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☽ starrynight.
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☽ starrynight.

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**e-advertising hub.**
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**This is a server where you can advertise your server for free.**

✰ Free advertising channels.

✰ Server shoutouts.

✰ partnership managers for hire.

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Classificações & Reviews

3 reviews
Exy Exy
Great Community, Amazing Staff
I would first love to say the community is amazing and friendly. The staff are fair and consistent with all members, and friendly as well. I would recommend this server to anyone looking for a server to be active on.
há 68 dias
Hazard Hazard
Best server to chill
on my opinion, what I most like in the server it's the fact that is realy active and the staff team prevents any kind of racism or people breaking rules of the discord TOS
há 92 dias
Dolos Dolos
Great server
This server is super friendly and really inviting. The warm welcome was such a great start and it kept me going. I really liked all of the people here.
há 92 dias