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╭──────────『𝐏𝐇𝐎𝐄𝐍𝐈𝐗 𝐈𝐒𝐋𝐀𝐍𝐃』───────────╮

Nous sommes en 2027, sept ans après le début de la propagation du virus nommé "Peste Blanche" transformant les personnes et les êtres vivants infectés en créatures sanguinaires animées uniquement par le meurtre et la faim, les goules. Depuis, l'intégralité du monde est en proie au désespoir et au chaos. Il n'existe quasiment plus aucun lieu pouvant se vanter d'assurer la sécurité à ses habitants.

L'un des derniers bastions qui tient encore debout est Phœnix Island. En son sein se trouve une académie reconnue dont la renommée mondiale n'est plus à faire malgré le contexte actuel. Ce n'est pas n'importe quelle académie, elle vise la formation de jeunes gens - ayant développé des pouvoirs hors du commun - prêts à combattre pour libérer le monde de l'emprise des goules.
Avez-vous eu vent de rumeurs concernant cette île qui vous poussèrent à la rejoindre afin d'être formé par son académie ou tout simplement pour être en sécurité ? Des proches vous y ont-ils envoyés de force ? Êtes-vous un prétentieux pensant que cette île n'attendait que vous pour s'en sortir ? Une chose est sûre, vous n'êtes pas arrivés ici par hasard. Êtes-vous prêt à prendre part à la plus grande reconquête de la planète que l'être humain ait connue depuis son origine ?!

─────── 𝐍'𝐀𝐓𝐓𝐄𝐍𝐃𝐒 𝐏𝐋𝐔𝐒 ! 𝐑𝐄𝐉𝐎𝐈𝐍𝐒 𝐍𝐎𝐔𝐒 ! ───────

『🎉』 Nouveau serveur | 『📜』 Contexte développé
『🔔』 Événements réguliers | 『⚔️』 Combat et XP
『👹』 Bestiaire travaillé | 『🤠』 Quêtes et expéditions
EPIC RPG Community Server provides you with:

»Different categories and channels for different bots
we offer you many channels for many bot options!
»Bunch of giveaways
tons of giveaways!!!
»Own cozy private channels!
you can get your own cozy little private channels!
»Server Booster perks
special perks for server boosters!
»Cozy music channels
Listen to some beats while in discord!

And bunch of other stuff!! Join to check out our server!
***The World of Game of Thrones coded into a Custom Bot ***

Become the greatest King, Hand, Red Priestess, Swordsman, Blacksmith, Lord and more roles on the server! All done by performing tasks automated by the Custom Bot and leveling up XP!

Go on an Elaborate Quest Beyond the Wall as a Night's Watch and have the ability to gain special roles such as Greensight, which you can activate and see all Channels for 30 minutes to get Intel.

Buy/Command/Manage armies of your House Faction and work your way up to taking the Red Keep from the Existing King, to become the King of Westeros yourself!


*The Following features are all Automatically done by the Custom Bot. Server admin does not have to be there for you to use them.*
-**War System for Castle Control** (Houses have Coffers full of coins, manage them to buy armies and siege other Castles to generate more income)
- **XP System for Combat** (XP gets you special items)
- **Coin / Economy System**: Buy items/transfer coins between members
- **Member vs Member Combat system**: Both Friendly for XP and Trial by Combat to the Death
- **Quests**: Gain Ranks, Roles and Items. Example: Beyond the Wall Quest
- **Custom Commands**: Elaborate Help menu with custom commands that guide you on everything in the server.
- **Member vs Member Battles**: Go on a Raid as a Wildling and face a Nights Watch, winner loots coins, loser is killed.
-**Member duties for their House**: Farmers, Hunters, Builders, Army Captains needed! You will provide resources to your House for armies and wealth.

