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🌪️Code Storm🌪️
Is a scripting server with its own server bot. We provide many scripting channels from javacript to c family. We would love to help you guys ok ur scripting career.

We also provide benginer guids and what you should do to start your career
The Dragon's Den

The Dragon's Den is a Discord Server where Programmers in the Discord platform Discuss about their project they working on or to get help from other developers for your Project

What does it have to offer:

• Community Driven/ Managed

• Great Place to Learn how to program with Free Lessons provided by us on How to develop in programming languages such as JavaScript, Java Python, Discord.JS

• Receive Announcements Providing News, Highlights Related to STEM

• We Accept Everyone if don't know how to program we still going to accept you and you can still have fun with channels for casual conversation, games, and memes

• Server vs Server Competition where you compete against other server on Programming to see which server is good when it comes to measuring quality of code and how well it works

• Events to keep Everyone engaged in our Server ranging from Weekly Programming Challenges to Minecraft Events

• Many Dragon Emojis
Hey, du brauchst Hilfe rund um das Thema Hardware, Peripherie, Übertaktung, Software und Konfigurationen? Dann komm auf unseren neuen Discord Server!
Our server is all about showcasing and discussing the real side of entrepreneurship and business, there's no such thing as getting rich quick, business takes hard work and patience..
Welcone to content.Run();

This server is for developers who love to create projects. Here you can receive help for different programming languages, game engines, modules and packages. Receive feedback and constructive criticism, it's a welcoming community to new and experienced devs!

What you'll see on our server:

Game developers ✔️
Software develoeprs ✔️
Net developers ✔️
A wide range of programming languages ✔️
Advice and support ✔️
Memes and conversation ✔️
🎩Black hat hackers community.
🗣New hacker friendly.
💸Marketplace, trade & buy.
💶Job opportunities online.
💷Make some money.
📣Discussions about hacking, developing.
Stemodity’s mission is to combine the topics of S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and the basic humanities journalism (History, Geography, and Journalism) and encourage student-interest by student writers authoring articles, blogs or journals in regards to these topics.

Join our discord to become apart of this movement!

These scientific articles will be published on Stemodity’s official website and shortened versions on Instagram to reach our audience. Our goal is to make our topics more interesting than what you’d find in your textbook and captivate young minds through our initiative.
CK's Technology News is an **toxicity-free** server that is made for people to hang out, make friends and to have a good time.

- It's the only Discord Server which does respect your privacy! -

- Self assignable roles & voice!
- Open Source friends and tech fans are very welcome.
- Talk about tech & privacy/security related topics.
- Link sharing & ethical hacking.
- Encrypted channels!
- Giveaways & free stuff.
- Privacy respecting server.
Привет, ребзи, приглашаю вас посетить наш уютный уголок по программированию и играм, где ты можешь найти новых друзей!
Welcome To DevCity!

This is a server built for developers all around the world. You do not need to be a developer to join, you can be a normal person looking to have fun or learn how to program!
Have you ever wanted a extraordinary bot that know one has in their server? Or a bot that you can actually talk about and be part of the community?

Well I present you..ReCreate! A new discord bot built in discord.js being developed everyday and updated non-stop.

We provide you multiple and unique commands and categories to choose from and explore.

If your a bot developer looking to grow your bot then come join us! We do partnerships and you get to invite your bot here and be on a special command!

We are a community that always talk and help others. If you want to try something new try this!

ReCreate By Reptetion.
Join today!
Premium Town

Through this server you can join the main one

✔️ -Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking
✔️ -Tutorials, Courses , PDFs.
✔️ -Tools & Configs
✔️ -Premium Stuff
A community for people interested in 3D printing and CNC
Share your projects
Get help
Discuss all things 3D printing and CNC
Laptop Hacking Coffee is the largest information security servers. Staff and Trusted members are highly knowledgeable and/or are already in their career fields.

We are a professional community focused on helping others learn and improve. We have an official Wiki, website, and CTFs as well.

Feel free to stop by!
We are a discord Tech Community for people who needs help with anything related to PCs, tech, programming and more.

Also for you that already know about any of these or want to learn and just want a place to hang out, talk and even help others!

We’re always looking for people to help.
A Linux and technology server focused on the community. You can talk about Linux and technology, ask for help, or just have a good time. There's plenty to do.
Coder's cove is a discord based group for programmers, people in need of programming help, memers, gamers, aliens and newbies with a bunch of questions.
We support and help each other, give challenges to stay sharp, ask and answer questions, and fix bugzzz. We have awesome discussions, games, group programming projects, language roles, Pokecord, a voice channels for those who are stuck at home these days and wanna be alone together and much more. So join the family and lets get through this together!
💳 We are a private market , join this server to be able to join the original one.

💳 Doing services , selling etc.
This is a server where you can request GFX and VFX (both free and paid). You can apply for higher freelance ranks to get a better reputation and improve your GFX abilities.
Whether you're a Hacker, a designer, a regular programmer, or just a person who wants to socialize this is the right server for you! Here you can ask for someone to help debugging your code, post and see memes from other people or even hangout with the community!



What we cover?: The Server covers the following content.

- Java
- C# (CSharp)
- C++ (C Plus Plus)
- C Lang
- JavaScript
- Python
- Lua Code
- Game-Development
- Web-Development
- Mobile-Development
- Engineering
- Cyber-security
- Other Technologies

These are just the main categories we have on the Server, so we are able to support you with anything else.