple tools:
1. Streaming advertising,
2. All platform News,
3. Giveaways,
4. User customizable discord,
5. more in production

1. Regrouped NA & EU Covenant Faction,
2. Fully Customizable access for Guides sections,
3. Faction Section with private access.

For Governor:
1. I’m engaging myself to promote your company,
2. Faction entertaining,
3. and add as much visibility to approved company.
Welcome to the World of Covenant, a living campaign MMO implemented with easy-to-learn tabletop functions.

We allow you to choose whatever you want to be - a loyal follower of one of the gods, a monster hunter travelling the land to kill eldritch beings, a lone warrior trying to slay the gods, an assassin hunting other role-players to collect bounties, or something simple such as being a travelling merchant. There is a whole world of opportunity and choice available to you.

Our combat system consists of aligning text-based and dice-rolling that stacks characters' stats, levels and bonuses.

We Offer:
- An Open-world Full of Exploration
- Friendly and Fun Staff
- Increasing Lore, Depending on your Choices
- Beginner Friendly Dice Roll and Tabletop Mechanics
- PVP (Player vs. Player)
Welcome to the UDC Epsilons Halo Discord Roleplay Server. The Discord server is based off some Halo lore and knowledge of Halo.

We will only be on Disboard for a short time to grow our ranks, after this we will rely on allies so join now if you wish.
Welcome to the United Nations Space Command, Armed Forces. This RP has its owns custom lore, areas, and units. This is so things can be done without it being full cannon, also allows for us to create a diverse environment for all of needs. The Fallen - Halo RP is all about combat. Boots on the ground. Death is welcomed here and a memorial to what war produces, coffins, dog tags, and bullet shells. Now if the whole UNSC thing isnt your style, you can be apart of the Covenant. From Sangheili to the brutes you may fight for your prophets and the alliance.
Welcome to the Halo Discord Rp Server. To ensure that you understand how to check through the different channels to assist you. Also keep in mind the rp is not related to playing the games.

Welcome to the Halo Discord Role-Playing Server:To ensure that you understand how to Discord Roleplay check out different channels.


Starter Kit:
-Pelican or drop ship with no weapons.
-50000 Credits.

How To Play:
-Pick a faction of your choosing.
-State the faction you want to be in the setup chat.
-Communicate with your factions.

October 2545

Vao IV, an earth-like planet home to multiple U.N.S.C. and O.N.I. facilities has come under siege by a roaming Covenant fleet, The Hand of Reclamation. The local planetary defense force had made efforts to slow the onslaught, but eventually, U.N.S.C. forces were called to assist in halting the Covenant. The U.N.S.C. Apone, an Orion-class assault carrier is the first to arrive, with a full complement of personnel and vehicles. Among their arsenal is a company of SPARTAN-IIs and IIIs, ready to be unleashed into the warzone. The fate of Vao IV hangs in their hands.
Join the UNSC aboard the UNSC All Under Heavan. Be a marine and kill the covenant, set two years before 2552!
Welcome to my Halo roleplay server!
For this server, we have two factions to join:
- Join the UNSC aboard the UNSC Rampancy to fight the tyrannical Covenant
- Join the Covenant Remnants controlled by Thata' Goromee to finish the job the prophets started years ago