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★彡 Welcome to Agate Academy 彡★
What is Agate Academy?

➳ Agate Academy is a place where superhumans come to embrace their differences and learn how to improve their powers.


↤↤↤ What Do We Offer? ↦↦↦

‣ Lore and OOC based events~! ✔️

‣ Friendly & Helpful Staff Members~! ✔️

‣ Active Roleplayers~! ✔️

‣ Variety Roleplay~! ✔️

‣ Movie Nights~! ✔️

‣ Working Economy System~! ✔️

‣ Tons of Fun Bots~! ✔️

‣ LGBT+ Support~! ✔️

‣ Tons of creativity for ocs~! ✔️

‣ Pet ocs~! ✔️

‣ And much more~! ✔️

What are you waiting for? Press the button~!
Welcome to the MTG Arena Discord Server! Everything here is about the game Magic The Gathering. Here you can discuss your questions or decklists with us or even look for opponents. We are an open-minded and friendly gaming community and look forward to your visit!
In the beginning there was simply the primal realm, a realm made of elemental magic, then the Formless realm was born and it tried to conquer the primal realm. After billions of years 3 realms were formed in a violent battle, these realm are the Divine realm, demon realm, and mortal realm. To find out more please join and maybe we'll let you make a god/demon Lord or two
Over thousands of moons ago, the goddess Peace made our world, then played with us like toys, as if we had no true will of our own for millennia. It was only a few thousand years ago that we, united, fought her tyranny and struck her down.
But that wasn't the end of her wrath. As her body faded to the stars of the night sky, she cursed the men who had slain her.
Hundreds of years later this curse manifested in their children, who were four despicable rulers we lived in dread and fear of.

The youngest, King Ernest, was a beastly man of hunger. He had two mouths and an insatiable appetite for destruction. He consumed cities and murdered thousands before he was finally executed during the Freedom War.

The second-youngest was King Lucian, a vile person with a despicable toxicity. Known as the Kiss of Death for his poison lips, he brought plagues of rats and sickness with him until he was captured and subsequently executed during the War. If we had not succeeded, he would've brought the world down in pestilence.

The second-oldest was a hateful man known as King Cain, with a burning hatred for humankind like you and I. He caused riots and war, spreading his malice like toxic smog. The only signs of affliction he caused were red eyes and black veins of the intoxicated. Without this, we never would have known he was poisoning our minds with hatred.

And finally, the First King, King Armani. The Bringer of Death, he murdered millions with a smile on his face. Truly the most despicable and vile man, his sole purpose in existence was to end the lives of all of humankind.

The War against these Four Kings was long, but we finally defeated them and avenged the dead. However, the curse has only seemed to worsen. Spreading and mutating like a plague, it has contaminated our children. Contaminated our minds. Many are possessed by its great evil. Thus, we have created the Compound to protect the innocent and keep us safe from the curse's harm.

However, recently we have noticed there is another development. The Forsaken Goddess, Peace, appears to have survived her death, aiming to destroy our perfect utopia forever and avenge the accursed Kings.

Remember to turn in Possessed individuals to the Authorities. The Symptoms of Possession include: Erratic behavior, unnatural biology, uncontrollable impulsive behavior, and most importantly, the Afflicted Eyes. Observe the eyes of your compatriots and report those possessed to the Security Police immediately. Remember: If they cannot see, they cannot harm.

~Thank you for tuning in to the Daily Broadcast. The Governor is pleased with your attendance~
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment:

⚡ Daily events and trivia!
⚡ Monthly House Cup!
⚡ Book club!
⚡ Optional classes based on the HP curriculum!
⚡ Welcoming and active staff and students!
⚡ Awesome Harry Potter emojis!

Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.
Class is calling student! In this world, familiars roam around the earth and you have one at your side! You have been invited to Wayshire High to help you grow and develop both you and your familiar!

Long established as one of the best high schools in regards of training both young masters and their familiars, Wayshire offers only the best for its students. All are accepted here regardless of who they are and what they believe in. All that is missing is you to join and enter the school grounds!

