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Welcome to Warriors: Lost Faith!

Long ago, a group of cats diverged from the lake territories to find a new home. They settled in a new area, and soon, many more groups followed, creating the four clans.

Shoreclan - The very first of these four clans. They settled on a rocky shore with a large river leading into an ocean, and are seen as the wisest of the four.

Valleyclan - Shortly after Shoreclan arrived, Valleyclan did. They settled in a large valley, with occasional groups of oak trees. Valleyclan is seen as the fastest and most adaptable of the four.

Mountainclan - This clan is by far the smallest and most dangerous. They were pushed into the mountain territories by Valleyclan generations ago, and that is where they reside now. They face many challenges with predators and are known as the most resilient and powerful.

Marshclan - The newest of the four clans. They have settled in a dark swampland that borders Valleyclan and Shoreclan. Marshclan is relatively new, only having been established 13 moons ago. They are known to be mysterious and secretive.

As tensions rise between clans, they seem to be becoming more and more desperate. The pressure has changed the cats that originated here, and as Starclan turns their back on these new clans, what will they do?
Come and find out in Warriors: Lost Faith!

Various high ranks open!!

Welcome to the Wanderer's Cafe, a laid back and friendly server that is always welcoming new members!

We have a lot to offer, such as a wide variety of bots (Karuta, Dank, etc.) to custom levels and ranks, to server wide events and games!
We have also recently introduced Shoob bot to our server from AS!

We have many great staffs and moderators that are always online (24/7) and incredibly friendly members to welcome you in.
Although it has only been one month since this server started, it has already grown to over 200 real members! And we have no plans of stopping.

So, what do you say, Wanderer? Why not join our adventure and make memories along the way~?
We Are The Development Group
(The Dev Group)

About Us
We are A group of that likes to create anything Big, small, mostly online, but occasionally offline, Ect... And we want you to join are server and help create amazing things even if you don't have any skills or talents you must have some sort of talent, skill, resource , ect... That we whant to see it put into action. Even if you don't think you have or can do anything we can teach you how by professionals or professionals in the making.

What type of people are we looking for?
Any one does not mader we love to meet new members but we like to focus and have people who are

We can't wait to see you if you have any questions pop in and DM EbonGamer42 or a Admin
It's a simple server with a lowly goal: "Creating the most great gamer community, like if a family"
Venha participar do servidor mais obscuro do Discord!!!
Conhecer novas pessoas e iniciar sua própria Aventura em nosso mundo!
Incluindo Radio, Notícias do Universo de games, Salas de Games, Bate-Papo!
Seja bem-vindo ao nosso Submundo!
We have a welcoming, funny, loving, supportive, gaming community! Our server includes; active and friendly members, amazing bots, video game players, and much more!! Lot of members from all over social media have joined and they all have stayed resulting in them loving this server! Come join us for some fun and some games!!
- Welcoming, Funny, Loving, Supportive Community
- Gaming Chats
- Fun & Amazing Bots
- Text & Voice Channels
- Rewardable Roles
- Self-Assignable roles
- Custom Made Emotes from Fans!
- LOTS OF Giveaways
- Much More!!
Ce serveur sert à vous instruire ou à instruire les autres dans tous les domaines. Contrairement à d'autre serveur celui-ci n'est pas spécialiser dans un domaine mais en regroupe plein de la science à la musique, de la cuisine à l'histoire...
Le but c'est d'apprendre davantage sur les domaines que vous voulez, avec dans la mesure du possible instruire les autres de vos connaissances.
Le tout dans un esprit convivial, ne vous gênez pas, personne ne va vous manger.
Terra Adventum est une chaîne YouTube
━━━━━━━━━◦ Roland's Café ◦━━━━━━━━

- Our community is Fun, Friendly and Active.

- We have a Chill, accepting, and supportive community.

- Gate-keeping system, giving our members a safe place to chat and make friends.

- Bots / Music / Meme Channels Included

- Leveling System and roles + Reaction Roles

- Movie Events every other week!

Degenaracy Clan! We enjoy anime, games and hanging out, so if you like any of those things and want some people to talk to, we are here for you!
Welcome to Le Loft! A community server dedicated towards Discord users ages 13-25. Our many friendly members and dependable staff are only some of the perks that come with joining this community! Some of our other perks include:

-Verification channel to block out spam bots and trolls. 😎
-Channels dedicated towards your interests. 😁
-Several different bots such as Dank Memer, Pokecord, Unbelievaboat, and more. 🤖
-Member feedback channels so we can constantly improve the server. ❤
-About 100 member roles (mostly self assignable)👏
-We are an active server with an endless supply of fun and constantly active members and chats.🙌

We look forward to meeting you and are excited to watch the server’s further development. It wouldn’t be where it is now without our members and we thank you! Feel free to join us on our magnificent journey! 💛
✌Looking for a fun server? Active? Friendly people? Friends all over the world? Unique and tidy system?✌

Come over here! Everyone is welcome! <3
✪ We are an International discord server that is based in ASEAN ✪
We are also a mature community which has our own guideline (tidy channel & system, moderate cursing--as long it stay within certain lines, friendly staff, global timezone, respectful community).

✦ Has Own Currency
✦ Community & Gaming based
✦ Ranking system
✦ Multiple bot to accommodate your needs!
✦ Monthly Giveaways
✦ MODERATE ping--as we understand ping is annoying.
✦ Exclusive channel for yourself
✦ Exclusive Partnership
✦ Events every week!
✦ Leveling system
✦ Exclusive game server
✦ Special role for Youtuber /streamer /gamer

And many mores! Look no more, this server will be your comfort zone.

P.S. Emoji Verify is needed to differentiate between a user and a user bot.
🌜- Bored during quarantine? