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Sumner, a quiet, harbor town like any other in Maine, is home to a small, hundred or so born-and-raised residents. It is also home to an odd thousand of elite students attending Beauchêne College. The town has tried, desperately, to separate itself from both Beauchêne’s name and activity, but the connection between Sumner and Beauchêne lies deeper than mere proximity. A dark and horrifying history binds them together, but what is history does not always remain in the past. Something immense and dreadful has awoken in Sumner, carrying inexplicable tragedy and unimaginable horror with it. Beauchêne students sit within the center of the chaos, as hyper-realistic nightmares spread among the masses like a virus and peers are discovered murdered within campus limits.

There is no denying the threat that looms over Sumner. It won’t allow itself to be denied.


- 18+
- Literate RP
- Member application process
- Interactive, evolving plot
- Friendly, helpful moderators
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Classificações & Reviews

3 reviews
vegan tapeworm vegan tapeworm
thank you à la foile. very cool
right off the gate, you can tell there is a lot of love and effort put into this server. it's one thing to craft a world from the ground up, but the world is made ever more immersive through the creators' care and dedication to engaging their players in its story; if you're looking for a server that encourages literacy and nuance among its users, a premise rich with mystery, complex characters, competent and committed mods, and an overall welcoming atmosphere, then this is the place for you.

thassa solid five outta five from me
alexis alexis
Professional, Interactive, Stunning, and Unique
For a server to not only gather but maintain a roleplayer's attention, it has to be both welcoming and intriguing, and A La Foile has that and more. Its members are inclusive and respectful, not to mention fun, while the story depends on its users' contributions and unique talents. The multitude of channels provides for an immersive experience that can be casual, intense, and anywhere in between. Supplementary material from users heighten the roleplaying experience that is difficult to find anywhere else. Most importantly, the level and expectation of writing prowess among all members is high; this is a server for talented writers that can take criticism and helpful tips just as well as support and fawning. Overall, A La Foile is wholeheartedly deserving of a 5 star rating; the combination of original, engaging ideas by the creator, variety and realism of its characters, beautifully organized events, and gorgeous, dramatic flair rise A La Foile to a tier all its own.
mnthpprt mnthpprt
best rp and best memes
The server owner puts an insane amount of effort into moderating and ensuring the players have a great experience, as well as interacting with them. All the users are amazing writers and super friendly, so even if you're waiting for a rp reply you can always pop into the out of character chats and talk about random stuff or share cool content. 10/10 would recommend.