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Hello welcome to Cherrybree town! we are a Pokémon themed server for MewBot and anything Pokémon. you might be wondering! "Hmmm.. what does this server have to offer!?" Well we have!

1) We have a Active owner

2) Slightly active server (dead at nightime)

3)We are friendly and welcoming to all types of people

4)We have fun bots to interact with

5) Occasional Pokémon giveaway.

6) We're starter friendly

7) We also have Cookie's and Pokémon we hope to see you soon!
This server is based on pokemons.It features bots like Mewbot Pokemeow Onixian Myuu And for an additional there is Dank memer too! All for you!! Very friendly No 18+ Mewbot giveaways And Many other things Server link ------------
Welcome to Pokémon Center, a place where you can join for battle supremacy and become a Pokémon Master (TM)! Take the Gym Challenge and beat all 8 gyms for a chance to take on the Elite Four! Share your replays in the Replay Archive! Livestream your feats in the Livestream rooms, Roleplay in the Roleplay rooms, listen to music in the Music rooms, or just talk about random stuff in one of our 10+ off-topic chats! It's all here, in Pokémon Center!
A good Discord Pokemon Server. Here, you can have access to all pokemon sorts of things from games to game development, from pixel arts to art showcase and from poketubing to programming(Ruby). It also has many other fascinating stuffs. We also do regular Give-Aways for the various bots we hav for you all. Join us and get introduced to a large variety of Pokethings.

Our Bots-
-Dank Memer

What we offer-
-Game Development
-Ruby Programming
-Artistic Views
-Sprite Making

And everything centred to Pokemon

Welcome to Poké Cafe
We strive to create a friendly & welcoming Pokémon server. We hope to add more events, giveaways and other fun things in the near future. So join this growing community and look forward to everything we have in store.
- Colour Roles
- We have our very own Economy System, get rewards in our shop, including special roles just by chatting with the active community
--> Tournaments
--> Trivia
--> Art Contests
--> Many Game events hosted by the community including Among Us, Skribble, SSBU and much more!
- We have our own Cafe Challenge, fight our baristas (gym leaders) and earn yourself some sweet roles. Want a bigger challenge? Take down our E4 and become the Cafe Champion!
-Lots of giveaways
--> tons of great mons and credits
-Chill in our music rooms with groovy and rythm
-Partnerships (let's grow our servers together^^)
-Pokemon Bots
--> Mewbot
--> Poketwo
--> Myuu
--> Pokéverse
A Chill Pokemon Server! Talk about anything Pokemon. This server has the Discord bot Mewbot, in which you can play Pokemon in our server! Join our community for Pokemon fun! We also hold events very often!
We are a group of people who play and talk about pokemon! We have color roles and fun bots such as Dank Memer (rob/heist disabled), Mewbot, and Myuu. Come join us! We also host giveaways. Come join us!
We cater to many different people to create an enviroment that is safe and enjoyable for everyone.
Greetings! Anime fans or Pokémon Fans. Today I introduce you 𝕭𝖊𝖆𝖘𝖙 𝖐𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖉𝖔𝖒. This is a server where all Pokémon fans can talk and play Pokémon bots like myuu bot, mewbot, pokerealm and more and we have other bots like Aki, Dank Memer and more. Please Join Our Server We Need Your Help To Grow This Server.
Looking for a nice Wholesome server???
Well check this out!!!!
Our server wholesomeness has.....

-Great community : active friendly members along with staff that will help fix any problem

-Lots of fun games : We have cool server bots like dank memer and mewbot

-We also have our vibe channels : tons of fun channels for art, music, media posts, and much more!

-Tons of giveaways!!! : we do nitro giveaways weekly without requirements

-Events : We host events with prizes like discord nitro , mewbot/ pokemon , dank memer coins , and more!!!!

‧͙⁺˚・༓☾ ᴡᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴊᴜᴘɪᴛᴇʀ ☽༓・˚⁺‧͙

☆ A community based server with game bots such as Karuta and MewBot. Meet friends and chat in designated channels!
Welcome to The Quality Server!
We are a new server that focuses on it's quality! Though we are a small server, we have a bunch to offer:

- Self Roles: so that we know what you want us to know!

- Server Suggestions: so we can fix the server mistakes or turn the server into what you want!

- Color Roles: so you can customize the color of your name in the server!

- Giveaways: we do nitro giveaways from time to time, thanks to ꧁ 𝐻𝒶𝓉𝓋𝑒𝓇𝑒꧂#2947!

And different roles for different channels so you can choose what to see and what not to see!
We're trying to grow as much as we can so we can have both quality and quantity, consider joining!
A Mewbot Server Where You Can Make Friends, Catch Pokemon, Enter Giveaways/tournaments, fight gyms, and much more!
🌸 Welcome to Vee Meadow ! 🌸

> Vee Meadow is a pokemon community based served which also offers roleplay. We offer a welcoming community as well as a nice roleplay section, giveaways, server events & more!

Extra Features
❄️ Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Roleplay.
❄️ Pokemon Café Mix Roleplay.
❄️ Art Channels to share your art & art you purchased.
❄️ Gaming Channels to share games you’re playing.
❄️ NSFW Channels for mature content.

~ We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay!
Server is sleeping at the moment

We are a small community here that likes to listen to lofi and share with playlists
so come join now

We also have bots
Like Music Bots
Game Bots

Play Mewbot alone here so you can get the most rare pokemons!

cya there
Hi, this is a server focused on breeding. Here we help each other to breed the pokemon we like, also sometimes we host giveaways or just hang out doing nothing.

We have:
▫️ | Myuu
▫️ | Mewbot
▫️ | Onixian

IMPORTANT: This server is not about breeding in official games, only in bots that emulate part of the pokemon gameplay.
Also, NO NSFW is allowed here.
Welcome to A Very Professional Server. We hope you check us out!
In this server we respect newcomers, and treat beginners with respect and would donate credits and some pokemon.
<-> A lot of bots

<-> Kind Staff

<-> Giveaways

<-> Gyms to challenge

<-> And a lot more!

Enjoy the server!
Hello New Trainer Welcome To Mewbot Adventure!
Here We Catch Pokemon,Train Them, And Battle Them!
We Also Allow Spam (Note:In The Right Channel)
We're Happy To Meet You There!
I Hope You Have Fun!