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A pretty laidback server with a wide range of people with different personalities and characteristics. We are welcome to all and enjoy meeting new people. The symbol of Charm can be displayed through the beauty of a person. Each person can be viewed as Charming in their own unique way. This server has had people come and go, but we always remember the people that were once here. Come chat, chill and meet new people with us! ♡

➳ ♡ Active and Friendly Chat

➳ ♡ A Place to Call Home

➳ ♡ Over 50+ Cute Emotes

➳ ♡ Over 40+ Assignable Roles

➳ ♡ NSFW Section for Your Desires (Teases, Nudes, Hand pics, Feet pics, Leg pics, Hentai)

➳ ♡ Clubs for Common Interests (Start your own club with your own channels!)
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chriss chriss
My Experience w/chriss
First of all, I never join this server from "Disboard", but I still want to give my Review for future members to see. When I first join the server the owner was "Golden", and that was about more than a year ago with my old discord account. I join to see some wonderful people welcoming me. I felt good! I never have been welcomed like this in my life, though it's just a discord server, and it obviously used text, but it still made me feel good about myself for some reason. Sure people welcome me but this one was different and special. I get to meet some cool, chill, and kind people! Many left the server for reasons I can't explain, but most of them are still in the server, active, and still doing their best to keep the server alive.

[The next thing I'm gonna talk about is how professionally the server is made. If you don't like this please skip to the end. This is just a pet peeve of mine that I wanted to point out.]

Other than the server having some cool people, the server was made professionally, and well-polished! all of this changed when Golden decided to sell the server to "Happo", which saved the server from getting deleted. He owned the server for a while, and I wasn't a fan of the style. The rules felt rushed, same with the channel topics, most of them don't even have any. I'm a perfectionist, which means I make everything look professional and clean. Seeing the first letter of the sentences in channel topics not being capital triggered me, it's a pet peeve mine. He owned the server for a while and decided to leave. I don't really know why he left, but he passed it to "Neta". Now "Neta" made the server much more professional looking than "Happo's" rushed hands, and though it still looked kinda bad, it was much better to look at. Overall, the server is great, and I have met some awesome people along the way! It's lacking activity recently, but if you join the server, it would really help us. This has been chriss, the new mod in the server. [I didn't get any votes, but at least I didn't get 2 downvotes.] lmao
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Lyd Lyd
Not Bad
I honestly didn't think I'd message as much in this server as I do. While sometimes drama can happen, generally everyone's pretty chill and welcoming.
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Belly Belly
I joined Golden's server I think a month or two ago trying to be more active on discord and look for some new friends. As soon as I had joined the Server I was greeted so kindly by many people who I now call my best friends and friends. The server has such a tight community that everyone gets along with, I have no negative reviews for this server because In my honest opinion it is one of the best servers I have joined. Golden and the Mods put in a lot of work in the server and try to make it a fun and chilled place for members and the server deserves more rep because it takes a lot to make a server active and a happy place for memebers.

Thank you to Golden and everyone in the server, I love you all and thank you for always brightening up my days! <3
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𝔅𝔢𝔫 𝔅𝔢𝔫
Golden's 100% server
The Server is active as it has always been and we are striving to make it even more active, Golden is the owner of the server and i have loved being in the server. I joined about 4 months ago and have made so many friends that i cant even count how many i made. If you are active in the chat everyone begins to know you and we just become a big family. We sadly do have drama a lot which what server does not have drama? like have you seen a server without drama? I think not. We have nice members who are hella friendly. We do not stand for trollers, raiders and or jokes about rape or suicide. and we have had issues with people saying that we bribed people to vote for 5 stars, just so you guys know we never did something as low and dirty like that. I'd join if I were you its worth every single minute being in the server. WE WUB YOU