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This Server is dedicated to the game Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and is a friendly non-toxic server where you can hang out and talk with people or you can get into one of the calls and 1v1 or 2v2
Welcome to our new Splatoon server, we are searching news persons to play at Splatoon and others games. We are going to make events to play together, we have also a musicbot channel to listen music with friends and we are talking a lot to each other so come with us and let's become friends!
Welcome to the SoulBandits!
Captain : Darkness

Vice Captain: Luxarianity

The SoulBandits... we do Not Discriminate, we do Not Disrespect, and we Never leave Anyone out, What the SoulBandits have what others might not have:
-We have a Pokemon dueling arena and a place to catch Pokemon! -We have tournaments from time to time -We wish EVERYONE a happy birthday when it is their birthday smile -We do giveaways from time to time -We have private servers for multiple games Us SoulBandits have lots to offer. It is never too late to join the SoulBandits. Do as you desire!
Welcome to our server, we are a Call of duty discord and we want to find many people who wants to play Call of duty. Our discord is structured very well and maybe you want to play Call of Duty with new people too. More you can read in our Discord.
Welcome to Pokecord Champions! This is a new serverl ooking to make it big and reach the goal of 500 members! In order to do this we need your support but you aren't helping us for nothing.

⚖️We are growing a great gym system with only the best and brightest.

⚖️We also are in progress of our own daycare center to level up your Pokemon as fast as possible at a reasonable price.

⚖️ We have a staff team capable of helping you in any situation and an open-minded owner (me!) who will always take out the time to help his members.

⚖️We have the appropriate bots such as Uno bot, Rhythm, Dyno and more!

⚖️As more people join and we get more donations giveaways will become frequent! We will give away credit and Pokemon rewards to satisfy your needs.

⚖️We have much more but you can only find out if you join! Welcome to Pokecord Champions
A community based around improving in Smash Bros. alongside others.

At the end of the day, we're all still pretty trash.
This is A server Based On Making Friends and mostly Fortnite
If Fortnite isn't the kind of thing for you we also have a non gaming related chat and A Dank Memer Chat! We also use Mee6 to see is the most active.
The unique thing that my disord has is
Server Updates!
Basically we take your ideas and put the into the server and make improvements!
Hope to see you
Welcome to the Low Orbit Arena, based off A location in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. This sever is for any Nintendo fan but we primarily dabble in Smash and Xenoblade. We are a friendly community and we welcome anyone here, even if you do not play the games listed above. I hope you enjoy it here!
We have a friendly community where you can practice and get better at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! We also have chats for other games besides Smash! We love all feedback, so feel free to join! *we (try to) have weekly mini tourneys with minor prizes!*
We welcome you to the (self proclaimed) ULTIMATE SSB SERVER! There are the following things in this server:
*Chats for casual, team battle, and 1v1 games!
*channels to talk about your favorite games!
*a place for good boys and girls uwu
*mods that assist you and keep you safe from any toxic players
*tournaments where you can win cash prizes and help the server grow more vibrant!
*one cool admin (thats me)
*a friend code chat to find many many people to play with!

This server is growing strong, with competitive and casual players all around! We would love to have you join our server and help it grow even bigger than before! Remember to always be toxic-free and don't insult people just because of a match. Hope you all enjoy and happy gaming!
This Discord server was intended to assist players in creating teams for completing mission / heists. it serves as an alternate to the Official Grand Theft Auto server. We welcome gamers from all platforms. Come chill out with us and talk about anything GTA related!
Smash Grounds:

A growing Discord server dedicated to its community and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Our server is a great way to improve in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate while having fun doing so! We host special game nights every Monday, Friday, and Saturday, with Saturdays being focused on improving as a competitive player! We may also run tourneys from time to time.
❗️Welcome to Twiz’s Cafe❗️
We are a music and gaming server.
We mainly play Minecraft on the server hypixel, the music that we listen to is called lofi: chil , we use it while were gaming to vibe and sometimes play better.
Everyone is accepted

We don’t tolerate racism

Feel free to ask for help with anything

Join twiz’s cafe today
Welcome to Pokemon the New Dawn! (Gen Z)
We are currently looking for our final member of the elite 4 and 5 gym leaders!
Gen Z stands for Generation Zalata a jungle region based up between battling
the Region is ran by the most Elite 4 trainers and each battle will be better than the last!!

We have generals and our server is made from Pokecord! if u wish to apply to the elite 4 we have an application senter!
discord server where we give free money drop, sell money drop, cheap recoveries, modded account for cheap and other things! join us now! 100% safe with warranty. 0 BAN, the cheapest and the best ! GOOD INVITES REWARD.
𝟏𝐬𝐭 𝐅𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐆𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐩 is a big and active international community based on War Thunder and Heroes & Generals where we do giveaways as well.In War Thunder we have a squadron called =1stFG= and if you are interested to join it, talk with the server's staff.In the squadron we do daily squads and sometimes custom battles in the form of events.We also reward the active members from both,server and squadron with ranks.Feel free to join us!
Come join Cow Hideout!
This is a nice server if you wanna come through to play and improve in a competitive environment.

With 1000 members, we're looking forward to making it grow a ton.
-Competitive/ For Fun Smash and quite a few nice members to be around.
-Nice channel/vc lineup and organization.
-list of roles and music bots for convenient purposes.
5000 members and counting. This server is the one and only agario discord.

We are striving to make a great community and would love to have you on board.
Some things you can do on the discord server:
- Find a team mate
- Read the latest updates
- Join a community!
We are a small server that’s dedicated into playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate. You can come join and chill out with us, make friends and play some competitive matches even. There’s a lot to offer that the server has; if you want anything added, to the server, you can suggest them in server-suggestions.
If you have any problems, feel free to contact one of the Staff members and one of us will try to answer you when possible.

We want everyone to feel welcomed and just chill with us. If this is the server you’re looking for (a small server currently that will maybe grow in the future) then you’re more welcome to join!

P.S Toon Link gang rise up
This is a Super Smash Bros Server that we play competitive, casual, spirits, meme rulesets whatever you want. Me, my partner mocca, and a lot of other people in the server take time teaching people how to play ssbu better. We also have channels for every character in ultimate, melee, smash 64 to understand how to fight/play them in both games. We also have SSBU clans that you can join, online tourneys, special events, character main roles for ultimate, melee, and smash 64.
Are you a European player looking for netplay matches, but all you find is people with terrible connections from nowhere land? Me too!
So join EU Melee Netplay, to fulfill your netplay needs!