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This is the largest server dedicated to Linux, Free Software, Programming and general tech and tech support. We are growing rapidly, come join us!
en este discord podrás informarte sobre pc, hardware, software o programación, tambien hay un casino para comprar JUEGOS GRATIS
Discord Bots Italia

Sei un amante dei Bot? Perfetto! Questo è il posto giusto!

Gioca con i vari Bot, parla di essi, condividi i tuoi codici e chiedi aiuto nella programmazione!

Puoi anche aggiungere il tuo Bot personale facendo una richiesta!

Buona permanenza!
Laptop Hacking Coffee is one of the largest information security communities. Staff and Trusted members are highly knowledgeable and many members are experts in their field.

We are a professional community focused on helping others learn and improve. We have a Wiki, website, and CTF challenges to help users hone their skills.

Feel free to stop by!
Apple plus is where apple users can gather up and meet other uses and share their "Shot on iPhone" Photos and get support and much more.
A Let's.code(BR) é uma comunidade de desenvolvedores que tem como objetivo ajudar iniciantes no mundo da programação. Temos membros ativos, que sempre estão dispostos a tirar dúvidas sobre qualquer linguagem.
O nosso sistema de organização dividido por linguagens, o modo como os membros podem tirar suas duvidas e a grande quantidade de pessoas disposta a ajudar é o que torna o nosso servidor ideal para você. Seja bem vindo !
We're a community of digital creatives building awesome things together! From our Twitch streams where we create open source games and apps together, to the inclusive digital incubator we run, Dev Launchers has been lovingly crafted to help people grow and flourish in the digital age. Whether you're looking for people to connect with for your next project, or in the process of learning a new set of skills, come say hello! Make new friends while making things that matter.
A place where people with skill or interest in 3D computer graphics, visual effects or game development can come together and learn/share new stuff and have fun chatting with other people.
Drone Community is a server welcoming all kinds of RC enthusiasts.
If you fly or not you are welcome to join the discussion!
Share your epic flights or sit back and watch!
Join <CodeSupport/> !

We're a new coding community server for support! the server is made to help and get help with coding/programming, and we're currently focussing on HTML, CSS and JavaScript! We have a lot of usefull features in the server and specific channels for support. We'd love it if you joined!

(we're also looking for partners and mods, so if you're interested, join the server and DM an admin!)

-CodeSupport bot

-custom bot
-notification settings
-role setup

The Linux garden is a great Linux community for everyone!

The Linux Garden's qualities:

🌳 | Friendly community, great for masters and beginners alike.

👍 | You don't have to worry about elitists, elitism is not tolerated and we respect all distros, operating systems, desktop environments, etc.

😆 | An awesome off-topic channel with a custom bot. Memes, jokes, and great videos can be found there!

👮 | Great moderators. They will not punish you for no reason.

🥳 | Awesome giveaways and events! We gave away free Xbox gamepass a while ago, we might do it again!

🌱 | You, potential member. Each and every member helps us thrive and become a better community!

So why don't you join now? It's free!
Organic Chemistry is an ever-growing and dedicated discord server focused on the field of organic chemistry, including many overlapping subfields such as medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, chemical biology, etc. This server is perfect for current organic chemistry students, people interested in organic chemistry, and those currently in academic research.

Our server provides useful resources that are of high quality and are regularly updated. Plenty of discussion channels are available for topics such as laboratory techniques, total synthesis, and mechanisms. Additionally, we have channels reserved for asking organic chemistry questions or queries that allow our knowledgeable team of helpers to guide students through any problems they might be facing in their studies.

We have fun server events every week that include daily organic chemistry quizzes/problems, weekly more advanced synthetic challenges, and even a bimonthly group voice chat event called Chem Club that hosts various seminars, classes, and workshops organized by admins and guest speakers!

Não que seja o único assunto que alguém possa começar mas nosso foco é o mundo nerd, incluindo jogos, dispositivos como PC, consoles, dispositivos mobile. Também falamos bastante sobre informática sobre os mesmos!
Somiibo is a free social media automation platform that helps grow your brand on Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, TikTok and more!
Salut !
Voici un serveur d'hardware de plus de 340 membres qui vous aidera pour tout vos problèmes !
Sur ce serveur vous trouverez :

🖥️ Des Salons hardware pour tous vos problèmes. Vous serez aidé par des membres qui s'y connaissent et surtout par le staff ! Si vous avez une question ou un problème, vois avez juste à demander sur le salon adéquate 😉

💻 Un salon pour le développement est présent pour ceux qui ont des questions, des problèmes où pour aider d'autres membres justement.

👌Des salons textuels et vocaux propres et organisé pour discuter et rigoler avec les autres membres sans restriction.

🎺 Des bots de musique ainsi que des Salons vocaux sont à votre service pour vous détendre dans notre serveur

📯 Des giveaway et même un championnat annuel sont présents.
-> Dans ce championnat, des sessions avec des quizz hardware, des blindtest et plein d'autres amusement pour vous divertir sont organisés (en arrêt pour le moment)

👑 Et surtout Une communauté super cool et active qui grandi de jour en jour ⛑️ Et Un staff actif et compétent qui est là pour vous !

Viens sur le serveur on t'attend !

Je n'ai plus qu'a vous souhaitez une bonne journée. ☀️ Bye👋
Inclusive design community to share resources and connect.
✨Resource sharing (learning, events, jobs)
✨Friendly well-moderated community
✨Server events
✨Self promotion
Upgrade.Chat is the ONLY PAYPAL and STRIPE Verified Partner bot on Discord.

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✅ Multiple Languages & Commands
✅ Shareable Checkout Link Anywhere
✅ Ban User if Charge is Disputed
✅ Descriptions For Roles for Sale
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✅ 1d/1w/1m/3m/6m/1y Subscriptions
✅ Any Custom Length Subscriptions
✅ Welcome Messages With Pay Link
✅ Track Usernames & ID with Purchases
✅ Sort Customers by Username & Amount
✅ No Withdrawal Fees (Like Patreon)
✅ Search Customers By Username or ID
✅ Pay What You Want Roles (Any Price)
✅ Cancel Memberships From the Chatroom
Tech-centric community with a focus on Microsoft services and their products. If you're looking for a place to hang out with tech enthusiasts, discuss the latest tech trends, work on cool projects or get help with all manner of topics, then you should join us.

Notable qualities:
* Community managed and driven
* Engaging moderation team
* Over 90 verified Microsoft Employees (They're here for fun, not for providing support)
* Announcements channel which highlights most interesting events, releases.
* Plenty of Microsoft and tech-related emoji
* Tiered roles system
* Occasional events to engage the whole server
* Community-provided technical support for all sorts of issues
* Our own website full of FAQs and info:
We're a small experienced web host that's making it's way into discord bots! Join today to see what we do, you might get a cool bot out of it!
Have you reached a mountain in your coding adventures that you're struggling to climb alone?

Do you need that one extra push to get to the other side of a wall preventing you from achieving your dream code?

We're here for you! Code Cave is a Discord server designed to help new developers with problems in their code, and help those helping out learn more whilst helping others!

Our core rule is to respect everyone.
If you ask for help, respect those helping you. They are taking time out of their day to help you. If you give help, respect those you are helping. Everyone started somewhere. That doesn't mean don't give them positive criticism.