*Not your typical RP Server. You do not have to write stories to join the Server.*
*Unique RPG type server based off a Custom Bot that automates actions as mentioned above.*
✧ Welcome Traveler, to the Genshin Impact EU fan server ✧
A brand new comunity for other EU server players to hangout and make friends!
We have-
✔ Co-op friendly VCs
✔Regular updates from the offical server
✔ Lots of fun emotes
✔ Self assignable roles
✔ Fun bots to play with
✔ Lots of cute emotes

While we're small now we hope to grow! So join now!
Willkommen in der Welt des Landes. Ein Königreich aus der Zukunft. Die Welt ist zerstört, und nur das eine Land ist geblieben. Es gibt ein Kastensystem, welches jedem seinen Platz weist. Es herrschen schwierige Zeiten, in denen das einzige Ziel ist, alles wieder herzurichten. Nach dem 5. Weltkrieg sind die Leute aufgewühlt, und der König veranstaltet eine Selection für seinen Sohn. Aus 10 Mädchen vom Volk soll er sich die eine nehmen, die er heiraten will. Das Volk schaut dabei beherzigt zu, und führt sein Leben. Doch es gibt nicht nur die positiven Veränderungen, Nein, auch negative. Rebellen haben eine Stadt zu ihrem Stützpunkt gemacht, und wollen alle stürzen die für das neue System sind. Kein Opfer ist ihnen heilig, und sie tun alles was sie müssen um das Königshaus zu vernichten.
Brand new server for lgbtqia+ or allies who play the game Genshin Impact!

-Many roles available
-All the news for Genshin Impact
-lgbt friendly

As this is an ever growing server, you joining will be truly appreciated!
The Unofficial Discord Server for Avakin Life!

Meet new people from the game & stay updated to their twitter, YouTube etc all in one place thanks to the power of automated bots. Other Avakin youtubers such as Coelette will also be included in the updates.

Speaking of bots, we have our own dedicated bot to Avakin Life! Which is also our main bot. Simply type `avkn-help` in the appropriate channel to see the list of commands.


We do feature some other bots for fun such as Groovy and the Dank Memer bot etc. Yes, robbing is disabled.

Anyone is more than welcome to join, perhaps you just found a new mobile game to stick to?
“A New Era – Wildlands”

Dayz Xbox Server part of the Portfolio belonging to the New Era a Long-standing community offering 4 Xbox Dayz servers and now addition of 1 PC Dayz server.

Since we opened in August 2019, we have run different concepts every 2 months to keep the current nontoxic community fresh, we strongly encourage to have their say in discussions and ideas.

The server is setup to accommodate your style of game play, it maybe bandit one week then the following week a medic.

Few ground rules as you can expect but not over complicating your abilities to game, Start your own experience. All game information is kept in game, so you need to make the decision to you kill someone or do you take the risk and ask them who they are, that is up to you…………………..

Start your Dayz experience and your own Journey in the “Wildlands of Chernarus”

Map: A New Era - Chernarus Wildlands
Slots: 50
Mods: Moderate & listed
Play style: Free Roaming, you choose your play style
Perspective: FPP
Discord Use: Yes
Restarts: Every 4 hrs
Day / Night: 3hr Day & 1hr Nights
Whitelist: Yes
Mouse & Keyboard: Yes
Server Wiped: 22nd October 2020
Server Wipe Due: 22nd December 2020 (subject to change if required)
Discord Pruned: 1st November 2020
Platform: Xbox
Misc. Owner has over a year of experience in private servers, discord, and coding

About the Server…

• "A New Era" take on a C4 Satchel for base raiding
• 10 sec application
• 3 Strike Process with fair admin team (UK & USA) only one owner who can only ban
• Base damage switched on Monday - Friday
• Base raiding – Done in zones at certain times
• Bounty Hunter & Tracker Alerts
• Crosshairs switched off
• Currency – Discord related BANKING SYSTEM used for the casino & Trader Cities
• Daily & Weekly A New Era Chronicle News Paper
• Demilitarized Zone - Krastnostav
• Each Zed loot carry is relevant to their type
• Established August 2019
• Guns & Cars spawn in whole
• Inactive Players removed from Discord and servers end of each month
• Instagram Page
• IZurvive Partnered
• Kill feed & Leader boards all in discord & Viewable
• Kill feed zone Alerts
• Kill on sight, rob, or even kidnap rest of the map
• Long Distance Kill Board
• Loot Items increased lifetime to stop despawning during raiding
• NCP Firing Range (Coming Soon)
• Professional discord with several premium level bots
• Server Wiped every 2 Months
• Several Active factions
• Traders covering all aspects of items
• UK/EU Servers so all times are GMT
• Viewable server runtime remaining

