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Discord para quem tem problemas com socialização, está se sentindo triste/sozinho, ou se você quer apenas conversar e desabafar:

Por favor, quando entrar vá no balcão e peça uma bebida 🍷
O Cabaré do Zé é um lugar agradável onde vocês podem fazer amizades, tomar um drink no nosso Bar , curtir um som dos nossos DJS e claro curtir o nosso belo show HEHEHE

Cabaré do Zé tem :

-Sistema de cargos
-Sala de Wallpapers para deixar o seu PC ou celular mais foda
-Bar onde voces podem pedir um drink e trocar uma ideia
-Sala de Shit-post onde pode se postar qualquer coisa
-E mine games feito por bots

Então se estão procurando um servidor de ZUEIRA EXTREMAAA o Cabaré do Zé é perfeito pra você :v
The Requiem Corporation (Roblox group)

A better alternative to cafe groups.
We have Filipino Food and flavored water.
Good service.. I think..
De la série où non, ici c'est un bar pour taper la discute, et faire connaissance, rien de plus simple, mais chaleureux


In the very corners of your eye, sitting in a hole in the wall is a bar,
You’ve been down this street 100 times and you’ve never noticed
a bar down the end of an alley way, sitting in the doggiest and most suspicious
area. It’s not possible, it can’t exist surely?
Enter the Blue Moon, two very obscure characters greet you, neither
look quite human in the dazzling hues of Neon, as they both welcome you,
like a whisp of smoke, making you feel dizzy with fear or excitement,
as though you’ve been truly whisked off to another world in the bar’s shades
of purple and smoke covered barkeeps. There’s an air of danger and it is delightful.
Do you dare order a drink in the pale moonlight from this strange and mysterious bar?

-Yoho! I’m Nishi; one of the Owners. Just wanted to set a few things straight, ya know?
This bar ain’t for the faint hearted. It’s gross, vulgar and rough. Expect bar fights and dark humor. If you're sensitive, it probably ain’t for ya.
-Also this is a semi-lit and up server, so that’s what it is.
- Not to mention, with this much adult shit, I don’t want any kids joining. Take this as a warning 'cause it really ain’t for the underaged and no; turning 18 soon don’t count. Don’t join.
-If you’re someone that likes to chill, ERP and do weird shit, join! Heh, it’s not like I can judge ya. Join if you dare to, ya damn punks.
At Pancake bar we act as him we are in normal bar but due to corona some of our local bars are closed or you can do take out. Here you start conversation with a stranger or make friends with bartenders!
Skieth'rs Drown is a RP/ERP server. It is also the name of a tavern located in the midst of an immense forest, and boasts services such as an indoor salt pool, a basement for those that are active members, a bar with the highest quality liquor and other various desirables, which can be inquired upon at the front desk.

The forest surrounding the bar is also home to many different species of animals and is a mostly pine forest except for a few acres of maple, birch, and oak.

The server is altered by RPs and elections that are held every 2 months. As elected officials do things like implement new laws and regulations the lore behind this small town and bar will grow and expand whether it be for better or for worse.
All ages above 13 are now allowed to join and experience the server without need to worry about seeing anything Nsfw!
Welcome to JoJo's Bizarre Bar! Here we just mess around, and order drinks named off of JoJo references.
The server is still a WIP, but any help is appreciated!
We have owner-manual verification and reaction roles for colors, gender, and the NSFW chat.
I hope you would enjoy your time at this place, that took me and Ava 2 hours to make. ^-^
**Blanes International Sit-in & Bar**

🌐 A Medium-sized Restaurant with many Meal Options & Alcoholics to drink, we even have our own Chefs & Bartenders. We made this recently after the Cafe Idea was struck to be a failure, you can even order food with MEE6 Commands. We vary from Korean to Greek, we even have Partnerships & Hobbies open to the Public. Do you want a Goose Mascot?! We got it! “Hjørñkëñiñg” is our very own Coffee Drinking Goose that is lovely drawn by one of our active Artist.

**NSFW / 18+ Highly Restricted**

⭐ `Staff & Mods tailored for the Job`
⭐ `Side-Communities available`
⭐ `Partnering is Easy!`
⭐ `We have Fancy Text and Private VC`
⭐ `We have Dining & Bartending.`
⭐ `Memes & Suggestions`
⭐ `Introductions & Fair Rules`
Come into the bar and have a drink! Or just meet new people to roleplay with your OCs! We're always friendly here and have a pint ready just for you. It's a chill server where you can come in to make friends or create stories with other writers.
Virtual pub, gaming community and movie streaming.

Simular to a moose lodge, we are a community driven organization, that hold true democratic rule. Membership is optional and allows for 4k movie viewing, lottery pots, and opportunity for gifts i.e. steam and amazon gift cards.

In addition, The Horny Moose hosts live gaming streams, VC, and a large collection of TV channels/movies.
Un server fatto in stile bar dove si può parlare o ordinare qualcosa al bancone!
Hello Everyone!! The White Bear Bar Is A New Discord Community. In Our New Community Our Goal Is To Make Everyone Feel Welcome, We Are here To Be Your Friends, Don't Be Afraid To Join And Say Hi Even If Its Just For A Moment. Our New Community Consists Of Bots, Active Staff, Self-Roles and Much More To Come Suck As Weekly Events. Thank You And Have An Amazing Day!!
Why join this server?
-we have fun to talk to and active members
-semi active voice chat
-very active staff
-fun hangout place to chat with people or get friends
-and lots more!
Hello and welcome to 7th Heaven i'm Tifa Lockhart the owner here and i made this bar for people who want to talk,play some games,drink,make friends,or just wanna chill,so please take a seat and what can i offer you today?,hope to see you here soon bye bye

(note) I'm also searching for staff members to help me out when i'm not around or can't deal with something on my own

P.s please dm me if you wanna be staff member and have experience of being a admin

Bar rules.
1:No fighting in the bar,if you do you'll be warned first,if you keep going you'll be muted,after that and you still don't behave you'll be kicked out
2:Be nice to each other.
3:No NSFW.
4:Follow the Discord guidelines.
5:After three strikes you'll be kicked.


Love Tifa Lockhart~<3

Welcome to The Basement Lounge, a nice small bar themed server with simple rules. Chill, talk about games, shitpost with your fellow #drunks, or just hang around with your fellow barflies.
Welcome to the Twisted Tavern, an amazing community server with so many features! We have cool events happening all the time! (Feel free to also give suggestions!) You can share the dankest of memes, have civilized debates, bully the bots, help us improve the server with your input, play with many bot commands, games, and a brand new currency system (coming soon!), engage with amazing staff and community members, buy drinks at the bar, and so much more! So why not come on by for a pint or two? We hope to see you soon! Cheers!
The year is 2037, life on Earth is doing good. The stock markets are doing great, businesses are booming! There’s this bar in Vermont called Devil’s Den. It’s a fun little bar, but there’s a secret no one outside of town knows about it. It’s ran by Benjamin: a guy with a no sense of death, and Angel Dust: a literal demon from Hell. Will you find all the secrets this bar has to offer?
A server with open staff for any questions you may have, so come on in and have a drink! 🍺
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