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Heeej, czy szukasz serwera na którym mógłbyś popisać i czuć się ogólnie zajebiście? to wbijaj do nas byku ❤️
🔥Ciekawą atmosferę.
🔥Dobrą Administracje.
🔥Częste konkursy.
🔥Dość aktywny serwer.
🔥Samych dobrych ludzi.
🔥Cały czas myślimy co dodać na serwer bądź go uaktracyjnić.
🔥Ciekawe role.

➽➸➛ | 🌸 welcome to SoH
a b o u t
SoH is a wholesome SFW server,
where you can make new friends,
and find new people to play games with!
we also have an art section,
so you can show off your stuff!
➽🌺➛ friendly staff & members!
➽🌸➛ Plenty of roles to choose from!
➽🌺➛ Wholesome community, no toxicity!
➽🌸➛ aesthetic server layout!
==> A Young server stands in it's bedroom... Wait. When did Servers get bedrooms? Oh it doesn't matter. This server is made for HOMESTUCK FANS to come and VIBE in. It is a FRIENDLY and SFW server. We have ROLEPLAY and VOICE ACTING. You are free to show off your ART AND OTHER INTERESTING CREATIONS, as well as talk about other MSPFA COMICS!

What shall this server do today?

==> Join?
I know we are all bored and have barely anything to, so I created this server for you guys to meet new people! Now its small but if you can help me to grow this server, I promise you will find a best friend! I hope you can join us, have a wonderful Day/Noon/Night! See you in the server : )

Calling out all epic discordarians!

Looking for a escape , and a haven with only the coolest e-girls, and level headed people?

Well fear no more! Join the incognito movement.

Click the join button below , and come experience what its like to go incognito

New Server constantly growing
The best Staff, and a very active community.

Always looking for partner managers!

Hope to see you there
w̴e̴'r̴e̴ a̴ f̴r̴i̴e̴n̴d̴l̴y̴ s̴o̴c̴i̴a̴l̴ s̴e̴r̴v̴e̴r̴ f̴o̴r̴ p̴e̴o̴p̴l̴e̴ t̴o̴ c̴o̴m̴e̴ l̴o̴o̴k̴ f̴o̴r̴ f̴r̴i̴e̴n̴d̴s̴ o̴r̴ j̴u̴s̴t̴ h̴a̴v̴e̴ s̴o̴m̴e̴ f̴u̴n̴!w̴e̴'r̴e̴ s̴t̴i̴l̴l̴ a̴ s̴m̴a̴l̴l̴ s̴e̴r̴v̴e̴r̴ b̴u̴t̴ w̴e̴ h̴o̴p̴e̴ y̴o̴u̴ c̴o̴m̴e̴ j̴o̴i̴n̴ u̴s̴!
S⃟e⃟r⃟v⃟e⃟r⃟ i⃟n⃟c⃟l⃟u⃟d⃟e⃟s⃟:
-s̴e̴l̴f̴ r̴o̴l̴e̴s̴
-f̴r̴i̴e̴n̴d̴l̴y̴ p̴e̴o̴p̴l̴e̴
-f̴a̴i̴r̴ r̴u̴l̴e̴s̴
-a̴e̴s̴t̴h̴e̴t̴i̴c̴ l̴a̴y̴o̴u̴t̴
This is a server for 18+ It is designed for making friends while gaming, sharing experience and gaming strategies, and having a good laugh. We provide gaming help, team ups, game suggestions, promoting Twitch accounts, and weekend activities. We hope you enjoy your time here, we are a mulit-languaged, open-minded, non offensive, respectful community!
We have channels for :
🕹️Xbox One
🕹️PlayStation 4
🕹️Mobile Games
🕹️NSFW Category
🕹️Fun emojis
🕹️Mudae, Mantaro, Mudamaid 21, Dyno Bot, OwO
🕹️Roleplay Universes
🕹️Movie Nights
**We are 18 and up exclusive, so if you wish to view the NSFW section, please verify with an admin.**
Tulpa Central is a large tulpa-focused server with an emphasis on lax moderation and creating a space separate from DID and other forms of plurality. Roleplaying is prohibited, and we provide an active and welcoming community to learn about tulpas, create them, and then generally chat with other tulpas and hosts. Please do not join if you have DID, OSDD, or other forms of plurality that are not tulpas (daemons are acceptable).
Hoayo ! Bienvenue sur notre serveur "Grand Line", basé sur l'univers de One Piece, mais ça reste avant tout un serveur pour discuter, faire des rencontres ect...