°·..•°·..• °·..•°·..• °·..•°·..• °·..•°·..•
What we offer:
♡・゚ Diverse magic!
♡・゚ Your own familiar!
♡・゚ Friendly Members and Staff!
♡・゚ Growing community!
♡・゚ Dangerous beasts!
♡・゚ Events!
♡・゚ Open world for adventure!
♡・゚ Wild Zones!
°·..•°·..• °·..•°·..• °·..•°·..• °·..•°·..•

Wayshire awaits your arrival!
Welcome to Tales of Anagrian, a fantasy roleplay community!
Our community contains expansive lore and a small, friendly community of roleplayers. We are interested in expanding our audience and increasing our member count.
Be anything you want, really! From dragons to elves, orcs and quetzalcoatls, the only limits are your imagination. We are placed in a medieval era time.
We encourage descriptive roleplay, but are always willing to help people learn and get better!

We typically operate on EST hours, but we have a few international members.

Questions? Contact me at Tidal#1201, or join the server and ask any one of our helpful, friendly moderators!
Educational Witches is a server meant to help all witches of any skill level garner a network of others and to get more diverse knowledge of the craft.
Our perks include
》Self assignable roles
》A very active and calm community
》Classes led by server members
》Interactive admin group
》A support network for more than just witchcraft and the occult, including mental illnesses and the LGBTQ+ community
》Topic channels for anything you'd want
》If it's missing something you want added, the admin group are more than happy to make it so your comfortable with the server.
Hi! We're a relatively new server with an original magic system thats just trying to get off the ground. If you joined, we'd be happy to have you. This is a place where you can make real friends, and be part of a community that will support you.

Dear Reader; Before continuing, Note that we have too much in server lore to write here so bare with us. In other regards WE NEED MORE HEROES!,


About 4,000 Years ago, A cataclysmic event left the world in ruins. The knowledge of the old world lost as its cities crumbled and sank. ‘The Great Vanishing’ many of the new world’s elders called it. In the midst of their disparity, the ancestors of the planet were visited by foreigners. A second moon appeared in the sky one day and from it members from a far off world came to help rebuild. Their planet fell victim to destruction and they sought a new home. In exchange for haven they shared their knowledge of magic as well as artificing. Overtime new civilizations rose and kingdoms became established over the continents. The new world developed its own history, new wars and new legends. In the current age, Year 8091 by our calendar, The nations are beginning to seek expansion of their territories as well as to other continents. It’s a brave new world to conquer and Explore.
This is a server with plenty of potential, there is currently space for more staff as well as open positions for powerheads and legendary figures in the world. The Rp itself can best be described as a colorful clusterfuck crossover between LOTR, Seven Deadly Sins, Dead Space and the Lovecraftian Universe.

Chill Staff 👍

Magic and Sci-fi🔮🧬

Evolving Lore📚

Magic system and Stats with a way to level up. ⬆️

Character Development focused 👀

Player lead Events🗣

Come join, everyone is welcome!
This is new and we are low on members so please join this is community server for fun and whatever you want it sounds boring but server can be changed on someone's suggestions I need help too in making server better and send or do whatever crazy thing you want and you can make friends here too and talk about all kind of even weird stuff we can even make serious thing out of this server 😃😃 SO JOIN NOW!!!
The World of Aezilon is an open-world roleplaying server with a small but dedicated group of roleplayers who embark on various adventures of both small tasks to great strides of conquest set in a Medieval-Renaissance-Victorian fusion setting (in terms of both culture and aesthetics). Here is what to expect when joining:

- A "chill" staff team.
- Solo RP is allowed and encouraged! If you're alone, type out the rest of your story to develop your character or experience adventures with your friends (if you have any).
- A combat system!
- Dungeons! Loot! Boss Battles!
- LOTS of roleplay channel locations. Truly an Open World experience!
- Player Housing, Companions/Pets!
- In-depth lore; deities, NPCs (Played by Owner and Staff), shops!
- Main Storyline Progression! [We are in Chapter 4, the final Chapter of Book 1.]
- Achievements
- Nerfs/Buffs/Balance Adjustments to Items and more.

