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Yo! We're a fun server looking for more people to hang out with and game with. We're open to all games and especially Netease games such as Identity V and Onmyoji Arena! We're very social and would like you to join us! Feel welcome like a family.
Szukasz jakiegoś dobrego serwera roleplay? podbij do nas inspirujemy się głównie serialami które ujrzały nasze ubiegłe lata lecz nie oznacza to że,nie można robić postaci komiksowych albo z innych ziem.
Co możemy zaoferować?
-partnera do wątków
-W przyszłości eventy
-Max 3 slotów do postaci,jak i w przyszłości różne eventy dla nich.
-Rozbudowaną historie całego serwera wzorująca się dość na serwerach które dzieją się w trzech miastach.
_______________________________________________________________to od ciebie zależy jaką stronę wybierzesz.
🌸Welcome to our Gaymer Empire ladies !!🌸

We are a chill group of WLW who love games, music and having a good time!
20+ server
Game nights
gaming channels,music channel, memes, nsfw and tons more.
Voice verification required
hi, we are just a small group of friends who are looking to meet some new people to play games with. we have game roles and vc channels. we are nais and non-judgmental, everyone is welcome :)

ALSO we don't have that many members right now, so we are not active 24/7. There is a small chance you will join while we are inactive, so please try not to leave as soon as you join (;
Great British Roleplay, your one stop for Great British GTA V roleplay, regular updates, active players, ticket system. Currently recruiting for NHS, Police and Mechanics

Na naszym serwerze:🔻
🔹 Znajdziesz ludzi do grania w Fall Guys zarówno na PC jak i na PS4!
🔹 Będziesz na bieżąco z newsami ze świata gry!
🔹 Możesz stworzyć własny, prywatny kanał głosowy!
🔹 Zdobędziesz rangi wynagradzające twoją aktywność, oraz poziom karnetu w grze!
🔹 I wiele więcej!
Welcome to our among us server, where you can join in on many games with amazing people. find the impostor and lead everyone to victory; or be sneaky and out-smart all your crewmates. head to the rules section so you can check out the dos and dont's. Also, we are retarded
This is ZMertal's discord gaming community server.This server is gives you gamers that want to play games with non toxic gamers.
Хаюшки! Приглашаю к нам на сервер. Сервер недавно запущен, но уже имеет несколько категорий игр, свои эмодзи, игровых и муз ботов, а также хороших админов. Сервер не будет в какой нибудь теме, но хотелось бы быть ближе к играм. Особенно к таким, как ГТА: Онлайн, КС:ГО, Пейдей 2, Хотлайн Майами, Халфа, Портал, Майн, Терка, и Донт Старв... Также, я не против помощи и буду только рад активностям. Спасибо, что прочитал это, надеюсь, ты зайдёшь к нам)))
Welcome to the sploon 2 discord server! We play splatoon, and have some custom roles, come down and join us!
-Do you like giveaways!
-do you like friendly staff and owners!
-do you play fortnite? Yes, or no! This is still the server for you!!
Cloaked Courage Esports Is All About Helping Gamer's Achieve There Goals, We Have Channels For Games, Art, Memes, Self Promo, Etc #DawnYourCloak
Auf diesen Server kannst du Minecraft/Fortnite Spieler finden und mit ihnen spielen. Andere Spiele kann man aber dank PChannel auch spielen. Er ist ganz schön klein aber hat meiner Meinung nach viel Potenzial.
Welcome to our server

Here you will find a dedicated channel for the games we provide. Upon request, new roles or channels can be created according to your wishes.
We are invite often to GTA V money drops or meetings, which of course is announced in advance in a specially provided channel.
Of course we are doing GTA V unlock all for free too!
We are currently a bit more then 100 members and would be happy to welcome any new person.
We are respectful to each other and if there are any incidents the owner and moderator/supporter is there for you at any time.

We look forward to seeing you! :)

Herzlich Willkommen auf unserem Server

Hier findest du zu von uns bereitgestellten Spielen einen eigenen Kanal. Auf Anfrage werden auch gerne neue Rollen oder Kanäle nach euren Wünschen erstellt.
Auch wird oft zu GTA V money drops oder Treffen eingeladen welches vorher natürlich in einem extra bereitgestellten Kanal angekündigt wird.
Natürlich führen wir auch GTA V unlock all ohne Kosten für euch durch!
Wir sind momentan knapp über 100 Mitglieder und würden uns über jede neue Person freuen.
Wir sind respektvoll anderen gegenüber und falls es doch mal zu Zwischenfällen kommt ist der Owner und Moderatoren/Supporter jederzeit für euch da.

Wir freuen uns auf euch! :)
-Invite Rewards 💵
-Giveaways 😃
-Trade 🔁
-Fun 😌
-Chat 💬
-Giveaways 🎉
-PartnerShips 🤝
Welcome to! We are a great community with lots of games, friends and more. We mostly talk Swedish but also English. We find friends to play with and we do giveaways often! Join this server if you wanna find friends to play with or just hangout in the chill chat!
A place to relax, chill and hang out. We dont really take things too seriously here. (Just a heads up the server's kinda dead and we dont have many bots here)