Our Other Community Servers

• A New Era - Livonia Highlands ( xbox )
• A New Era - NWAF Deathmatch Full PvP Server ( xbox )
• A New Era - Prison Island Deathmatch Full PvP Server ( xbox )
• A New Era –The Dark Side ( PC )
The Official Server for Broke Protocol : Online City RPG. Get updates, share mods, promote your server and build a community.
The Phantom Realm
● Pretty layout.
● Undertale/Deltarune based hangout server.
● Staff applications opening soon.
●Here you can:
.•°❥ Communicate with other people in the chat or in the voice chat.
.•°❥ Participate in our events such as giveaways, gamenights and some other cool events!
.•°❥ Share your amazing Undertale/Deltarune fanwork with us.
.•°❥ Share your Undertale/Deltarune theories with the people in our server.
.•°❥ Try out our bots such as dank memer etc.
.•°❥ You can even listen to music using the rythm bot here!.
•°❥We also have a custom Mimu shop and a currency which is based on Gold from undertale!
The Tavern, a D&D discord server that hosts a tight-knit community of folks who DM, play, review homebrew, create systems, and everything in between! New DMs can join the server and immediately start up their new campaign by using our custom bot, The Chef, to create their category and role, and govern their campaign as they please. The server largely hosts D&D 5e, however the player base is very open to new systems and homebrew - campaigns that use systems such as FATE, and Call of Cthulu have had (and are having!) success on the server.

So please, come and join us in the Tavern, whether you are a DM looking for players, seeking critique on your new homebrew, or a player wanting to join a campaign.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Panem! The Discord Hunger Games server is a safe, enjoyable and extremely complex RPG system that is looking for more tributes!

Hunger games simulations exist all over the internet. The problem is, everything is randomized. The winner is determined by chance. They become repetitive very quickly. This discord fixes that problem. In this discord, your choices and movements have consequences. If you are reaped, you and 23 others will create a character that will represent you in a text-based, DnD type version of The Hunger Games. You will have to react and adapt to keep yourself alive. The games are no longer randomly generated, they are now based on strategy and skill.

Don't want to be a tribute? No worries! Feel free to join bet, sponsor, participate in the roleplay, or discuss all things Hunger Games lore! You can be a capitol or district citizen and interact with your fellow Panem citizens! Find new friends, and enjoy the Hunger Games all at the same time.

Our active community, 24-hour moderation, active social media accounts, and promotional material will leave you astonished! Join THE Hunger Games community on Discord today! Find us on Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, and Reddit! Server specially partnered with Discord.
╭══ • ೋ • ✧๑ ♡ ๑✧ • ೋ • ══╮
╰══ • ೋ • ✧๑ ♡ ๑✧ • ೋ • ══╯

╭─━━━━━─╯ BIENVENUE ╰─━━━━━─╮

Hey toi ! Voici le serveur : Le Monde Incroyable de Yulen

🥂 Un staff actif et réactif ! 🥂

⚡ Des membres sympas ! ⚡

🍭 Des superbes emojis ! 🍭

🎁 Et bien d'autre à découvrir encore ! Venez écrire votre histoire ! 🎁

╭─━━━━━─╯ HISTOIRE DU RP ╰─━━━━━─╮

Yulen, terre fantastique et magique, qui fut crée par six dieux, il y a 1000 ans environ. Cette terre accueille désormais de nouvelles formes de vies catégorisées par de nombreuses races et créatures. La magie est une forme commune dans ces terres et la technologie est au début de son développement.
Bien sur, le monde n'est pas si rose qu'il n'y parait, certains souhaitent sa destruction et d'autres le développement. A vous de jouer un rôle dans cette balance entre le bien et le mal.

