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Adalsteinn es un archipiélago de islas en la cumbre del mundo. El último bastión de la humanidad y dónde habitan los últimos mortales. Los dioses se esfuerzan por mantener un equilibrio en lo que queda de sus tierras y a la vez evitar un conflicto que perfectamente podría llevarlos a la destrucción total sin mucho esfuerzo. Eres un Don nadie, pero uno con herramientas, y estoy seguro de que con la voluntad para usarlas bien y hasta el final. Ayuda a desarrollar tu ciudad, metete en el culto de una deidad olvidada, lucha contra los dioses o dedícate a saquear los barcos de cualquier imbécil al que se le ocurra pasar por tu territorio marítimo. Sobrevive a Adalsteinn, o deja que te consuma. Es tu elección, desde quien eres hasta quien vas a llegar a ser.

¿Eres nuevo? No te preocupes, tenemos una administración con la experiencia detrás de varios otros servidores de rol, así que consejos y ayuda no te harán falta. Siempre hay alguien dispuesto a ayudar.

Siempre buscamos innovar y ser los mejores en cada aspecto posible, bestiarios únicos, hechizos divertidos y dinámicos, encuentros entretenidos, un mundo vivo y que respira. ¡El archipiélago espera, aventurero!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Panem! The Discord Hunger Games server is a safe, enjoyable and extremely complex RPG system that is looking for more tributes!

Hunger games simulations exist all over the internet. The problem is, everything is randomized. The winner is determined by chance. They become repetitive very quickly. This discord fixes that problem. In this discord, your choices and movements have consequences. If you are reaped, you and 23 others will create a character that will represent you in a text-based, DnD type version of The Hunger Games. You will have to react and adapt to keep yourself alive. The games are no longer randomly generated, they are now based on strategy and skill.

Don't want to be a tribute? No worries! Feel free to join bet, sponsor, participate in the roleplay, or discuss all things Hunger Games lore! You can be a capitol or district citizen and interact with your fellow Panem citizens! Find new friends, and enjoy the Hunger Games all at the same time.

Our active community, 24-hour moderation, active social media accounts, and promotional material will leave you astonished! Join THE Hunger Games community on Discord today! Find us on Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, and Reddit!
Europe is in disarray having only eked by when the dreaded Black Death, created by the ghouls, swept through and eviscerated every household leaving nothing but cinders and ash. Those races and individuals who survived death’s cold embrace are left to settle old quarrels and carve out meaning in the ruins of medieval society. Corruption is rife as the Pope has fled Rome and barricaded himself in the mountain village of Avignon whilst old rivalries amongst the Princes of the Holy Roman Empire threaten the shaky foundations of civilization. Those who dare tread the paths of Europe in decay face horrors unlike anything mankind has seen and, hopefully, will see again. Ser. Edwin Macivetta has began to rebuild Drakefang Keep to bring the races together to restore harmony and peace in the lands.
Hello! Welcome to Transformers Rivalry, one of the biggest and longest Transformers RP servers. With active staff, a consistent plot that allows for both character development and great engaging combat, and consistent events, both big and small that impact the tide of the war and allow for teamwork, and most importantly, fun! We keep everything nice and organized, having a lot of channels in both Roleplay and discussions. We understand that the number of channels can be overwhelming! But thankfully, this introduction can help you out.

The server has various ranks for styles of roleplay, allowing those who want more quick, one-line replies to find people who suit that style, or others who may want longer and detailed responses. We don’t enforce a certain style on you as other servers may, but we’re simply helping people find who they might want to roleplay with!

The roleplay follows 1 continuous storyline, all set within the same universe of our own, taking cues from IDW, G1, Aligned. It's completely on our own storyline plot which is something we've been bringing to users for a long time. A mix of different movies, tv shows, comics, books, and so on!

If you're interested... or whenever you have the chance to come by... come join Transformers Rivalry! We'd be happy to have new joiners! Thank you.
Star Wars: Infinite Time is a Star Wars roleplay server that is designed to be a more casual and accessible roleplay experience, and with a focus on smaller character driven roleplays. We welcome all members, whether you're a diehard fan who writes paragraphs in roleplay, a new fan who only watches the films and does basic roleplay, or someone who just wants to be a part of a Star Wars server.

