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We are a server to make friends, meet egirls/eboys, and have fun. You can find people who game and make new friends :)
Welcome to Friends, a server for 13-17 year olds where they can make new friends
we have music bots, roles, a study hall, social channels and a lot more
come and join !
welcome to cat vibes!
- active chat & members
- jokesters
- active vc & games
- fun things & nitro / paypal giveaways
Still looking for the guy who asked? Well, you just found them. Hop on over to aguywithadream's (Yes, TikTok's aguywithadream) Simp Server.

Still not interested? Well, here are 6 reasons for you to join:

1. We have our own bot. Not another bot with a changed nickname, no, our own bot. Come and ping it!
2. We have simps. Many, many simps. With the king of simps leading the way, you too can become a legendary simp whose name will go down in the simping books.
3. We make dad jokes. They're rarely funny. In fact, I'm not sure why we're including this but whatever, y'know?
4. We have karaoke. You, too, can show off your awful (or amazing) singing skills in occasionally unironic sing-alongs.
5. Like most of the markers that we eat, we keep our community non-toxic, so we can be a welcoming community to everyone.
6. I would've thought of something for this one, but I gotta go and stack up on netherite.

We hope to see you soon!
Hello, this is a tiktok discord for an account called Thqttie with over 100k followers! This may be a simp army server, but you don’t have to simp to join! This is what her server offers:
~customizable roles
~fun bots
~voice channels
~gaming events
~friendly community
Make sure if you join to follow the rules and have a good time!
Vogue is a server that's meant to socialize, hangout, and make new friends. We host; events, movie nights, and play games together. You are welcome to invite your own friends.You are also welcomed to boost our server and support it. (we also do partnerships)

✧ ༶•┈ Welcome to Love Bugs! ⋆。˚ ⋆ ✧ ༶•┈

・:。Loading Invitation 「 」
✧ ༶•┈ ★━━━━━━━━━━━━★✧ ༶•┈

`☽ヽ┋𝕎𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕨𝕖 𝕠𝕗𝕗𝕖𝕣┋`☽ヽ

┊ ⊹・ 13+
┊ ⊹・ Have the chance to meet new people!
┊ ⊹・ LGBT+ friendly
┊ ⊹・ VC and Music, Events
┊ ⊹・ Memes
┊ ⊹・ Vibrant & diverse Community
┊ ⊹・ Self-roles and colors to choose
┊ ⊹・ Active channels
┊ ⊹・ Friendly Staff ( Semi Toxic sometimes
┊ ⊹・New staff welcomed!
E-chatters is a friendly inclusive community with very laid back staff that let you have a say in what happens in the server, we also are looking for staff and are offering rewards to those who boost and invite friends!
Hey losers

Welcome to the Syndicate!
We are a semi-toxic server made to socialise, troll, meme, and have fun!
☆Here we have☆:
ᕯ 1:1 male/female ratio
⁑ Lots of bots
ᕯ Memes
⁑ Giveaways
ᕯ Chill Staff Members
⁑ Fun Events
ᕯ Friendly and Funny Members

❂ And much more…

Join us or you’ll catch corona ❂
Join if you like sleep calls, music, vc’s, friends, maybe something more. We have lots of bots. And every day is love day in this server (for sure with Riley in the server)
Welcome to The Lazy Lounge!

╔═══❖•⊶⊰ ❦ ⊱⊷•❖═══╗

What we provide:
▸Relaxed community
☕️ 13+ age requirement
🍵 Active social Members
☕️ super chill staff
🍵 Server Partnerships
☕️ Giveaways
🍵 Self Roles
☕️ Anime & Gaming
And more~
Hiring pms and early mod staff! ✉️

╚═══❖•⊶⊰ ❦ ⊱⊷•❖═══╝
join now <3

- egirls & eboys
- cute emotes
- booster perks
- shitposting

› created ;; 03/04/2020
› looking for ;; boosters, active members
**! —『shiloh』

We offer the following ;;
💘 —' Welcoming chat
🦋 —' aesthetic layout
✨—' 2:1 female to male ratio
🧚🏻‍♀️ —' low moderation
🩸—' aesthetic layout

❛ Looking for new PMs ! ❜
❛ Looking for new active members ! ❜

°⌒꒰ ⁺˖୨୧˖⁺ ꒱⌒°**
— ;; welcome
・1:1 male / female
・nitro giveaways
・events & more

— ;; about
・ created on 08.04.2020
・ created by @kiss & @cex <3
・ a edgy/com themed server based on making friends and chatting
e-girl inc ⏜ ๑ is a welcoming, chill and growing community to consider as your home or safe space. we offer:ˎˊ˗

╭╮🌊 ❀ league of legends, etc
││🌿 ❀ no requirement for partnerships and always hiring partnership managers
││✨ ❀ lots of booster perks n giveaways
││🌼 ❀ level 2 boosted! (so many emotes!)
││🌸 ❀ friendly owners and staff
││🍦 ❀ bots, chats to share art, music, etc
││🏝️ ❀ 2.4k members!
╰╯🌷 ❀ memes and wholesomeness

⏜❀ come join us!
a low mod aesthetic chill server <*3

,, egirls & eboys
,, cute emotes
,, giveaways
,, aes layout

— <$ join now mwah
This server is a server made for iMykaela on YouTube, as well as many other creators that are in it. We have a variety of chats, including an NSFW, so we hope that you join!
Youtuber/FlightReacts Fan Server.

A very friendly, loving community. Everyone is welcome, especially if you like flightreacts, come stop by for some nice flight emojis and a very fun and active chat!

What we have to offer:

- Very active chat channels and voice chats
- Private room maker and private voice chat channels
- Tons and Tons of cute e-girls
- Giveaways including Discord Nitro, PC games, gift cards and more!
- Lots of fun bots to play games with and music bots
- Friendly community to make new friends!
We are a wholesome gaming server made for gamer girls and gamer boys alike!
We offer:
Self roles
Active staff
— join for a kiss
— a simple server built for making new friends
— roles that describe yourself, and color roles
— friendly staff
— 𝙢𝙤𝙣𝙚𝙮 𝙩𝙧𝙚𝙚𝙨
"a dollar might turn to a million then we all rich, that's just how I feel"

<$・ fully sfw/semi-toxic
<$・ trusted staff
<$・open & welcoming community

join us !!