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Fortnite gaming clan with nice owners and staff usually always online
Hey, welcome to WFG!! We're a friendly krunker clan server looking for people to join the server or even the WFG clan. Our server is proud of what it is today, and it's growing constantly everyday. You can still join even if you're in another clan or if you just wanna chat. If you play krunker, we have voice chats, people, channels, and even other bots that can give you a fun time. We also have channels where you can find scopes, crosshairs, hitmarkers, and if you don't like something, you can even post a suggestion. To add to that we also are accepting players from ANY region so even if you play EU or Asia for example, we'll still accept you but please keep in mind that we are not a “anyone can join” clan, if you’d like to join the clan then when you join the server please read the how to apply channel :). Please make sure to check us out, you might find a new home on discord. 😊

Hallo falls du einen Xbox SWBF 2 Clan suchst bist du hier genau richtig. Der Discord ist noch sehr neu und deswegen ist noch nicht wirklich viel los. Nunja der Discord Ansich ist noch nicht fertig
We are a new eSports clan looking to join the competitive part of COD Mobile. If you would like a competitive clan, Syn3rgy would be perfect for you.
We are also looking for more members to join us.
Golden's Mad City is a community focused around one of the most popular games on Roblox called "Mad City", we host events with prizes and we make sure to reward your stay in the server with all kinds of perks like currency, role rewards, free level ups etc, the server is very professionally made, come check us out! Over 450+ Members now!
Are you interested in joining a fun PUBG Server or a Gaming Server? If so, read the info down below :D
Nø MeRçY is a PUBG mobile clan for everyone, who loves playing and speaks english. Our Clan Motto is: One for all and all for one! Teamwork leads us to the win!!!
We are a great clan our aim is to show that skills don’t mean anything; the important part is how you communicate with others to achieve something (Teamwork).

Our Clan Requirements:
-> An appropriate number of matches played
-> Be mature and active
-> Be able to speak English
-> K/D Ratio doesn't matter
-> Microphone: English (or another language if Teammates speak it as well)
!!! Clan tag:『XMERCY』add this to your username if you want to

Curious what we have to offer?
- Multilingual chats
- Self-assignable roles
- Giveaways
- Events
- Voice Channels to talk to others while playing
- Request your role or idea to make the server better
- A friendly and active Community
- Looking for Partners
- Music
- Leveling system

We'd be really happy to meet new faces!

Be welcome to join our Gaming Server (link in this Server) with more games than just pubg! Cya!!!
𝓣𝓸𝔁𝓲𝓬 ist ein Multi-Gaming-Clan und eine Community mit der man zocken, reden und chillen kann.
This server is for the love of gaming and is full of laid back people to chill with and play.
Our current games are codm and pubg but we accept all gamers.We loves memes , gaming and some good ol' fun and if you like that too feel free to join!
Hello, We are a Fortnite based Gaming Organisation. Join Our server if you would like to try and join us. We have accumulated over 3.5k on Twitter and 1.1k on Instagram.
Lennerheld | Community

**Was uns Auszeichnet**
•⚙️ Ständige Erweiterungen
•🎉 Regelmäßige Events
•🎁 Viele Giveaways
•🆘 Schnellen Support
•❤️ aktive & ständig wachsende Community
•👥 kompetentes Team
•⛓ gut aufgebauten Discord

**Das haben wir**
•🗞 Kostenlose Werbung
•🎭 Auswählbare Rollen
•💰 Eigenen Shop
•🤝 Partnerschaften
•⚜️ Ränge, wie YouTuber, Streamer etc.
•📰 Gaming News


Ich würde mich freuen, bald einige Neue User bei uns zu begrüßen!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen & einen Schönen Tag noch!
Team Zector! (1000+ Members)
Almost Daily Giveaways!
Self-promotion Channel!
1$ = 1h Promo (any choice) (Includes @here, in promo channel)
2$ = 1h Promo (any choice) (Includes @everyone, in promo channel)

We are a multiplatform fortnite clan, and are looking for players like you.
all you have to do is: join the server, ask for a tryout so we can see your skills.
you either have to play on "EU", "NAE" or "Middle East" Servers.

We do:
- Hosted Tournaments (!events)
- Clan battles (competitive players)

Feel free to join to join the clan or just to talk with us!
We accept all platform such as Switch, Pc, Mobile, Controllers (xbox, ps4 etc)

We have:
🔥 - Great Community
🎧 - Music Bots
🎲 - Game Bots
🎉 - Events

Join today! and become a part of Team Zector!
Vorkatia is an online organization similar to that of a gaming clan. We work like an empire, taking control and influencing where we go whether it be through conquest or other indirect means.

If you may be interested, please do join and we will be with you as soon as we can to answer questions and review applications!
Wir sind der Multigaming Clan KSK-Germany since 2010. Wir suchen immer Member ab 21+ Jahren die aktiv Spielen und Discord nutzen. HP: | Discord:
🐅Willkommen zu dem TEAM TYGAR | Discord🐅 😀 👍

🔸 Auf diesen Discord-Server:
👉Werden Fortnite Tuniere mit Preisgeld veranstaltet
👉Werden Fortnite Zonewars/Box-PVP Tuniere veranstaltet
👉Werden CS GO Projekte veranstaltet
👉Kannst du eine Bewerbung für Team Tygar als Fortnite
oder CS GO Spieler, machen
👉Kannst du dich auch als Cutter oder Designer, bei Team Tygar bewerben
👉Kannst du Werbung für deine Social-Media Kanäle erstellen
👉Kannst du Geld in Gewinnspiele gewinnen
👉Kannst du neue Freunde finden
👉Kannst du kostenlos Musik hören

🐅Wir wünschen dir eine schöne Zeit auf dem TEAM TYGAR | Discord🐅
🐅Teile diesen Discord an deine Freunde, wenn sie auch an coole Projekte interessiert sind🐅 😀 👍
Team Roach (F.O.N) is a Fortnite, Brawlhalla Clan (More Games Coming Soon) We do go TryHard and you should too. Join Our Server to try out!
Hello! My name is Siberian Java and I own DRC. DRC raids and destroy feared or bad (rule-breaking) discord servers. We have trustworthy and active staff, everyone is included. Join today to become staff today!
🔱Welcome to DSR Gaming🔱
We are Destroyers
Help us grow the team
We have a great community for gamers!!
Welcome to Ftier! We are a competitive, but friendly clan.
In this clan people participate in events such as:
• Clan Wars
• Record Breaking
• And much more!
If you would like tips on how to improve, just ping a Mentor.
Mentors play with you, see how you play, and then give you tips on how you can improve your gameplay.

So, come on in and join us at Ftier!
Redemption Gaming is a next-level gaming community/clan based on having fun! Whatever Game/Console, you'll have someone to play with! Only Join the server if you would like to join us!
fra1d is a small fortnite clan looking for new members. If you aren’t looking for a clan, it’s still a nice general hangout lounge.
Pains' of Wonder is a clan that got its name from my last name Payne. The Levels of Moderation all go up in different levels of pain. The abbreviation is POW.