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☬╎Greninja Empire

Welcome to a server with the most golden sparkles in the darkness we light, with
Electricfying giveaways & Events with staffs that surpasses the normal.
Active chat rooms with a friendly and welcoming enviorment,
All is welcomed and we support any status of our mem once u have a fun & good time thats all that matters!.

--Come join us here in Greninja Empire
A sever for Pokecord players alike--

We have
❥╎Pokecord + Other Bots
❥╎Giveaways + Events

i hope you have a wonderful time in this sever and this awesome community
if you have any questions please ping me or any of my staff

We all wish you a good time in our sever make sure to have a awesome time and i hope you enjoy and respect all rule’s

Welcome! To the offical Regigigas Temple Pokemon server!
~Play Pokecord!
~Play Pokeverse!
~Play Mewbot!
~Trade with friends!
~Duel other people!
~Listen to music!
~Get tons of different custom roles!
Have fun and chat with all of your friends!
Be nice and catch some Pokemon!
🎊𝓑𝓮𝓶 𝓥𝓲𝓷𝓭𝓸 𝓪𝓸 𝓟𝓸𝓴𝓮𝓐𝓰𝓮🎊

Eai, tudo beleza ? curte Pokémon ? Vim convidá-lo para nosso grupo aberto para todos os fãs de Pokémon.

➢ Pokécord e Mewbot;
➢ Areas para vip's
➢ Canais de Música;
➢ Bots de Música;
➢ Canais para anúnciar suas negóciações;
➢ Call's;
➢ Auto-Cargos por pontos;
➢ Canais de Spam;
➢ Ginásios;
➢ DayCare;
➢ Sorteios e Eventos quando pudermos;
➢ Outros jogos como: Aki, GarticBot, Trivia, entre outros...

➢ Obs: Vagas para Staff falar com: D̶a̶r̶k̶

➢ Link do servidor:

🎆Atenciosamente: PokéAge 🎆
Just a little server where i spam when i'm bored, i tought that i should make every waifubot/pokécord players and many other bots benefits from my spam. Don't let yourself overwhelmed by the 800+ bots, they are only in the channel i spam to make my life less boring.

I would love to make new friends so dont be shy and come talk with me and get alot of free waifu/pokemon and else <3

Join this server to have a all-on-one-bot-gaming platform.
If a bot is not right there, you can suggest it and we'lll look up to implement it.

Whats right now here:
- Pokecord
- Pokeverse
- Mewbot
- Poke Egg
- Monstacord
- Digimon
- Dragon Ball Z
- OwO
- music bot
- ... much more bots!

What we offer additionly:
- music bot
- ranking such as weekly with rewards
- giveaways
- self roles for pings

We also search for moderators and Pokemonbot experts. Come and join us! :-)
👑 Welcome to **Eevee's Empire!** 👑

🎊 **Welcome to Eevee's Empire!!** 🎊

Eevee's Empire is one of the best Pokémon based servers to join. Our server is active and entertaining. We are a brand new server that will soon become one of the greatest. We have multiple Pokémon based channels for you to chat, duel and have fun in. We have our very own fun, unique roles and staff that can assist you when needed, So why don't you join, share the good news, and become part of the family?!

║ 🌟 Tons of Pokémon Based channels 🌟
║💖 We have Pokémon Daycare 💖
║🔞 Non-Toxic Community 🔞
║🎵 Music Voice Channels! 🎵
║ 😎 We have Pokécord! 😎
║ 🎊 A Variety of Emojis for you to use! 🎊
║😄 A ton of new and highly active members to meet and chat with! 😄
║💯 Polls and Competitions! 💯
║ 👍 We are currently looking for Gym Leaders, Daycare Employees, Helpers, as well as PMs!
║Interested? Join Now! 👍

Here's Our Permanent Link

Servidor de Pokémon, principalmente enfocado en bots para jugar Pokémon en Discord (Myuu, Mewbot, Pokécord, Pokéverse, Monstacord). Aun así, si quieres hablar de la serie, películas, mangas o juegas Pokémon en 3DS, Switch u otros, tambien tenemos canales exclusivos para eso. La idea es que elijas en qué categorías o canales participar, a través de roles autoasignables. Es tu decisión cuántos canales quieres ver. Anímate!!!

En este servidor no se permite contenido NSFW.
˚ ༘ ✰ We Have: ⇣

✅ *: ┊Regular pokécord giveaways;
✅ ೃ࿔┊Music channels to enjoy your favorite music while chatting to others in the server;
✅ ·˚ ༘ ┊Friendly, active and welcoming members and staff;
✅ ✯ ࿑┊Events such as tornaments;
✅ *: ┊Fun bots to play with (mantaro, tatsu, pokecord, mewbot and others);
✅ ·˚ ༘ ┊Special perks to people that help us grow!
✅ ✯ ࿑┊Gyms and other challenges for pokémon trainers!
This is a discord server dedicated to Pokemon! We have:

-Atleast 3 Pokemon Bots: Pokecord, Mewbot and Pokeverse!

-Giveaways and Events! Rewards are Guaranteed!

-More Features coming to the server!

-Suggestions are also accepted in the server!

-Friendly Staffs!

-Level up systems, where you can access more giveaways and events!

