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Just a server to chill and make friends
some of us are furries and we really do just be vibin'

<3 LGBT+ Safe Zone <3
!! Offensive Humor !!
~ Small RP Channels ~
- Vents/Art -
^^ Voice Channels ^^
This is a fantasy rp server where you can be any being you want that does not involve magic. We have many roleplaying channels and some regular text channels for you to chat in. So come on down today and get started!
Hi everyone, i've just made a new server and i hope it'll grow.
we have got nsfw bots and nude channels.
we are a small but growing community and we would love it if you would join. NO AGE RESTRICTION OR VERIFICATION NEEDED.
New RP discord, spin-off from a different one. This one is based on the whole town, so good for families, school, slice of life RPers, and you can just cameo a character visiting the ski resort to check things out.
Just a small group chat style IT rp, this is just to fill up the spaces, we’ve already got most people but Vic and Belch are open. Along with any random background character!
A server to join have fun chill make new friends and more ages 14 and up if your below this don't join or you'll be kicked

Come join a small rp server and help us grow in a modern- fantasy setting we are open for everyone just state whether you are over 18 or under. I hope you'll have fun!
Due to an increase of strange abilities and species being bred and born, secret schools specifically for abilities had emerged, with Kiryoshi High being one of them. To protect these younger generations and help them to practice their abilities in a safe environment, Kiryoshi High was established in 1995 by the Japanese government and is ranking in the top 50 of schools in the country. The school now thrives with young, unique students, each one of them full of potential. To boost this potential into full fledged power, the students are analysed and studied by the government through fighting events within the school. Why not be one of these students, and join our community today?
Welcome to the Blanket Kingdom! A hub reality populated by Blanket Beasts and other creatures from surrounding realities. Feel free to hang out, have fun, and obviously roleplay!
Welcome one and all to the Kingdom of Dawn! You may wonder what fathoms of mystery lay ahead, but fear not! With the power of co-operative story telling we will unravel the tales, swords in hand! Each person plays a part in the Kingdom, you can play as much or as little as you'd like. But those that dedicate time to the Kingdom can earn their title and powers untold.

There is always room for one more tale.....Come and be apart of the one that never ends.

- active support chat
- Redditbot and staff posting coronavirus updates
- Coronachan
- super grand solar minimum
- ww3
- recession
- Soylent green agenda 2021 - 2030
- aliens

The great depression hits us shortly after this coronavirus tanking our economy, then our lack of economic power combined with this virus's ability to disable immune system causing illness relapse while we go through Grand Solar Minimum famine starving to death. The media has been hiding the massive crop losses, the virus is being used to cover up food shortage soon. An insider had said the Iran war will be limited but the virus will grip the world in fear. Join us fellow free spirit, maybe we can summon UFOs and them ayyliens to pick us up off this Earth.
Hola! este server esta recien terminado, faltan algunos toques, pero se puedes seguir usando, espero que les guste!
By Kevenchio
howdy, and welcome to 'your little succubus☆☆'! this servers all about the lives of succubus', incubus', and humans alike! this server serves as your needs! by,, by needs we mean roleplay and devil needs. we dont do housecleaning,,,. we'll be glad to have you here! have fun!
~Wip Server~
Welcome to Echium, a fantasy world of magic, monsters, and mystical lands!
-Awesome and kind staff!
-Tons of channels to roleplay in!
-LGBTQ+ friendly!
-Fun Bots!
Adding things and taking suggestions for more fun activities on this server, feel free to join the fun today!
In the mystic lands of Twilford Covert, is a magical highschool with a huge dorm area and courtyard. The highschool is called Violet’s School for The Gifted and The Abnormal.

The fiercest vampires to small, shy foxes. Witches, wizards, any magic specie is accepted.

Not only is it a roleplay server, it’s a chill server with bot commands. Come take a look! (And be active lol)
Welcome to Gay Porn,

• Partnerships
• NSFW channels
• Verified models
• Hentai
• 18+ server
• Gay Porn
• Lesbian porn
• Female Channels
• Trans channels
Join to be my little slut, I will give u orders to satisfy my sexual fantasies, and if u do good mommy with give u a reward. (Irl)
Welcome to Happily Ever After, this is a slice of life Roleplay Server. Where we invite you to be whoever you would like to be, as long as you are **human**. Create a character and become a resident, make new friends, maybe date someone, even fall in love. Possibly cause some conflict, join a gang, or team up with a serial killer ... we seem to have it all.
See it as a soap opera ... cause some drama, but most importantly have fun with it.

This server is 18+ as there is a possibility of NSFW, ERP and mature themes, including violence and drug misuse.

❤️ Friendly and active Admins and mods
❤️ Warm and welcoming community - we are always happy to meet new people!
❤️ Various channels to RP within
❤️ Lots of fun
Just a place to vibe with other teens and talk about your feelings. We practice self love in this household and everyone has a home here
her şeyin serbest olduğu hiç bi değerin dikkate alınmadığı sunucudur ağlayacak olan gelmesin
Welcome to Victoria! This is new. This is a dinosaur audiobook about a village of dinosaurs who got raided by humans and had to move! We’re open for auditions and it would be great if you could sign up for an extra too!
Introducing, the Splatoon 2 Roleplay Server! We are an bit small now, but we wanna reach out big! ALL CANONS ARE FREE RIGHT NOW! We are always happy to have new people join, the creator is almost always here and the staff is always here for help and accepting ocs! We want to welcome everyone to join and hope you join us! We can't wait to meet you and your oc! We allow powers and some violence but the rules state the permissions. Please join us we will be happy to have you!