In an attempt to push hyperspace to it's limits, the First Order unravel the galaxy's Force and Time after unknowingly piercing the very fabric of the galaxy itself, using the short lived experiment known as Jumpdrive. Now, all iconic eras have collapsed upon one another, and the most famous characters, armies and factions from the Star Wars lore co-exist with one another.

Where does your loyalty lie? Are you a Clone Trooper fighting against the new threats to the galaxy, a Sith Lord looking for more power, a bounty hunter, a Jedi Master or maybe just a normal citizen? You can have a maximum of 3 characters. You can apply for a canon character or create an OC.

Both Legends and Canon content is included.

The server is reasonably active, and there are many things members can do besides for roleplaying, such as participating in server events.

We offer:
⟹ Trivia Events as well as Movie Night, QOTD and Versus Vote
⟹ Lots of roleplay channels and opportunities
⟹ Welcoming and active staff
⟹ Various spots to discuss your passion for Star Wars with other members
⟹ Much more

Pretty much it. We'd love to see you stop by and give us a chance! Thanks for reading
this is a server to house discussion for my game, ski butters. it is a turn based rpg made in my own game engine using python and pygame. scope of the server is mostly limited to talk about the game, but there is a general chat and a place to share art. self promotion is completely outlawed.
Il y a bien longtemps, deux clans s’opposaient et livraient bataille presque continuellement, le clan des monstres, sauvages et avides de sang, et celui des humains, égoïstes et avide de pouvoir.
Chacun possède un pouvoir qui lui est propre, rendant les batailles encore plus violentes et sanglantes.
Des années passèrent et deux Reines vinrent au pouvoir. Celles-ci étaient amies, malgré les nombreuses batailles entre leurs deux clans. Celles-ci décidèrent alors de changer les mentalités de leur peuple, et d’arrêter la guerre.
Cette sombre époque fut nommée sans trop de fantaisie : La Grande Guerre.
Vint ensuite une période de changement, les monstres et les humains devaient vivre en paix. Pourtant, certains étaient réticent à cette idée, une si grande guerre ne pouvait se finir ainsi, en traitant le clan ennemi comme son égal.
Il y eut donc une guerre civile, chez les humains comme chez les monstres, jusqu’à ce que les éléments perturbateurs soient arrêtés et jugés.
Depuis ce jour, les deux peuples vivent en paix, bien qu’il y ai encore certaines formes de discrimination.
Un serveur rp cool avec une bonne communauté !
Hallo erstmal,
ich möchte euch kurz meinen Roleplay Server vorstellen. Der Name des Servers lautet RollenSpiel Community. Warum solltest du bei einem GTA 5 Roleplay-Server beitreten? Diese Frage musst du dir selbst beantworten, aber wenn du in deinem GTA Leben Abwechslung suchst ist unser Server genau das richtige für dich. Wir suchen aktive, hilfsbereite, freundliche und RP spielende Spieler, natürlich muss er keine Erfahrung haben.
Was haben wir so in Petto?

[+] Banksystem
[+] Tanksystem
[+] Essenssystem
[+] Leitstellensystem
[+] eine Wahnsinns Große Jobauswahl
[+] ein tolles Serverteam
[+] und noch vieles mehr

Was sind unsere Regulären Roleplay Zeiten?

[+] Dienstag bis Donnerstag so gut wie immer tolles RP
[+] natürlich auch Freitagabend gegen 19 Uhr
[+] Samstagabend darf auch nicht fehlen
[+] wenn dann noch Bedarf besteht sicherlich auch Sonntag

Wir versuchen allerdings alles um euch auch unter der Woche Roleplay zu garantieren. Auf dem Server läuft alles Sortiert ab, aus diesem Grund stehen alle Roleplay-Termine eine Woche im voraus für euch bereit.
Sollte ich dein Interesse geweckt haben, trete doch einfach bei, du musst dich nur anmelden, doch das sollte für dich nun auch kein Problem werden!