This server is built upon a world that has been in development for a couple of years. If you're looking for a decent fantasy roleplay experience, maybe you can give this one a go. The server gets updated regularly as if one were playing an actual game; featuring patches, updates, etc. as channels, lore and features get added! Experience lore-heavy content, make a friend or two, and experience the ever expanding World of Aezilon.
Owner Note: Feedback is always wanted and also appreciated! Any questions you may have; from partnership to information about the roleplay is also encouraged.
Dieselverse is a dieselpunk-themed roleplay server set in an alternate universe to our own. Magic and nonhumans exist in this world, and world history is different in many ways. Europe is in a warlords-type period during the 1920s, leaving plenty of room for potential drama, adventure, and intrigue. Travelling can be dangerous, and complicated alliances mean armies can be sent far from home to fight warlords and burgeoning nations.

Magic is powered with either the flesh of sapient creatures or with petroleum, despite the environmental concerns both these methods entail. Technology is advanced for the time period, meaning that travellers can journey in huge zeppelins, and that hovercraft are decked out for border skirmishes. They stink with the whale oil that powers them, and gigantic stalker drones often have the dessicated bodies of the dead pinned inside to keep them going.

There is not a fixed plot, but rather a thread system where users can start in an area and with a story idea they think would be interesting. Users can submit their own locations, species, and creatures. The worldbuilding is left semi-open to foster creativity, and users can collaboratively add to what is already on offer. Threads can be based around socialisation and community-building, or around mystery, conflict, or drama.

The server is 18+ for comfort reasons, please respect this! Smut RP is NOT allowed, though other NSFW themes are acceptable. The style of roleplay is lazy lit - lit, 2+ para. You're free to write as much as you like, but I'd prefer a few paragraphs at the very least.

I would also like to add that as it's an alternate universe to our own, that themes such as misogyny, racism, etc. are NOT welcome in the roleplay. I don't want to handwave the impact these had IRL, but I also don't want to restrict people looking for roleplay and a place where they can have their characters fit into any walk of life. For example, you're more than welcome to have openly trans characters, black characters in leadership positions over white characters, and female characters working any job you'd like them to. I expect users to be mature about this, and to consider the feelings of others in the server. If you're ever unsure, you can always ask me or another mod about whether something would be acceptable or not.

ANYWAY, I hope you feel enticed and choose to look around! Feel free to just poke your head in and later leave if it isn't your style. I will also be looking for mods at some point. 👀

Once you join, post an intro, and you'll be given the member role and the ability to see the roleplay sections. Please be patient! The majority of our members are in the GMT timezone, as well as myself and the other mod. I won't be around during the wee hours in my time, but I'll be more than happy to talk and to give the member role when I am awake.

We also welcome affiliation. If you wish to affiliate your server with Dieselverse, please DM the admin!

A world with little technology but big magic! There are all kinds of things to do and see while in character and out. As if yet most of the rp has been centered around the city stated or town of Juno. Where there is never a dull moment... From fighting a monster or organizing a clan. We have everything for all types of role players... An ever-expanding species or race list even submitted races. Heck if 7 ocs are not enough to play an OC monster. We are looking for creative role players who want to be apart of our world! With fast and friendly staff to boot! The world itself has many secrets and mysteries to be uncovered, just waiting for you to unlock them. So basically what ur OC does you choose how it affects the rp as a whole or just with one other person, it's up to you to decide. It's a magic role play taking part in a whole other dimension that our own, so the sky is the limit!

Gemora isn't based on any world preexisting it is its own creative made-up place for all to come together and make something special.


🧚‍♀️ Expandable Species List
💗 Friendly Staff
💫 Lots of new things and events to have fun with
🚪 Your own spaces
🤣 Funny interaction
😘 Erp if you like on server if you have the role.
📜 Cool lore, and new places coming soon so it won't just be the town you explore.
👥 Clans to join and make...
🦄 original oc ones only, NEW be a monster oc
🗣 you can text cuss words as long as they are not directed at people.
🔊 New Voice chat and music bot.
📜 The lore that you could basically add on to with your ideas
🐉 Come add on to our NPC monster list or sub-race list we are open to creative minds.
🤹‍♂️ come to have fun with everyone you don't have to role-play to have a good time.

Side note any NSFW things are hidden from view unless you have the ERP role with you can give yourself. I put this place as that because of language and slight gore that does happen... On occasion.

