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Welcome to the eBay Discord Marketplace! Here you can advertise your items from for a better chance of selling. You can also apply for mod, chat with other members, use game bots such as Dank Memer, and more! Interested? Click join now!
Here we just hang out, talk pvz and even be a bit more techy because why not? We also got Roleplay and some fun stuff to do with the bots!
We offer:

- Funny members.
- Active server.
- Bot developing community.
- Exclusive bots.
- Funny moderators.

We also like to Talk about Science and Technology.

You won't regret when you join!
Hey, wir sind der größte öffentliche, deutsche Astronomie-Server! Komm und trete bei! Bitte sei auch aktiv und lasse dich sehen. Mein Partner Thoth unterhält seit einer Fusion auch eine Ägyptologie-Sparte. Wir sind eine wohlige, gemütliche und aktive Gemeinde und freuen uns über jeden.

Besuche auch unsere Seite!
Flache Erde/Verschwörungstheorien
Urknall&Mikrokosmos und Teilchenphysik
Politik u. Wirtschaft

Und mit Thoth:

Auch haben wir ein paar bekannte YouTuber bei uns: Ronny von RaumZeit, oder z.B. Roter Zwerg.
Trete einfach bei, kann nicht schaden!
Welcome to MovieStarPlanet♡︎! In this server we have:

•♡︎ a cute theme

•♡︎ safe and non-toxic community

•♡︎ giveaways, drops and speed giveaways

•♡︎ staff applications

•♡︎ plenty of staff around if you need them

•♡︎ amazing members

•♡︎ cute emojis

•♡︎ easy to read channels

•♡︎ fair rules

we hope to see you join :)
Blockchain Security Community which aims to help people learn about Blockchain and Blockchain Security. Like minded people/Security Researchers gather together to have meaningful discussions.
We share study-materials, resources, ctf contents, on a daily basis.
Join us to explore the world of Blockchain Security.
We are a community of young adults in high school and college who are interested in pursuing engineering as a career path! Talk about your field specific interests, get help on homework, and share your projects. We also talk college prep and resume building.

Meet other people your age who are passionate about engineering and STEM!!!
This is a discord for people that are interested in 3D Printing to hang out and talk shop. If you do not have a printer, we Also do 3D printing on demand for almost anything you would want, same with designing. Having a problem with your printer?? Dont worry Join and we can help you out.
We're a community of digital creatives building awesome things together! From our Twitch streams where we create open source games and apps together, to the inclusive digital incubator we run, Dev Launchers has been lovingly crafted to help people grow and flourish in the digital age. Whether you're looking for people to connect with for your next project, or in the process of learning a new set of skills, come say hello! Make new friends while making things that matter.
Server about microscopy and everything small what is impossible to see with naked eye. Doesn't matter if you are fan, hobby microscopist or professional researcher who use microscopes at work. We are open to anyone ;]
On Coding Web you find like minded people for whom programming is their passion. From beginners to expert programmers, everyone is going to find what they have been looking for.
Find answers to your questions, or help others with your knowledge.
We are planning to offer Programming courses
╭══════ ❀ ══════╮
⬤•••••••⌠𝗚𝗮𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗖𝗮𝗳𝗲⌡•••••⬤
╰══════ ❀ ══════╯
「」Canales variados.
「」Sorteos cada cierto tiempo.
「」Bots tanto de diversion como entretenimiento.
「」Buena onda y cero toxicidad.
「」Canales de Diversión.
「」Se busca Staff activo.
Si nos apoyan con un boost; tendrán premios exclusivos.
Ademas; se les agregara un rol unico como el de @Server Booster『⭐』
꒰꒱• Dueño: │@Rafitah- │
꒰꒱• Link │
Rift Modifications provides reliable, cheap, and fast VPS meant for gaming! We even have DDoS protection to make sure your server never goes down!

Looking to start your own community? Rift Modifications can provide the best service for you!
This server is for hackers and programmers to hang out in or share their code.
You can also just chill here and have a conversation about anything.
Do not ask or beg for anything to be hacked.
We are a discord server focused on the discussion of fan-created music videos and editing self-improvement.

While we have a bias toward anime music videos (AMVs), we welcome any and all people who edit any sort of fan-made music video, which includes those who label themselves as vidders and/or don't use anime sources.

- Closely moderated
- Casual chat channels
- Separate discussion channels for anime, music, and videos
- Editing help; many members have been editing since the early 2000s
- Critique request / beta testing
- Mass taggable role for people willing to join MEPs / collabs
Why use Custom X Development? Well there is many reasons why you should use us, we are active 99.99% of the time always waiting to help out people in need! We are very professional while working with clients of the community and are always open for questions! We are always working and never wasting anytime in order to get the product out ASAP!

What do we offer? We offer a wide selection of products and are always thinking of new stuff that we can offer to the community, if you're interested in the stuff we offer make sure to checkout our "Listings" section in our discord!

It's Will become Too Easy If You Upload Quality Content with Nice
1- Thumbnail
2- Overlays
3- VFX (Video editings)
4- GFX (Pictures Editing)
5- Description!

So That's all Easy With Someone !!

No problem if You don't know GFX or Not expert in designing Videos ? What You will do Or You don't have Time for designing Extra Things for Your work !?
Like Thumbnails? Or Overlays ?

It's easy We are collecting Members Here So That We can Make a big comunnity !!

We Recommend You to Join Here And Get Things Realted To your Social Work !! Like :-

1- YouTube
2- Twitch
3- Reddit
4- Instagram
5- Facebook

Your Wish Whatever You want Regarding Anything Either if It's a video or image You can Get your help By people here

Pls Don't think Members are low Here It's ofcourse When make A new Comunnity We get less members but soon will be big one ! As Helpers People will help You here and Our Gfx partners will provide You best
4- extra ! Whatever You want

It's Comunnity For You all

star_and_crescent- It's Going To be Fun Comunnity For Normal People

star_and_crescent- Gfx Designers Or Video Helpers Can Help YouTubers Or Social People To make Them Videos and Help Them There !!

star_and_crescent- Best Place For YouTubers

black_square_button- YouTubers And Other Social People Get chance To advertise There server In Self Promotion

Now It's Your Time To Join Here Hope You will have a Great Time As A member or Special person !! We are Kind To everyone and Giving Every Member Importance Just Like A Staff Member is given
Social Programming Group, no specific programming language we talk about everything and anything feel free to join us :) we also play games together sometimes!
Business Club is a community of members who are interested in different subsections of business such as consulting, marketing, investing, ecommerce, technology, and design. Our server features role dedicated channels so there is no clutter and spam as well as many events and giveaways!