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꒦꒷˚︰__**Aesthetic World**・__

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› ✿︰ Jeśli lubisz pisać, rozmawiać z różnymi osóbkami jak i miłą atmosferę, to ten serwer jest wprost dla ciebie!

︶︶︶꒦꒷˚ 🌸・────────────

╭... **u've got invite!** ~
│ *Co możesz tutaj znaleźć?*
> › ✿︰**Estetyczny wygląd serwera**,
> › ✿︰Bardzo miłą atmosferę,
> › ✿︰**Pomocną administrację**,
> › ✿︰Rozwiniętą ekonomię z własną walutą *flowercoin*,
> › ✿︰ Dużo kanałów o różnych tematykach,
> › ✿︰ Dużo ról, emotek,
> › ✿︰ Częste eventy,
> › ✿︰ Kącik artystyczny w którym można otrzymać pomoc lub się pochwalić własnymi pracami,
> › ✿︰Kącik anime, gier
> › ✿︰Konkurs na __NITRO__ co 3 miesiące,
> › ✿︰Oraz wiele więcej! ~
╭─ // *quote...*
› *❝Make the world better.
Make the world aesthetic.
Join us and use flowercoins to change the world.❞*
› ✿︰
Welcome to Pixie's Tavern!

Come join us to meet new friends, play games, share your art!
》🌸 МΙℓКУ ЅUNЅЄТ 🌸《 is a newly created LGBTQ 13+ Server that is still in the Process of being made.

We currently have a small amount of members and would love if you give us a little peek at least. You are welcomed to meet us and chat with us. No fear!
We make a lot of jokes and are genuinely not a toxic community!
We're happy to see you!

Some perks of us:
~Cute Roles to pick from
~Friendly members!
~No judging on anything.
~Easy rules to understand.
~Understanding staff

We hope you give our Server a chance! ❤
Hello there! We are a community of teens with depression (age until 22). We help each other, give advice and find new friends. We'd love for you to be a part of our community and finally be yourself!
✢˖ • ✻▪︎.∙❖˖ Bonjour à toi qui lis ce message !˖❖∙.▪︎✻ • ˖✢

Tu es pour le LGBT et tu cherches une communauté de partage libre et ouverte ?

Alors ne tarde pas à rejoindre Le Grand Bataillon Téméraire !

Nous nous battons ensemble pour la cause du LGBT, envers et contre toute résistance ! (๑•̀ㅂ •́)و ✧

Nous disposons dans ce serveur :

❥︎。✧⋆˖ De multiples salons de partage créatifs, car l'art apporte du rêve et de l'espoir dans le cœur de chacun, nous faisant oublier l'espace d'un instant toutes les horreurs vues par le passé :)

✿✾⋆˖✦˖✫∙。⁎✯˖❂° 。• 。°❂˖✯⁎。∙✫˖✧˖⋆✾❀

❥︎。✧⋆˖ D'emotes amusantes et diverses ! 🌈 (‘∀’●)

✿✾⋆˖✦˖✫∙。⁎✯˖❂° 。• 。°❂˖✯⁎。∙✫˖✧˖⋆✾❀

❥︎。✧⋆˖ D'un système monétaire virtuel distrayant assisté par UnbelievaBoat, avec de multiples missions et giveaways ! ✨ ($ω $

✿✾⋆˖✦˖✫∙。⁎✯˖❂° 。• 。°❂˖✯⁎。∙✫˖✧˖⋆✾❀

❥︎。✧⋆˖ D'un système d'aide psychologique accessible à tous, fait spécialement pour vous assister dans vos moments difficiles, vos problèmes... Etc.
Ce système est géré par des personnes ayant vécu une vie psychologiquement très troublante, alors vous êtes entre de bonnes main dans vos séances. L'équipe est bien placée pour vous aider à tout surmonter, mais aussi à vous aider à trouver votre orientation et beaucoup encore 👍

✿✾⋆˖✦˖✫∙。⁎✯˖❂° 。• 。°❂˖✯⁎。∙✫˖✧˖⋆✾❀

❀。✧⋆˖ Mais nous sommes un serveur récent, nous ne comptons actuellement pas beaucoup de membres... Néanmoins nous espérons pouvoir croître à mesure du temps avec votre soutien (◍ᴖ◡ᴖ◍)♡ ˖⋆✧。❀

On nous a marché-dessus, rejetés, pointés du doigt...


Bien entendu, on ne refuse pas les personnes cisgenres ou hétéro !
N'importe qui est bienvenue !
Naimo™ is a friendly and SFW Anime related hangout server where you can talk with people and make new friends! :)

Some things we have in our server ↴

- 🤖 ✦ Many fun bots
- 🎨 ✦ Partnerships
- 🎈 ✦ Self-assignable roles
- 💫 ✦ 100+ emojis
- 🎵 ✦ A music lounge
- And many other stuff!
Welcome, to the ramen kingdom!

