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Welcome to LGBT Leftists we are a LGBT positive inclusive server for Leftists all around! we are welcoming of any Leftist ideology! (including socdems)

(not exclusive to just LGBT, allies welcome!!)
Join us and get

- Tons of self assignable roles!
- Music bots
- Welcoming community
- Active staff with fair moderation
- Many channels for all sorts of topics and debate
We are a right-wing discord server! We support free speech, the right to bare arms, and sweet capitalism. We allow everyone except the alt-right, though liberals should expect to be debated.
Skyward Bound you'll fly to a galaxy ruled by aliens native, creatures alien, and humans invasive. Countless factions are locked in constant conflict for control over the mostly uncolonized galaxy. In this sci-fi roleplay server, you'll play as a small nation of little inherent note; a speck of dust in the cosmic sand. Clash with pirates, battle against empires, or be the former and clash with other entities that seek to establish dominance over the galaxy. Small and singular though you may be, your actions may just be enough to tip the scales of galactic balance!

This server provides an experience somewhat similar to a freeform Stellaris setting:
- Create a nation
- Define your military and technology
- Expand and interact with other nations
- Explore a hidden overarching story
☪ ☫ ☬ ☯ ✞ ☥ ☤ PolitiSpot ☤ ☥ ✞ ☯ ☬ ☫ ☪
📖Various Subjects
🗣️Fair Debate
⚖️Minimal Moderation
🌎Diverse Community
Australia's premiere discord server, with quality users and quality chat.
AusChat is an exclusive server, where those seeking a convivial social milieu know that they have found something in a class of its own. Featuring discussions both serious and light-hearted about politics, culture, books, comics, film, gaming, computing, sports, and much more.
Eccentric or creative people are very much encouraged to join.
This is a Safe For Work (SFW) server, for a relaxing environment.
A close, friendly role playing community taking place in the United States government. You can serve in any of the three branches of government, and as a Senator, Representative, Cabinet Member and Supreme Court Justice. There will always be things to do, regardless of what branch you are, but there is no minimum level of commitment. The ultimate goal is to have fun!
The exercise of the intellect. excessive emphasis on abstract or intellectual matters, especially with a lack of proper consideration for emotions. Philosophy . the doctrine that knowledge is wholly or chiefly derived from pure reason. the belief that reason is the final principle of reality.
Nerds and geeks welcome.

Must be 18+
We are an extremely tightly knit server built around political debates. We have a community that is very cordial, and many of us know each other on a fairly personal level. Our server is very diligent about maintaining civil discourse and having substantive discussions. We have people of a wide variety of political persuasions, whether it be libertarians, conservatives, socialists, social democrats, communists and everything in between. We have periodic voice chat debates that are planned ahead of time that gives people time to do research, prepare sources, and form a designated group of participants that will debate, with moderators moderating the debate and asking questions. Administrative and disciplinary decisions are made democratically by our team of moderators. Additionally, we have plenty of shit posting when appropriate.
Politics, philosophy, and theology discussion server. We have a friendly community with a diverse spectrum of beliefs. Anyone looking to learn, contribute or just chat casually is free to join.
Finbol's Commune is a Socialist education server. Marxism-Leninism is the mainstay but people of all ideologies are welcome. We provide a community that allows thoughtful debates, principled moderating, community participation in making improvements, and discussions in several languages in the multilingual channels. We have lectures from even the more accomplished authors, reading sessions and film nights. We hope you come over to our place.
A traditionally conservative and Christian server. There isn't an expectation of ideological conformity, but respectful conduct is a must.

Official blurb:
Welcome to Pretty Good Fellows! This is a server dedicated to occidental-ish gnosis. The type of thought discussed here should primarily revolve around Abrahamic religion, European/Semitic philosophy, and conservative/reactionary politics. We are not looking for perfect members, just pretty good fellows. Don't be full of yourself. Express humility, see the humanity in those whom you engage in fellowship with, and don't be afraid to grow. It isn't about where you've been or where you stand, but where you intend to be and how you get there!
Welcome to SimGeopoliticsRP!

The Cold War has ended and a new millennium has begun. We are a nation roleplay server set in the early 2000s, where you can create the nation of your dreams! Be it Uyghurstan, Chad, Belgium, or Iberia, if it's free on the map and make sense, you can make it!

In this rp you will worldbuild, develop, forge alliances, wage warfare, and race for space. In this new era of diplomacy, will your nation be a superpower, or will it fade into obscurity. That is for you to decide in SGRP!
This is an established feminist server. Over 600 Users! We are looking to open up to everyone so they know that feminist isn't a bad word! Trolls are gotten rid of in our own special way. So they do not ruin a great server <3 We have safe space and gendered roles! Female only Voice chats also! We hope to have a nice and long talk with everyone on the base of feminist ideals!
Let's Talk Politics is a server where you can debate other people with the same/different political views. There's also a hangout channels for when you're not talking about politics.
Join our anti-Trump server for daily discussions on why the 45th President of the United States shouldn't be in office. Current topics include his botched coronavirus response and horrid environmental rules. If you join the server as a Trump supporter, prepare to be disproven or re-routed to our sister general political Discord server.
This is a friendly hangout/debate server for people of all ages. While we are mostly made up of minors and leftists, we welcome many ideologies as long as you are respectful and follow our rules. However, we do not allow nazis or white supremacists in the server. We also have lots of assignable roles to show off your political views. If you boost our server, you'll be given some sweet perks as well! When you join the server MEE6 will DM you them.

We have self-promo channels (DM a mod for access) and fun bots such as SlotBot and Dank Memer. We're always open to suggestions, so let us know what you want to see in the server through our modmail system. Come join us today!
La Liga Monarquica de Filipinas

A safe space for Filipino monarchists and free thinkers disillusioned with the republican style of governance in the Philippines. La Liga Monarquica de Filipinas is an organization determined to return the Philippines to its monarchist past, with its Hispanic and Malay roots working hand-in-hand for a greater Philippines.

Monarchists are invited to join, Filipino or not. Non-monarchists are also welcome to debate, granted that all debates be done in a civil manner.
This server provides a free, open and democratically run space to platform academic discussion and intellectual debate in a myriad of philosophical, scientific and political discourse. Served by a staff of selected admins and advised by an elected council, we provide a space that is guided by the community.
We are a Server, that is primarily run and operated for Futurists, however, we accept almost anyone willing to discuss, even anti-futurists. We do demand a level of civility but are more than willing to be casual and friendly. Our Server includes

>>A Reading Group for various authors, ranging from Nick Land, Ray Kurzweil, Umberto Eco, etc.
>>Philosphical Discussion
>>Top Quality Futurist Memetics and Shitposting
>>Dozens of Political Roles
>>Developing and Growing Staff Team

So please, we are more than happy to accept you to our 𝔽𝕌𝕋𝕌ℝ𝕀𝕊𝕋 𝕃𝔼𝔸𝔾𝕌𝔼
We have everything for everyone! Fairy Valley started as an advertising server but now has community channels, politics, vent, emotes and more. We are growing fast and would love to have you with us!
The #1 voluntaryist/libertarian Discord server!
The home of all liberty lovers and those interested in learning more about the ideas of freedom!
Forum Götterfunken (FG) is a discord community for discussion of European and European Union related news, events and studies. We aspire to be a good source of current news, civil discourse and memes.