Monsters have monsters around longer then humans, numerous time helping them throughout the Years, they even helped them against the nazis back in world war two, not wanting the world to be destroyed like it was so close to being back in the first world war, they were a secret government organisation to eliminate a secret lab in China, they ranked it operation kraut control, that was when the axis were starting to lose and eventually the allies won the war, a small group of the german scientists and soldiers escaped but people dont know if they lived or died

In the year 2614 monsters have invaded the earth, driving humans off of the surface, the humans tried to gather all of their forces and create the third wolrd war against them, many people died from both sides until it was settled by a decree saying that monsters a d huamsn will live together in peace

The humans have found a way to even use the sand magic as the monsters, they were very powerful because of their ability to learn magic easily

Most of the normal humans judge the monsters, despite the monsters risking their lives everyday to save them, humans are scared of them, and that is why monsters go missing every year, so the mosnter king has made a school name, this school has been designed for the monsters and humans alike,it teaches them how to hunt and protect the ones they care for

Amazingly a way for humans to gain power they need to drink the blood of a mosnter until theirs none left, becoming the said monster in return, that's why their is several monsters missing throughout the years, no one knows why bit it sure will be fun to find out

Here's a little question for you, will you be able to help these students? Or will you become?