What do we have to offer, you may be asking?
Well we've got....

-Lots of fun bots
-Fun people to talk to!
-Cats and other assorted animals
-Lots of art. LOTS of art.

Also if you join I will send you a really funny picture. I won't send it to you instantly, just join and say, "Hey, I was promised a funny picture" and once I get online i'll send it to you!

You have arrived in City 24, a dictatorship of a city, with harsh administration, with a large citadel looming in the sky. This is a HL2 Roleplaying server, hoping to expand to a big size, although it is more for the niches, if you're looking for some sci-fi, dystopian roleplay, maybe this is right for you.
Hi, this is salad. The most effective and easiest cryptominer. Join and start making money by just having your pc or laptop on!
Low flex__ ⁽⁽♡︎⁾⁾
୨ : You’ve got mail

₊♡︎₊ Active Chats
₊♡︎₊ welcoming community
₊♡︎₊ Memes for days
₊♡︎₊ fun events & giveaways
₊♡︎₊ looking for active pms!!

join now ♡︎:
( inv—
( img—
It's a server to come make new friends, newly made but with love trying to be put behind it to get it going.
It has a few rp area's, gaming area and music.
It's Sfw and nsfw but you have to be verified for Nsfw.
It has a anti raid system in place so when you join we'll ask you a few things and let you in if you're not a raider.
So come on to the Friends united front and have a good ol time.
⭐TJ's chillzone!⭐

~Friendly community☑️
~English or dutch☑️
~Friendly and active staff members☑️
~Youtubers and twitch streamers!☑️
~No NSFW☑️
~Choose your own roles!☑️
~Level system☑️
~no hate☑️
~LGBT friendly☑️

THIS IS JUST FOR FUN! None of us have ever made a Discord server before so please be kind to us! We talk about boobs a lot as a joke but other than that, it’s not very NSFW!
Hii! This is osuna we offer many things here! Such as:
- a friendly community!
- a safe place!
- child friendly!
- no nsfw!
- a sfw server!
- a wide range of bots!
and more!
Hier findest du einen simplen deutschen Server mit netten Leuten und einer kleineren Gaming Community, was es eben auch gemütlich und entspannt macht. Es ist jeder willkommen, wir verlangen nicht viel, sei einfach nett zu anderen, sei du selbst und bringe dich ein.

Ein familärer Zusammenhalt und Unterstützung untereinander formen ein starkes Team.

Zocken ist ein besonderer Bestandteil unserer Gemeinschaft und hält das Konstrukt zusammen bzw. knüpft und bindet Kontakte.

Es ist wichtig den sozialen Kontakt zu pflegen, nur so entsteht eine Bindung und nur so lernt man sich besser kennen.

Nerd Zone ist der Mutter Server von "Eros Treff"
♛·.·Welcome to E for Everyone 18+·.·♛

♛·.·We are an 18+, DDLG/BDSM based server with a broad cast of characters to call our own. We try our best to provide a friendly little corner of the internet where you can escape life for a little and talk to some amazing friends·.·♛

♛·.·Here we have·.·♛

♛ ⋯☾18+☽
♛ ⋯☾Friendly staff☽
♛ ⋯☾Lgbtqiaa+ friendly☽
♛ ⋯☾80+ channels (probably gonna add more as we grow☽
♛ ⋯☾170+ self-chosen roles to choose from!!!☽
♛ ⋯☾Nsfw channel with and nsfw role for access☽
♛ ⋯☾Game/Movie night events(will start when we get bigger)☽
♛ ⋯☾A range of vcs, including trigger warning, venting, and little space VCs☽
♛ ⋯☾Open to partnering☽
♛ ⋯☾Multiple fun bots(will add more as we grow)☽
♛ ⋯☾Plural Kit and system roles for all our system friends owo☽

♛ ⋯Everyone is a relaxed and welcoming dirty-space for all of us kinky folk.
We hope to see you there!·.·♛

♛·.·Opened: October 18th, 2020·.·♛
~~Dating/Gaming Server.~~

~~Tons of Bots to Chill With.~~

~~Easy to Talk To People, Always In Vcs and Always Looking for Friends~

~~Looking for a position in staff, you can apply.~~

~~Owner gives away nitro to random people every other week

~~Come and have fun~~
This server is run like a direct democracy, I coded a bot so you can vote and I'll carry out anything the bot can't do
hey i dont know what to put in this description but if you are looking for a server that isnt strict and allows offensive jokes then idk why you havent joined yet

Hello!!!! ever wanted to talk to the famous raper the baby?????? now you can!!!!!! Join Dababy official discord server, no charges! The server has got a Dababy talk for Dababy talking! Real rapper dababy on the server!!! and talk to him!!! meet the baby for real!!!! we love ironic memes here at the TheInfant [email protected]!!!! join now !