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A community server for like-minded people who want to step up their online money making game! GPT sites, affiliate marketing, web development, dropshipping, passive income and more!
Earn free PayPal & Amazon payouts by just watching simple Ads 🥳

Current users achieve 5$ - 10$ per week 🥰
Money Gurus is the go-to Discord for people looking for ways to earn money online. The server includes passive income methods, high-tier giveaways, ways to get free money, beermoney to paypal, cryptocurrency and stocks trading & airdrops, advertising and more. We provide payment proof for all of our methods and you can be rest assured that they are the most reliable, safe and high paying on the internet.

A la communauté GOLD MARKETPLACE tout peut être acheter comme vendu.

Hi friends, I would like to share with you something new and incredibly simple - CryptoTab Browser, a very good browser with a familiar Chromium interface and mining functionality. The best part about it is that you earn Bitcoins simply by browsing the internet and inviting new users. Sounds too good to be true, but it is!
I've already won €10 in one week! To earn even more, you have to invite people to earn up to 0.5 BTC per month (4000€).
Try it here -
Hi we are a fun community that loves giving out rewards.Since our other server got destoyed which had 1k members we decided yall all were sad and we added INVITE REWARDS we do paypal cashapp,nitro gift,and fortnite accounts.When you join youll imediately like the new user interface and youll benifit from joining our server! STAY SAFE!
💰Easy Money est un server qui vous permettra de gagner de l'argent paypal
rapidement,facilement,gratuitement et légalement.
Au lieu de vous faire croire que vous aller gagner de l'argent en invitant des gens ,on vous donne de vrai méthode pour gagner de l'argent.
No giveaway.
No invite.
Just de l'argent 💸.
Earn free PayPal & Amazon payouts by just watching simple Ads 🥳

Current users achieve 5$ - 10$ per week 🥰
A legit PayPal server, sponsored by PayPal.
Join now and start inviting people!
Hey, champ! Do you need some change, maybe to buy that cheap game? Look no further! WildBuck is a platform that offers you money for doing various tasks: from leaving your PC open to completing captchas. Yep, that's right, captchas! They're not nearly as hard as Google's ReCaptcha. Our goal is to help you earn as much as possible in a very short amount of time!
Ever wanted Nitro but couldn't afford it?
You can enter a giveaway to have a chance to win Nitro.
We usually giveaway 2 Nitro Classic and 1 Nitro subscription and have 3 giveaways running at the same time.
We hope we can grow and expand our community to not only giveaways but other avenues as well.
Make sure not to break any rules, you can read them in #rules
BadlandsMC - Minecraft Network!

Factions is releasing Monday, June 1st at 5pm EST! Here's what we have to offer.

[◆] Engrams
[◆] 30k x 30k Overworld
[◆] $650+ FACTION TOP
[◆] Giveaways
[◆] Old school base building
[◆] Envoys
[◆] Carepackages OP
[◆] 50+ Custom Enchantments
[◆] KoTH Events
[◆] Flawless TPS and raiding
[◆] 24/7 PvP Events
[◆] Custom Bosses


(( Come join us!))
We are building a community and would love for everyone to join! Invite all your friends and be rewarded for it!
Hello! Are u searching for Cheap Nitro or Cheap Transfers of money or Nitro suppliers? Then this server is the sollucion! We have a lot of proofs about selling nitro or doing legit things! Join our server we also have and vouches! We are selling nitro for 3$
Earn free PayPal & Amazon payouts by just watching simple Ads 🥳

Current users achieve 5$ - 10$ per week 🥰
🎉 Bienvenue sur le serveur Time Is Money !

➡ Time Is Money est un serveur Discord qui regroupe :
- une partie argent : plusieurs actions/missions pour vous faire de l’argent.
- une partie communautaire : différents channels et level pour parler tous ensemble !
- une partie publicitaire : de quoi faire la pub de vos différents serveurs/réseaux/...

🏆 Le but de ce serveur est de :
- s'entraider ensemble pour augmenter les revenus sur les différents sites Internet afin de tous sortir gagnant.
- discuter ensemble sur tout type de sujets !
- partager votre serveur Discord, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter et bien plus encore !

🎊 Ouvert au public le 10/04/2020 !
🤝 Partenariat : ON

▶ Ce que nous vous proposons :
• Gain d’argent avec :
- Inscription sur des sites
- Participer à des concours
- Inscription à des newsletters
- Répondre à des sondages rémunérés et des questionnaires
- Cliquer sur des liens
- Tester des jeux
- Lire des emails
- Découverte de site qui permet de générer de l’argent gratuitement.
- Bonus sur les inscriptions des différents sites proposés (non négligeable)

• Discuter ensemble avec :
- De nombreux channels écrits comme vocals
- Des niveaux pour montrer votre activité

• Faire votre pub :
- De nombreux channels pour cela
- Des partenariats pour disposer d’une meilleure visibilité

▶ Ce que nous disposons :
- Communauté d’entraide
- Un staff actif ET réactif
- Une ouverture d’esprit
- L’envie d’avancer tous ensemble
- De nombreux channels

💎 N'hésite pas à partager le serveur autour de toi pour qu'on puisse développer le serveur ensemble !
🔗 URL :
We're a new community,we're a peaceful, active and legit server, we have an invite rewards system and it's cheap! WE HAVE ALL ACCOUNTS
Social Boost
Sell Your Stuff Online!
Wanna Have A Good Time?
Trade , Sell , & Pay!
Legit People In the Server!
24/7 Online!
Legit PayPal Reward server invite your friends and get allot of money owned by a famous businessman with loads of money !! enjoy our server

**[5+ Invites]**
➪ [🎟] Rank I
➪ [💸] $5 PayPal

**[15+ Invites]**
➪ [🎟] Rank II
➪ [💸] $15 PayPal

**[30+ Invites]**
➪ [🎟] Rank III
➪ [💸] $30 PayPal

**[45+ Invites]**
➪ [🎟] Rank IV
➪ [💸] $45 PayPal

**[60+ Invites]**
➪ [🎟] Rank V
➪ [💸] $60 PayPal

**[75+ Invites]**
➪ [🎟] Rank VI
➪ [💸] $75 PayPal

**[90+ Invites]**
➪ [🎟] Rank VII
➪ [💸] $90 PayPal

**[105+ Invites]**
➪ [🎟] Rank VIII
➪ [💸] $105 PayPal

**[120+ Invites]**
➪ [🎟] Rank IX
➪ [💸] $120 PayPal

**[135+ Invites]**
➪ [🎟] Rank X
➪ [💸] $135 PayPal

*If u want to claim your reward kindly dm me and don’t spam me please if u reach Rank IV u can ping me in the Rank IV chat and it will be easier for me to react to you*