Hier ist auch der Link zum Server, probiere es doch einfach mal aus.
Welcome to the island of Mythwater!
A cool breeze blows through the girl’s hair, her pale skin tinted with a soft pink. Pulling a small knife from its sheath, she sighs softly before smiling brightly as it starts to get brighter. The light brown haired shifter girl turned to a group of five others, her eyes followed the five other shifters, a grin spreading across her face as she darts fowards.

Hey! Mythwater is based of one of my favourite servers I've made. Here you can have up to as many characters you can manage, ranging from adorable, small healers to tall giants famous for their roles in historical wars, your own animal acquaintances, a story unique to you due to choices, steamy encounters in a hot spring nestled deep into the mountains and your own role in your group in a war.  We have a lore that updates when needed for everyone to work with, or get a good idea of everything.
We have our own fantasy animals and even some made up half blooded races.

What we offer:
-Approachable staff you can talk to.
-Support of roleplayers of ALL ages, genders, sexuality and races.
-A NSFW pass exclusive for nsfw roleplay channels if someone is fit for one, one must be above the legal age of the owner.
-Strongly enforced rules to keep everyone happy and safe.
-A plethora of unique roleplay locations.
-A mythwater “Wiki” for references to:
°human types
°humanoids and our creatures.
-Optional Quests for weapons, items and acquaintances.
-Magic! What else?
-Semi-Literate Roleplay

Now, what are you waiting for? Come join the adventure!
It is 1936, The Nazis are in power. Facism is expanding and colonial powers are declining from the first world war.

Play as a country from USA to Urugray and stay the course or change major historical events and watch the ripple effect with your enemies or allies.
Saudações, viajante! Quem é você? Invocador ou plebeu? Guerreiro ou covarde? Humano ou orc? . . . Amigo ou inimigo?
-·=»‡«=·- -·=»‡«=·- -·=»‡«=·- -·=»‡«=·-

Boas-vindas à Summoner-RPG!, uma comunidade brasileira de roleplay medival inspirada nos livros de Taran Matharu. Por que você deveria entrar, você se pergunta? Eis aqui alguns motivos:

★ Somos a primeira e (até onde sabemos) única comunidade com este tema nesta plataforma!
★ Dezenas de seres diferentes para serem domados e utilizados em combates!
★ Grande variedade de raças e clãs, cada uma com qualidades únicas!
★ Uma comunidade ativa em geral, com membros simpáticos e acolhedores!
★ Diversos chats e bots disponíveis para facilitar a encenação, deixando-a mais dinâmica!
★ Missões e eventos semanais, com usuários sempre dispostos a fazer rp!

Conseguimos pegar sua atenção? Junte-se a nós, e comece sua jornada! Link de usos infinitos:
Espero te ver por lá!
Por que não vem curtir um pouco?
This server is to gain people who like to do roleplay in GTA 5, at United State Roleplay we have many departments avaiable for example Cops, Fire + EMS, Civillian and dispatch. If your interested then please join us.
It wasn’t the best time on Earth. Supernaturals could not exist on Earth anymore and there was a terrible war going on. Some of Earth’s greatest minds were able to round up all supernatural creatures and beam them to a planet far away from Earth so they didn’t have to deal with the monstrosities anymore. Maybe then they would be at peace. Well some of the people of Earth rose up to protect the ones they fell in love with or just because it was wrong to send them away because they were different. This lead to war. But in this terrible time Earth was fighting back with earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, wild fires burning and just mass chaos among the animals who were going feral. If you choose to be human you will start here.

Now on the planet that the supernaturals were sent to was unknown and probably had inhabitants that don’t speak the same language or have the same rules. If you choose to be a supernatural you will start on this planet. Stranded and confused.

While some Earth people want to stay and save the planet there are others that just want to get away. If you choose to be human you can start here as well fleeing from Earth. But keep in mind it is not easy in space. Uncharted territory.

And there are some Earth people who were a select few that were already in space and established a new colony and have worked on dock stations. Some even had to fight off aliens who want the newcomers to go back to where they came from. If you choose human you can start here as well as a established colonist or fighter.

All these different aspects make a whole world and hopefully they can make one big happy world in the end.