╭─━━━━━─╯ Le RP ╰─━━━━─╮

⭐ Des joueurs de tous niveaux ! ⭐

📰 Un concept unique entièrement créé ! 📰

🎫 Un système tickets pour les fiches afin d'avoir un salon rien qu'à vous avoir une aide personnalisée ! 🎫

🐉 Un système d’apprivoisement unique avec __un bestiaire personnalisé et grandissant !__ 🐉

🏘️ Possibilité d'avoir __des appartements privés__ dans le rp à gagner ou à améliorer durant de nombreux évènements ! 🏘️

⚔️ Des combats, attentats, discussions, événements, meurtres, enquêtes... (et du rpp pour certains) ! ⚔️

🌥️ Une immersion totale avec des nouveautés à venir... 🌥️


Русскоязычный сервер по новой отличной и быстроразвивающийся игре Genshin Impact. Новости игры, гайды, поиск друзей в команду. Будем пытаться развивать сервер. Оставляйте свои отзывы.
Uncle Jack's Hangout V2 is a Non-Official (Duh) Hangout server based around Dsaf! Come down and meet some other fans of the series or just join to meet some people and have a laugh (We are not responsible for Death, Mental Scarring, ect.), and by joining, you acknowledge this. Enjoy your stay! (Please Read The Rules When You Join) Cheers! (Open for partnerships, and stay away from my salad bar I will only warn you once.)
⤨ | ˚๑꒰ ☕・壊| 𝑆𝘩𝑎𝑜𝑡𝑎ᴿᵖ [Aηтєιкυ]
╭ ────────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────────
┊ ☁️ TRAMA ☁️

┊Sei un teeneger che vive la sua vita, con problemi, preoccupazioni... quando un giorno
┊dopo esserti svegliato, ti ritrovi in un mondo fantasy, più precisamente in una scuola
┊(Shaota) che fluttua nel cielo; questa scuola si trova in un mondo composto solo da
┊solo isole volanti che per comunicare tra loro usano teletrasporti. Dopo esserti
┊svegliato scoprirai di avere dei poteri unici.
╰ ────────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────────
Seeking for a community to play with people about Monster Hunter? Boom Boom Flash Tails is all about that while having some collaborating, sharing, conversation, and more! We also feature a good variety of topics for more content such as non-mh related ones.

Join now Hunters!
This server is provided as a platform for the community.There are plenty of Discord servers out there for the OSRS community, but this one is the official ToB Discord Server! The server is here to openly discuss all aspects of OSRS while building relationships with fellow community members. to powstający serwer z wieloma trybami. Głównym z nich będzie RealLife, czyli Prawdziwe życie.
Znajdziecie tam :
- 10 zróżnicowanych prac dorywczych
- pojazdy
- egzaminy (dowód osobisty, prawo jazdy itp.)
- ogromną mapę ze zróżnicowanym zabudowaniem
- kupno nieruchomości
- mechaniki chorób, złamań, zmęczenia, pragnienia ( i nie tylko )
- organizacje cywilne
- codzienne zadania, nagrody
To tylko jeden z wielu ciekawych trybów jakie u nas znajdziecie :D
Cały serwer będzie całkowicie free2play, bez żadnych mikropłatności
Wpadajcie na nasz discord:
do you like to play as a bounty hunter but without any problems of factions??? just join this server today and be free to do what you always wanted to do as a criminal XD
we have:
awesome bots
really kind staff
and a wonderful RP that you can manipulate like you want it (since it's RPXD)
A ever expanding, immersive, Star Wars Dungeons and Dragons experience. Everyone is welcome!!
Welcome to TFD. The warmest most welcoming server you’ll find. Afterall we're all a big happy family.

Main features:

-A kind and helpful community :)


-Nitro Booster perks and Nitro Giveaways

-Leveling System with role rewards-

-Staff/Mod Applications

-Dedicated Spam Channel (with 100m/s auto delete)




-Epic RPG bot with miniboss/arena rooms, horse rooms, duel rooms and self roles based on area/horse etc for finding dungeon/horse partners

-Self-made auto-reminder for Epic RPG :)

-PokeRealm and Myuu for Pokemon Fans

-Rumble Royale (a battle royale bot)

-Our very own Melon-Farmer bot

--Dank Memer (Dank Memer Robbing is disabled)