-Other bots!

So invite your friends, chat and have fun!
|________ Pikachu's Palace________|

What we offer,

---- Kind staff
---- Friendly people
---- Many channels for you to browse
---- Fun bots to mess around with
---- Gaming voice chats

At Pikachu's Palace we provide a good natural area for catching those sweet pokemon. Also here, we are very community driven, we would love to hear from you on what we should work on. We have a spam area to spawn them pokemon. We also have alot more... Come and be our next member!
A small community of mainly pokecord players but with other features like:
Owo bot
Mostly Pokecord server but we here to socialize
✮Pokemon Gyms
~ Looking for gym leaders
~ Gyms done
~ I need people to help me with the server
~ Groovy (Music)
~ Yui
~ Pokecord
~ Dank Memer
~ Mewbot

We're a new server dedicated to pokecord, mewbot and pokeverse

Join and get pokemon, train your pokemon, breed and sell to other users!

We're a friendly server so don't be shy and make friends and remember to read the #rules channel!

We now have a pokedex bot!
Donator roles now added!
Giveaways now happen occasionally~
🌲Welcome to Ocicorios Tree!🌲
🌳Here we have a selection of fun and bots to try out!🌳
🌴What we include is, Pokecord, Mewbot, and much more!🌴
🍀We also include☘️
Daily Giveaways!🎁
Awesome Staff👐
Loving Community💪
Active Server!🎃
Active Owner!👻
And GYMS!!!!⚔️
🌵 We include everyone in our server! So join and have fun!🌵

Hi , Welcome to Lugia's Realm's
Here a Simple Description!

This server is made with morals and good manners. Be polite and good
And We Also Have Features On These Servers Be The Strongest Person In GYM!

• Friendly Staff / Friendly Community
• Battling / Trading / GYM
• Guild / Mewbot / Pokeverse / Pokecord Giveaways
• And Other!
•To See More Feature Join The Server!
Hiya, we are a steadily growing Sfw Pokémon related server to talk about pokemon, other games or to play the Pokémon related bots Pokécord, Pokéverse and Mewbot together.

we hope you enjoy it and your stay

We have:
🎉Pokecord and Pokeverse giveaways.

🦊Own unique coded server bot and open for feature suggestions

🏆Weekly events with rewards for the winners.

📈Self selectable roles and a XP system to earn roles.

🛡A safe place for people to come without the worry of harassment or nsfw content.

🏩Pokebot Daycare system.

🏟Player controlled gyms.

🤝Open for partnerships and server ideas/changes.

👥Active and friendly staff team to help out in every situation.
Lucario's Lair is a newly revamped server that is mainly focused on pokémon, but we have other fun bots too!

We are a very small server looking to grow and make friends, so if you're into pokémon and meeting cool new people, don't hesitate to join!
although we have rules that we expect you to follow, we allow swearing.
We would like to welcome you to our server
We have :
Dank Memer
Idle Miner
OwO Bot
Hi Welcome To Giveaway Lounge. This A Server Made For Giveaway Biut We Have All The Common Playing Bots Like Pokecord , Owo , mewbot etc. You Can Join For Giveaways And Have Fun Also!

So Please Join
:heartpulse: Hello! Welcome to Jazzy's pokemon hut hope you love it here! :heartpulse:
We have:
self assignable roles! :nerd:
Leveling roles! :100:
pokemon and anime fans alike! :kimono:
cool bots! :slight_smile:
NSFW :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
friendly server owner! :hugging:
and so much more! come join us to catch Pokémon, chat, and roleplay!
welcome to my private sever. this server was originally made as a way for my admin/friend to test my server-making ability's. this server is open to all. this server is also open to suggestions. just have fun, don't be toxic, and stay alive
Do you like anime and manga?
Do you wish to join a brand new server and help it grow?
Do you like using the bots?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,
why not give this server a shot!

There are multiple chat channels with different subjects!

We've got bots, including but not limited to- Waifubot, Mudae, Rhythm, Pokecord, and Mewbot!

Don't see a bot or channel you want? Let us know and we can add it!

Can't wait to see you there!
Welcome to the Peace Place!
Always make sure that you have a positive attitude and you show off the peace.
We offer many things like music bots, pokecord, mewbot, anime talk, uno and many more
We are a friendly non toxicity Discord community and we don't plan to be a toxic server. We like to hangout with others
We do not support NSFW
We do offer self promotions and partnerships, so if you want to promote your server or partner up with this server, you can.
Hey guys! Welcome to RSC!

Come join RSC, a lively community who is striving to become a more active and well-known server throughout the Discord community.
Our staff are friendly and are willing to help out anyone in need. We do encourage non-toxic behaviour, but the little friendly arguments here and there are welcome around here

Here are some of the things you'll find in our community:

❦ Friendly & Non-Toxic Members
❦ Gaming Category for Gamers
❦ Self Assignable Roles
❦ Friendly Staff Members
❦ Gyms For Pokecord Players
❦ Gym Leader Positions Available
❦ Staff Positions Available
❦ Frequent Giveaways
❦ Frequent Events
❦ Custom Roles
❦ Question & Answer of the Day
❦ Truth or Dare

We hope you become apart of our community soon!