This is not just about role-playing it's also a community... This means you don't have to have an oc to be apart of the community part of the server... You just won't be able to type in the rp parts.
There are factions. And the main goal...... to be on top. To fight each other so that they are below you. This time is set in the dark ages and the year is 255X. Magic, demons, angels, and all mythical creatures are real. They appeared in the year 50X. Everyone tried to get along but due to many factors coming from every race, they started the Faction War. Due to them having a massive diversity of race and ideals, the different races began to fight each other, and some began fighting amongst themselves. They have been fighting for 200 years and no faction has gained the upper hand. The factions were created off of morals and ideas, anyone that can accept their word can join them. What faction will you join? How will you get your group to be on top?
𝒯he stories say that a godlike figure descended from Cadhla’s Peak to end the first Tumultuous Era and deliver the world from a period of disarray, but this did not mean peace for Anthakea as everyone would have hoped. The arrival of this hero marked the beginning of a new great war that would reshape the world entirely. Following the War of Lost Sons, the continent split into nine sections and launched Anthakea into another era of fighting, bloodshed, rivalries and pacts. Now, with the world rebuilding itself, it’s up to you to help shape the story of Anthakea.

═══════• ॱ ✧ ॱ •══════

Anthakea is a heavily interactive literate Roleplay server in which characters and their roles in the world help to shape and lead the ongoing story. We offer:

✧9 Kingdoms, many of which are unclaimed
✧Lore that contributes to character development
✧An expansive and detailed map
✧A variety of non-anthropomorphic races, and the chance to submit new races
✧Detailed religions with their own lore
✧Active members and staff
✧The opportunity to help shape and impact the world with your input, we’re always happy to hear new suggestions
**Please Note: The minimum age of this server is 13, and we are not a furry rp server**
***Note from the Owner***
Our Server is a work in progress, and it should be treated as such. Things will change. But seriously no furries.
New Ovid.

This is a roleplaying server with everything you want: Magic and zombies set in a post-apocalyptic time, what more can you ask for?

⊢ We're still a pretty new server, so expect more members in the future!
⊢ No one-liners!
⊢ Non-toxic server
⊢ I like my servers cute flavoured.

Well, ever wanted a harry potter like a server with zombies? No? Well, I'm giving you one anyway.
Its the year 418, 18 years ago the First Son of the Demon king was born, now he is plotting to take his fathers throne by forming an army to take over the Underworld. The Angels don't like this not one bit, so they assembled their strongest warriors and even the arch angels to help take down the Darkness Brigade, a force the First Son of The Demon king created to overthrow his father. The Second Son has grown up clueless of who he is in the village of the human world, different races roam the earth at this time of war, King Arthur has assembled an Army of Holy Knights to defend the Lands from the Demons and the Angels. Will there be an All out War between the races? Join and find out. There's so much fun to be had here in the Custom role play, and if you notice it says '2' meaning second the first one was pretty fun everyone who was there would tell you that it was really cool. Some things have changed and some things haven't for better or worse and don't forget to drop a review when you've had time to look at the server. Sorry for making this really long but enjoy and if you stop by to see how the server’s like be our guest!

🌀Custom Role play, completely original story line, and a unique system.

🔥A Magic system, Dungeon System, and a Money System has all been made to make the server enjoyable for people.

🐉 Takes place in a mythological setting, magical and mythical creature roam the land freely, some you might want to avoid.

⚔ Five Guild factions to join!

