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We're an active community, There's alot of programming language support such as: cpp, csharp, c, java etc. And we have library help (JDA, Spigot). We hope to see you in there
Vision Labs - creativity worth seeing.

A community by artists, for artists. Join for art giveaways, a community to help you grow, and so much more!
Visa Stress is a community for programmers by programmers,
come join us and discuss programming

white/grey/hat hackers are welcome

Requirements to join: Be a nerd!

Welcome to the NickStudios Code Discord Server. I, Nick, started the server on the back of my Discord.js Discord server, however, we have started expanding into more aspects of code! Come to talk about your projects, get help, or just hang out.
✅Plugged Food Delivery Orders, Accounts, Methods

Users will be verified and vouched to minimize rippers. Nothing to buy or sell on here, all free.
don't join to scam.
We are a community of programmers committed to debugging projects while helping others learn. Discussion of all programming languages/platforms welcome!
We are a ROBLOX development group ran by Iron Bacon and Tiny Gecko. Come join us, we have lots of fun even if you do not play ROBLOX.
Whether you're new to programming or a veteran, you'll find our community to be a great source of help and inspiration. Our intimate, beginner-friendly atmosphere is conducive to both detailed support and brainstorming sessions. If you're a total beginner we can really accelerate your pace of learning by pointing you in the right direction and having a cohort as you're learning is proven to improve your understanding and engagement. So, drop in and introduce yourself.

We currently focus on Python as our primary starting point for beginners. We also provide support for anyone learning to do web development.
Howdy, Everyone! 👋

⚡Channel dedicated for Web Developers & Programmers!⚡

If you're not a web developer/programmer or JavaScript fan, don't worry, come on in anyway! We have all sort of people that do diverse things too ! :)

We are a new, kind and professional upcoming community.
Network with other developers, share your project, get helped if you're stuck on a problem or help someone else, collaborate on projects and make friends!

See you on the other side! :) Don't forget to say 'Hi' and wave!
Created in 2016, we're an active programming community that discusses various languages such as C, Python, Javascript, as well as operating systems, hardware, security, low-level, and graphics programming. We also have channels for more casual discussion.
Hello everyone and welcome to the official Gamaddict's Community Discord server!

We hope that you will have a good time here and that you get to discuss interesting subjects and topics related to our and other video games, and make new friends! This server is created for both Gamaddict beta testing and discussion, and also game dev related stuffs.
We are a community that brings together web developers of all experience levels. Get help with your code, connect with other web developers, discuss your current project and chat about your favourite languages, libraries, and frameworks.
Have trouble with HTML or CSS? Join this server to get help from various experts. We have over 1000+ members and counting

Website: ComingSoon at ""
This is an epic server if you code or want to learn about coding.
We talk about many things here, like html, unity, and shader graph. That’s just a few to name.
We’re family friendly to!
Don’t join? That’s fine, your just miss out on a epic experience of the lifetime.
Come join us and code today🎮
This is a chat where hackers and coders meet from all over the world and disscuss methods and more

we also make websites and bots for free and we have a store feel free to throw ur stuff up K.E.Y.
Tired of these dirty SJW skid servers?
Wanna join a real hacking server where you can actually learn and discuss things related to cyber security?

Join our Holy Cyber Security Server today where the only thing you'll lose is your precious time.
We're kind of split here. We welcome members of the furry fandom, but we also love to code. If you're into Python, feel free to join! We're a small, welcoming community.
On Coding Web you find like minded people for whom programming is their passion. From beginners to expert programmers, everyone is going to find what they have been looking for.
Find answers to your questions, or help others with your knowledge.
We are planning to offer Programming courses
This is a Roblox Studio Developing/Coding and here we encourage you to contribute and show us you're amazing developing/coding, if you don't know how to develope or code, it's fine! everyone is welcome.

Welcome to ExploitCrack! We are a Ethical hacking , programming and Information Security server for those who would like to learn new things on certain topics. We're a pretty friendly community, though toxic people do not belong here, other then that, we're glad you're here, we hope you learn something new!
We are a community of programmers, who are enthusiast about technology and programming. 🎊🎉
A place for people who intend to learn new stuff, share knowledge and help each-other out.

-- Ask coding questions
-- Showcase your projects
-- Learn new languages

Global -Community
-support of raspberry-pi
-everybody is welcome
-language :eng,ru,pt,sp,de,turk,arb,fr,nl
-help with programming language
-help with system error by Os
-installing of package(error)
-Debugging of Code