We are a NSFW server so you need to be 18+ to join. We do erp along with the story line. We treat everyone with respect no matter what gender you may be or who you portray to be. This is a Yaoi server but welcome everything - Yuri, LGBT, and vanilla. We also do omegaverse but you do not have to have your character do that if you don’t want. Like I said we are open and never never bully anyone. You are safe here.
Tropictopia est une île paradisiaque perdue au millieu de l'océan. Elle fait partie d'un Archipel constitué de deux îles principales et de quelques petites îles. Sur Tropictopia, il y a une faune et une flore unique, en effet on peut y trouver des espèces modernes, des espèces disparues et même de nouvelle espèces. Certaines espèces ont développées des pouvoirs, certains hommes aussi. La plupart des créatures de Tropictopia utilisent leurs pouvoirs pour faire le bien cependant, d'autres l'utilisent pour faire le mal...

Sept ans ont passé depuis la mort du roi malfaisant et de l'éruption volcanique. Plus personne ne gouverne le royaume et les habitants se portent mieux ainsi. Plusieurs personnes ont décidées de quitter l'île suite aux événements tragiques d'il y a sept ans, cependant certains sont restés et d'autres individus venant d'autres contrées ont décidés de venir habiter sur cette île paisible. Plus aucune menace ne semble venir sur l'île.. du moins pour l'instant..
◇◆◇◆◇ Fenedhis RP ◇◆◇◆◇

Jouez RP sur le jeu Conan Exile en vocal.

◆ Le serveur est WL et on aide les joueurs à créer leur personnage, débutant ou non !
◆ Vous pouvez nous trouver sur Top Serveurs.
◆ Nous utilisons des addons dont AoC avec des règles spécifique afin de prendre un maximum de plaisir pour jouer.

Venez sur le discord pour pouvoir poser vos questions.

Nous espérons vous voir parmi nous !
hi here is a server about pokemon, there are channels about shiny hunting competetive and just general trading,
Bonjour à toi voyageur laisse moi te présenter le contexte de ce RP

Bienvenue dans la ville de Sunpō, cette ville n'as absolument rien de différent des autres villes à un petit détail près. Sous cette ville en apparence paisible se cache une autre dimension dans laquelle réside des monstres surnommé Bassa.

A vous de choisir si vous voulez les affronter ou vivre votre vie paisiblement
Welcome to Damascus an original server where we play a storyline with the tabletop system Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. We offer:
-New player friendly
-Homebrew (After checked by us the staff)
-Original Plot
-5th edition DND
-Much more

So feel free to join us!
Welcome to Vault 69. The Vault is now open and allowing members to come and join us in our community vault! Join us today where we Play & Talk about Fallout 76! All topics covered with news and more!
(Fallout 76, PC, Xbox & PS4)
Há muitos e muitos anos, houve uma enorme guerra por toda Thyvenius. Depois de anos sangrentos e difíceis, o rei Aralon, também chamado de rei Demônio, foi banido junto com seus súditos fiéis para outra dimensão, que foi selada.

Os 8 reinos restantes se mantiveram em paz sob a bandeira da Octeto Alliance, liderada pelo rei de Swaflower. Sem que mais nenhuma grande guerra ocorresse, os povos acreditaram que seus grandes problemas haviam acabado.

Mas eles não poderia estar mais errados. Coisas estranhas começaram a acontecer por todos os reinos. Desaparecimentos, ataques por criaturas a muito esquecidas, demônios que a tempos não eram vistos voltaram a aparecer, agora em ainda maior número.

Nesse mundo que mistura a fantasia com a modernidade, você foi convocado para treinar no maior colégio militar que toda Thyvenius já viu, e ajudar a entender e descobrir junto a nós o que está por trás de tudo isso.
Hello! A Friendly Invitation to Shivas Shack!

We have:

Shiny Raids

RooBot- For Genning and Seedchecking

The Shiva League- A Gym Challenge

The Frontier- Gather Streaks to Challenge the Leaders

and Overall a Friendly Community!

Hello! Our server IDV Screaming is dedicated to the horror game, Identity V. If you decide to join us, we hope you have fun and we can all get along!

We have:
- Voice channels
- A channel for fan art
- A channel for giving advice and tips
- Friendly staff