**And much more!**
▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬
A magical world
▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬
Oralchon is an open world filled to the brim with magic. Channel your power via spells, use a weapon to unleash artes, master the usage of magic talismans or another magic style of which there are plenty. And if that was not enough, there is a wide selection of magic types, from elementals to chaos magic, while you can also learn non-magic classes to boost your physical strength and learn Techniques.
▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬
▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬
>> Make use of a special magic system that allows you to earn points, spend them to rank up magic Disciplines and eventually reach new heights of power, either starting as a novice, a bit more experienced wizard or someone that starts with a class and no magic. However, you can learn everything with time, both magic and non-magic abilities.
If magic does not interest you, you could also try your hand at being a demon that have their own demon powers.
>> Go on quests and explore dungeons to experience all different kinds of adventures! Or make your own ones and GM them to get rewarded.
>> Join a mage guild or an army or be a mercenary, explorer, a pirate, evil, a holy warrior, a mafioso, a seeker of knowledge or just stay independent
>> A big world that allows players to customise much about appearance and lore, such as races, NPCs, and even whole countries
>> An optional field battle system for armies that is inspired by Fire Emblem!
-Context de Amatera RP-
"Nous voici dans le monde de Amatera une Dimension Comme toute les autre mais quesqui la rend si Spécial? ce sont leur occupant Par exemple de Royaume de ime un Pays Tres ouvert au autres tres connue pour son hospitaliter Le Pays de Ame un Pays tres reputé pour leur richesse et leur plaines verdoyante et au final La Capital de Noda qui ce trouve au centre de tous tres Reputé pour leur avancé de magie et de arme militaire tous allais bien sur C'est trois faction jusqua que L'empire Arrive et commence a attaquer les trois faction L'empire qui sont fort avec la magie et leur Technologie Serez vous capable de defendre Amatera ou La Detruire? C'Est a vous de decider votre destin vous pouvez choix Explorer et vivre paisiblement ou aider les autre et proteger ce monde vaste"
A magic and camp theme rp server looking for new people that are interested in fantasy.
We like to make fun of one another but it's cause we love eachother XD
We also hate and i mean HATE the sunbeam girl.
many OC's as you want
Talk about random things
Random memes
random/weird roles
Art channels

One eve in the skies of Armorea a beautiful display of lights flashed as shooting stars sped past disappearing soon after their arrival. Hundreds across the land watched in awe as this spectacle took place, however, things quickly changed when rocks began to hit the ground in some locations. There seemed to be a lack of damage in the locations where they had fallen but in these locations where these mysterious rocks had hit the ground there seems to be a change in the air. The rocks had a glow specific to them which hadn’t been created from the heat while entering the atmosphere, it seemed that they emanated a form of power which originated from their center. After days of attempts and dozens of various methods, they were finally opened to reveal a beautifully crafted crystal within however they were unique within each rock. Crafted and visually different beyond their colour difference. Soon these crystals would come to be valued by the different factions which held them, giving them the capability to do things which they hadn’t been able to previously. As the crystals became better understood, those which could make use of the power that emanated from them grew. Soon after there would be great mages and witches which could beautifully and skillfully use the abilities gifted to them by these crystals. Although not everything was as good as they previously assumed, once news spread that there were other types of crystals present within the world many of these factions began to war with one another in an attempt to gain control over another crystal for their people. Rumor has it that there is an island to the north which harbours crystals similar to those which the current factions hold, however expeditions to this island have proven difficult with those that do go never returning.
Finding this method to be too difficult the factions continue to live in a constant state of war, however the factions and their capabilities are not the only dangers in this world. The wilderness itself is highly capable and dangerous to those who find themselves far beyond the safety of civilisation. Although the wilderness is deadly there is a great beauty present which many find themselves captivated by. As time went on from the dawn of the crystals, the factions have only grown in hatred and the world finds itself in constant strife. Will you be the one to bring peace between these peoples or will you take it upon yourself to explore the world and discover its mysteries. The choice is yours to do what you wish in the world of Armorea where the opportunities are endless.
Hundreds of years ago, the world was peaceful and full of magic and life. People practiced magic and went about their lives as anyone would, that was until a corrupt person wielding a rare magic created the Pits of Darkness, 7 seemingly endless holes marring the surface of the planet. From these pits emerged the undead, trillions of wights and other undead poured out from the infinite depths of the pits. The world was quickly overun and divides. Very few Cities of the world were able to erect defenses against the undead before they were attacked. One auch city, Divinia, erected defenses of steel and magic. Within the confines of Divinia, a school to teach powerful magic users to combat the ever encroaching undead and ultimately, to seal the pits away. Many schools such as these exist across the world, all within the safe towns. Normal schools have a Student Council, these magic schools are ruled by a "Round Table" The strongest male and female students are the king and queen, The ace and Joker are next in line for King/Queen and are the 3rd and 4th strongest. The Jack is the 5th Strongest.