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JOIN SAN ANDREAS PRINCIPLE: With great staff, everyday RP's, and AMAZING member. Great server to have serious RP's and make new friends... ANYONE is welcome to our community and we hope you have a great time! (We Do Not Merge)

What We Offer:
Custom CAD/MDT
Active Members
Everyday RP's
Amazing Staff
Police, Civilian, EMS, Firefighter
I make videos,content creator. I also play roblox on the side. Nice hangout server. Alot of new people to meet and great. Lit server

⋆✧—— this is our hangout where we just chat and vibe together. dont be afraid to join us!

───── ❝ We Offer ❞ ─────
╰▸ assorted bot channels
╰▸ game-specific chats
╰▸ self-assignable roles
╰▸ friendly community
╰▸ and so much more!
───── ❝ Looking For ❞ ─────
partners! (no requirements!)
active members
and so much fun

☆join us today!☆

link -
Welcome to Technos Development... We are a new development team that will be focusing on creating a game that is 3D. Please note this is not a payable thing unless you are a good designer! We develop more than just games but even discord bots. Need more information Join the discord
Ben je op zoek naar een leuke discord?
Een discord waar je respect krijgt als je respect geeft?
Een discord waar je kan praten over meer dan alleen games?

GameZone is de server waar je dan moet wezen.

We zijn nu nog een kleine server die recent gestart is.
Maar werken elke dag aan de weg naar groter en gezelliger te worden.

Zien we je in de server?

Groetjes het GZ team.
Our server Is Clean and approved by the Staff of the official Islands discord server.
Join us for Tons of Giveaways And Game-nights for fun!
Somos un server Nuevo que Busca Jugadores activos :)

「Servidor」Nuevo servidor para todos , puedes obtener tu primer rate

「Mod」Puedes ser mod

「Estrellas」Obten tu primer rate con un nivel

「Comunidad」Somos una pequeña comunidad que busca gente activa. Ademas deseamos ser una comunidad limpia.

Ven Unete y Divierte :smile: Encuentra nuevos amigos o pasa el rato UwU
Please join to help us reach our goal of 250 members!

Welcome to our server. Our server is a fortnite clan, but yet we still do play other games. our server is a very nice active community. Our server has active owners/co-owners/mods/admins plus we all love to chat! come join this great server.

We also host custom matches every day!
Welcome To Team Swxy, This Is A Active Clan With Great People. We Are Semi Big But Still Growing, We Have Sponsors And We Are Close On Getting A Code For Fortnite. Please Feel Free To Join Our Clan And Stay As Long As You Want!

What we are looking for:
•Pro players
•Active Members
•Server Boosters

What we offer:
•Pro Players
•Friendly Community
•Amazing People
•Active Members
•Easy Way On How To Get Known

SAN ANDREAS STATE ROLEPLAY was founded in April of 2020 has been in beta since then and is ready to play!!
1.Over 50+ Civ cars anyone can use!
2.This is vmenu based RP!
3.Custom cop cars!
4.Good staff!
5.Anyone can be a Cop
6.Must be in our CAD!
Добрый Утра мой дорогой друг! Не знаешь чем и как себя зананять сегодня? Тогда заходи на наш сервер 69SQUAD!!! Тут ты найдешь много интересного, друзей, подруг, тимейтов для игр и многое другое!!! Хорошая и отзывчивая Администрация и много веселых ботов. Есть множество ботов для мини игр, развлечения, казино и тп. Множество событий например выбрасывания в окно! Удачно повеселиться и провести свое свободное время!
Yet another gaming discord...

This server was built with the intent of giving all console players a platform to share their experiences and come together.
I made the server in the past two days and will constantly updated it for the community.

- minimal moderation
- minimal pings (or by choice)
- twitter feeds for ps, xbox & switch
- promote your youtube, mixer or twitch channel

Looking for a decent playstation player who wants to hop on board!
The official community server for the Flamingo Status Tracker.
Permission has given by Flamingo, join for info about updates and other general chat!
Jesteśmy jedynym klanem w Polsce, który obiecuje nie złożyć waszych dusz bogom chaosu :D
Dołącz już dziś do naszej krucjaty w grach takich jak: CS:GO, Battlefield, HOI4, PUBG, Rising Storm 2
Zapewniamy dank memy, cytaty wyciągnięte z kontekstu oraz dobrą zabawę.
WYMAGAMY DZIAŁAJĄCEGO MIKROFONU, kultury osobistej i aktywności.
Nasze najnowsze Funny Moments:
Looking for a group of people from all over who love this app and the Nintendo products, music, anime, animals and more.
Check us out!
A Nintendo based server
Pokemon Battles
Animal Crossing Events and Giveaways
Many Roles
Do you hate being discriminated for being a bacon man in Roblox? Do you enjoy being a bacon haired man or enjoy eating bacon? Then this is the perfect server for you.

**What is "The Bacon Nation"?**
The Bacon Nation is a place where bacon haired people in Roblox can collaborate with each other. You could support bacon hairs, so they can stop being bullied. We also talk about Roblox things, post memes, and hang out with other people.

**Why you should join The Bacon Nation!**
- Amazing emojis
- 20+ channels
- More than 200 members

Join now! Being a bacon is something to be proud of.
Welcome to Devildom!! Welcome to RAD!!

We welcome new students from the human world to stay with us. Don't worry, the student council will take care of you. We are a friendly server that follows the characters of Obey Me: Shall we date? game.

In here, you are free to make your own MCs. You can be friend them, be in a relationship with them, or even make a pact with them!! Be careful though, if you get on their nerves, they might send you back to the human world, or worse..

The current RP is in the middle of the first school year. With a fan art that inspired the crazy admin of the server, we now welcome people who would like to take the role of Angels!

Avatar of Humility
Avatar of Liberality
Avatar of Kindness
Avatar of Patience
Avatar of Chastity
Avatar of Abstinence
Avatar of Diligence

Join us and let's conquer the Demon world!
🐉Herres™ Community🐉
Server Osnovan 29.1.2020 godine sa ciljem da se Ljudi sirom Balkana Upoznaju i Druze

❓ O Nama:
Mi smo Friendly Community sa ciljom da Napravimo Non-Toxic Balkan Community i da ujedinimo ljude Sirom Balkana

🌎Svi Potencijalni korisnici su dobrodosli, udjite i upoznajte se sa Nama
Hello all. Welcome to Our discord Community. This discord is mainly for smash and other video games. Please suit yourself at home here. We have a bunch of activities and we are pretty active!
♡ Gwa Gwa Gamers ♡
♡ Welcome! ♡
We are a beginner friendly server for mostly League of Legends, however we play other games such as Overwatch, Valorant, and more! We are brand new and are always looking for new friends, so don't be afraid to join <3 (WE ARE PC PLAYERS!! sorry if youre a console player ^^ youre welcome to join but likely wont have any luck finding someone to play with here!)
Cheapest MLOs/Maps/Scripts/Vehicle/EUP If you are interested just check it out feel free to join. And also you can get discount .