Nous venons d'ouvrir le serveur, alors rejoins nous ! ✌️
Welcome to 123 Friendly Street discord server!
Looking for friends online that has the same interests as you?
Well Check out 123 Friendly Street

We are a friendly server and a Welcoming Community!!

We offer
- a safer community
- LGBTQ+ Friendly
-Amazing Staff
- Fun & Entertaining Bots
- Self Roles
-Color Roles
- Active Chat
& More

We hope you enjoy your stay!!!!
Ever heard of the Kingdom of Joe? We have all Joes from around the world who are destined to work together to unify the people of the Joe, scattered since the beginning of time. Under King Joe, we rule the land with policies only a Joe could understand. Those who are cringe are banished and never seen again, sent to the pits of bruh, sentenced for committing bruh momentus.
nightmare's children. is an accepting server! we do occasional art contests, we have lots of bots, a social community, and more! so, come on down, and have fun!
☽AhegaoMama’s Utopia☾

A new 18+ NSFW based community server! Come see what we can offer for you and we do accept suggestions to improve the server. We do have locked NSFW channels behind verification. We hold giveaways at the specific milestones so come take a part of them~

New channels/roles to be added soon!

Official Server Invite:
゚。 ukiyo

「what we offer 」
⁽ ♡ ⁾ :: sfw + supportive community
⁽ ♡ ⁾ :: self-assignable roles
⁽ ♡ ⁾ :: fun + music bots
⁽ ♡ ⁾ :: daily channels + events

& more!
Moonlight is a server where you can make friends and maybe even date so why not join.
we have:
color roles

hope to see you soon
Porn paradise is a brand new server focusing on porn! We have 30+ porn channels, general chat and bots to entertain you.
10 moderators/owners to keep you safe!

Come join us ☺
Are you a fan of demon and angels stories? Or like the idea of romantic reality TV shows? If yes, then this is the server for you! This server is 13+ and semi-literate to literate when roleplaying. There's no oc limit and all genders/sexualities are accepted!

You're limited to four races:

• Angels
• Demons
• Holy Demons
• Fallen Angels

The RP channels are unlocked once your character is approved and a staff member gives you your RP roles!


What we offer:

> Channels to talk and RP in

> Bots like Mudae, dank memer, OwO, etc.

> A friendly and devoted staff

> LGBT+ accepting

> RP events in planning

— iz*land : an iz*one server.
╭ ⠂simple and aesthetic layout.
⠂la vie en rose music video themed.
╰ ⠂hiring staff and pms.
serwer bez zasad

czasem mozna pokrzyczec a czasem pogadac :)
REKRUTACJA NA ADMINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You like breakfast? You like bros? Join the breakfast bois!
☆Breakfast Bois☆
- Lots of cool people to meet and talk to
A bunch of different bots including: Pokeverse, Mudae and OwO
A self-promo channel to promote your server, YouTube channels, etc.
A news channel where you can get updates on cool news
And even a suggestions channel to help make the server even better
In den Tiefen der Galaxis, wo jedes Licht der Sterne verblasst und das Niveau den absoluten Nullpunkt erreicht hat: EXISTIEREN WIR.

Verschiedenste Individuen haben sich hier versammelt, um sich auf einen mal mehr mal weniger stumpfen Humor zu verstehen und den Sinn ihres Daseins zu hinterfragen...

Bei weltumfassenden Themen und auch bei internen/persönlichen Problemen haben wir darum genügend Ansprechpartner, um dir eine andere Sicht auf die Dinge zu verleihen :)

Also wenn du meinst, dass es dein Verstand mit unserer Leere aufnehmen kann, dann Versuch es doch... wer weiss was deine Blicke erwiedern werden...
👻 👽 🤖 (13+)
Æ Café

Grab a cup of coffee ☕️ or tea 🍵 and come sit with us!

We are a new community where everyone can join and feel accepted, whether you are an artist 👩‍🎨 musician 👨‍🎤 Writer 🖋️Editor 🌉 or just about anything! We welcome everyone ^^

`What we do:

• Spam the spam channel (a lot)
• Talk about our interests or anything in general - there are categories for anything and everything
• Give feedback, offer covers, banners and more at no cost! We also offer professional services 😉
•Do giveaways, movie nights and more!
• And just chillax - as well as over using the bots XD

We are a café theme based server, where giveaways and other events happen; and yes, we are very active!

We also do partnerships and are in need of staff ^^