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The Nekomimi Nightclub is a hub for all geek and nerd people who are in love with cyberpunk, vaporwave, outrun, technology, programming and anime. If you are into chill conversation and want to connect with people with similar interests to you, you are in the right place! This community is intended to feel small, comfy and relaxed for everyone, while still being active and engaging.
Welcome to the Tech Haven,

A safe space for nerds to learn about IT. Come discuss and learn programming, networking, and cyber-security with other IT professionals and hobbyists. We offer support and a number of services for members to use. Linux and CTF labs are coming soon...

Always forgetting the commands between every discord bot? How much easier would it be to have just one?
Where ParZival will personally code you a bot to your taste! He can implement just about any command you can think of.
— Including unique commands to organize your scrimmages and tournaments! It’ll put each team under their team name and includes their registered subs!
— A personal favorite is when you’re the host and have to figure out Discord names vs IGNs...well! There’s a system for discorders to simply type their IGN and get it changed by the bot! No more wasting time trying to verify everyone.
Custom commands and requests are also considered and tailored perfectly to your taste.
The best part? He offers free hosting for the bot! Which means you don't have to pay to keep the bot online, ever.
Whether you've written 10 lines of code or have been writing code for 10 years, you're welcome here! The Programmer's Hangout (TPH) is an extremely active community and a great place to get a solid footing in programming.
Discuss your favorite programming languages (Python, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, etc.) with friends (or foes!) Get help on any projects you might be working on, or get advice on that one problem you just can't solve. Also prepare yourself for some coding challenges created by our very own administrators!
We are a Java specific programming server where you can learn Java or teach it to others in classroom chats, we also have specific channels and help for understanding how google play, app store and steam works if you ever want to or are trying to publish something. We have advice for game engines to use and professional programmers to ask questions. If you have made a game or app, no matter how shitty it is, we will place it in our game promotions channel, such that your downloads may be boosted. Join if you believe Java is the superior programming language.
Ever wanted to make a discord bot? Well in Coders Coalition can help you do that. Coders Coalition is the official discord for Jared Galyan, who is a Youtuber that does tutorials and other neat stuff.
Welcome to the Developer's Café, a chill, game development, beginner-friendly, server,
Please read the rules and guidelines!
Have fun developing together!
Technology discussion including hardware, apps, and much more. Google, Apple to tiny startups vying for your attention, Technologist focuses on the latest in what matters in technology daily.

Nerds and geeks welcome.
Created in 2016, we're an active programming community that discusses various languages such as C, Python, Javascript, as well as operating systems, hardware, security, low-level, and graphics programming. We also have channels for more casual discussion.
Hey there this is a coding server mainly about c and c++ but it supports all programming languages. If you searched up abba and this showed up, don't worry a lot of the people here love abba as well and you can join and talk about it here.
The first server that is a full scratch game and studio advertising server !

Hello there !

We are:
The first fully Scratch game and studio advertising server.

We have:
💎Many games advertising channel !
💎 Many studios advertising channel !
💎 Ton of emoji !
💎 A anti-raiding system !

We hope you enjoy our server and have a great time in the server !
We are a friendly community passionate about broad like topics cyber-security, pen-testing, hacking, information gathering, etc.We do not condone to hacking unauthorized systems, but we welcome everyone, no matter what hat or what language you're specialized in.
A place for all programmers from beginners to experts. Learn how to code or get help with your coding problems. Pickup a new language or pickup some developers for your latest projects.
Welcome to the Unicode Academy, the best place in the world for technology discussion and (eponymously) the no.1 place for Unicode tricks sharing and learning!
A community of web developers. Here you can ask questions, and be part of the web devloping community. WE LEAK UDEMY PREMIUM COURSES HERE ON SERVER!!
We are a community of programmers committed to debugging projects while helping others learn. Discussion of all programming languages/platforms welcome!
A Red hat community dedicated to help our fellow members thrive in their understanding of what hacking is and what it is not. We provide resources to guide you in the right direction and supportive people willing to help you out. Whether you're a complete beginner or a veteran in the hacking community you'll find our server a great source of help and inspiration. So, come and join us! We're waiting for you!
Reality is an illusion. How does it feel to be superpositioned with an infinite versions of yourself and yet stay imprisoned in some worldly deterministic set of rules? Burn the firewall. Merge with your infinite selves.
Join us.
Crow's Nest is an ethical hacking server with over 500 members:

• Lots of resources for beginners!
• Professionals in the field available for questions.
• Memes
• NSFW available for 18+
• Multi-lingual channel
• Tons of bots
• Partnering welcome
• Giveaways!

Come for fun or come to learn!