Welcome to The Vestibule!

We're a small group of kinksters who started a private Femdom space to build long-lasting friendships with like-minded people who understand each other. Although we have kink in common, our other interests vary widely! We have creatives, techies, and decidedly outdoorsy types, and we all obsess about food and recipes. Our server is really about sharing our daily lives and interests with each other, supporting each other, and having fun hangouts. And memes. Can't forget the memes.

This is a social place to be your whole self, not just your kink self. We don't ban dating other members, but it's really not the point of the space. It's a safe zone to talk about kink-related topics, ask questions, and share recommendations. The Admin team is mostly women, POC, and queer folks. We are mostly queer people, though we do have many straight and several trans/non-binary members. Our age range is 18-43, and we have people from over 15 countries. We also host events once or twice a week: server munches, karaoke, storytelling nights, and group gaming sessions.

Our community culture is important, so we screen applications to protect it. We prioritize a good social fit to help keep our community as awesome as it is. We usually accept about 1/4 to 1/3 of applicants, so show your personality to us when you apply! We would love to keep adding thoughtful and interesting people into the mix. Tell us who you are as a whole person. There are more details on the application form on our server.

We do not allow discussion or media containing watersports, hardsports, furry, gore, vore, sissification (feminization's ok!), little/middle/ageplay and shota/loli. This is a server-wide decision as the content exceeds the personal limits of those who moderate it. If we discover anyone to ever be underage you will be immediately banned. We are not a roleplay server. This server is for consenting adults only.