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We are friends who are interested in the study of witchcraft, history, and mythology. We also like to learn anything new, so please give us suggestions!
This is a server for people to chat , socialise and have fun ! Come join yes !😉We have frequent giveaways as well, and tons of anime / history / art related content 😊
ஜ══════════|♕ Det Svenska Imperiumet ♕|══════════ஜ

Before you enter you should know we have a border system so spammers and illegal people can't hurt anyone.

Välkommen hem kära svenskar till landet av vikingar, karoliner och skogar. Det finns jätte mycket riktiga trevliga svenskar här att prata med så kom över om du e en Svensk patriot.

Welcome to the official Swedish Empire/Stormaktstiden discord server, We are mainly based on a friendly community server as well gaming, history and politics, ''Ledaren pratar Svenska därför att jag är en 100% svenne'' So if you want be in a place of history of Europe and with fun conversations.

This server is built up to be a funktionable nation with a semi-constitutional monarchy which means the King have the same amount of power over Sweden as the Prime Minister have. We have a military section full of historical units and roles/ranks. We have a government which could be ruled by anyone who decides to start up a political party and enters the elections.
❝ And the dawns here are quiet, covered in bondages of mist, and the lakes burning crimson... ❞

This is a WWII-themed Hetalia roleplay server! It's very new, and so we're looking for a whole lot of people to join--there are plenty of roles and opportunities for OCs! I would love for you to come and join :^)

<<<<<<<16+ server>>>>>>>
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-‼️Hello everyone! This is The Community .
-📶We are a multi focus server that’s friendly, non toxic
-🍿We have movie nights,QOTD’s, polls, art&photography, anime and more!
-👥We’re a close and friendly chill community that welcomes all!
-📚We welcome new ideas, new suggestions, everyone’s opinion matters here. We strive for people to learn, discuss, and become more intelligent here on multiple subjects including politics,history,languages,art and more!
-🌍 Were international aswell! People from anywhere are welcome : )
-😎So come on and join, have a great time and chill!
On Station is a roleplay server set around Kingston, Jamaica, centred on some of the smaller ships of the Royal Navy that make up most of the fleet that is fighting the French Revolutionary War. Want to be a fine officer? A boy midshipman? A drunk surgeon? Practically every role on a Napoleonic frigate or sloop is open to you.
Dedicated to variety of topics universal to the human experience such as history, culture, languages, hot topics (like COVID19), art, and science. Come join us if you're looking for a close-knit community of international friends to learn about others around the world! Chat may contain material deemed sensitive.
The Militaria Trading Post is a friendly place to buy, sell, and trade militaria items from all eras. You name your war and we have the collectors. We hold a wide range of expertise from novices to experts and we are open to teaching anyone. Make your connections here and thrive in your collections
In no way to I or our member associate ourselves with the Nazi Party nor the Neo-Nazis.
We are but collectors and lovers of history and that is all we are.
Feel free to mingle. Feel free to buy and sell.
heyyo, im jayden, the owner of this server. this roleplay takes place in winter of 1777. this roleplay IS a literate one, so, please try your best to do it literately. you can be your favorite historical figure, fight in the war, or just be a civilian! for more info, come and join and ask!

-A LGBTQ+ friendly staff and server!
-Just a safe space in general :))
-A very active staff!
A server to discuss tanks, history, gaming, and anime. We could even be adventurous and talk about other topics. We have pretty lax rules just don’t be a ass.
We are the history corner! We are a great place to hang out, talk, debate, and share all things history! We have very customizable roles and channel selections, tailored for all tastes, even genealogy. All are welcome, from buffs to learners!
A server for Armenians and those who are interested in Armenia. Discussions about Armenian culture, history, language and much, much more.

Are you looking for a server where you can find others that share your love of geography, history, flags, and maps? Then you’re in the right place! We are a multicultural and international server with 450+ members from all over the world!

We have 20+ channels dedicated to flags, maps, history, linguistics, politics, and more!

We also offer daily QOTDs, frequent trivia questions with a server-wide leaderboard, a friendly and experienced staff team, monthly updates, and events!

See you there!
We are a small server of people who like history and memes. We are accepting of all opinions as long as they don’t say that others are lesser. We have a political RP and are looking to grow. Please be respectful of all political opinions that dont infringe with our rules and be nice. We are not actually communist that part of the name is a joke
Welcome to Power Politics!
Discord Politics is long dead, and it's time to change that. Join here for a server where one will not be banned for petty words, and laden with debate! Old faces and new, from Discord and Twitter, come together in this server to debate aspects of philosophy, politics, history, and religion!

This server offers:
-Daily VC's
-Friendly and fair moderation
-Freedom of speech - you will not get banned for any political sentiment or any word you say!
-A fun and friendly community
Hey, wanna start an Empire? Wanna start from the beginning of imperialist history? This is your time to shine!
> Become an interventionist military power,trade empire or even a rebellion!
> Make custom as well as real life nations!
> Start a revolution for papa Stalin!
> And many more!
เซิฟเวอร์ดิสคอร์ด "รอยัลลิสต์มาร์เก็ตเพลส" แหล่งพูดคุยเรื่องพระมหากษัตริย์ ที่มีความรู้สึกคล้ายในกลุ่มเฟซบุ๊กที่มีชื่อเดียวกัน

1. ไม่ต้องระบุตัวตน และเซิฟเวอร์นี้ไม่มีนโยบายให้บอกข้อมูลส่วนตัว หรือถามข้อมูลส่วนตัวจากผู้อื่น ถ้ามีพฤติกรรมดังนี้แจ้งมาที่แอดมินได้
2. ทุกคนสามารถพูดคุยหรือสนทนา โดยไม่ต้องกังวลเรื่องโปรไฟล์ของตนเองว่าจะถูกคนอีกกลุ่มนำข้อมูลไปในทางที่ผิด
3. ไม่มีการแนะนำตัวเองอย่างเป็นทางการ
We are an active and continuously growing community of people from around the world. Join us in our intellectual discussions about geopolitics, history, anthropology, linguistics, culture, ethnicity, military and maps!
On top of regular debates and informative conversations, we also host a variety of weekly and daily events with specific subjects in mind to help expand our knowledge while having fun!
Welcome to the Svea-Boo Rike the offical discord server for the History Youtuber "The Carolean" this server is not only for fans of the channel but also for people looking to hang out and have a good time. Their are many channels many of which are optional to your intrests. We also have...
. Great satff
. Roles
. Spicy memes
. Active Community

Do note there are quite a few furries in this server (as I The Carolean am one) but we are open to anyone and even encourage non-furs to join. Being a history/meme server is our primary goal... So if you wish... drop in! just click through the self roles to get in.
Hi, I'm Charley and this is my general history discord server. Come here to talk about anything, from music to politics to war.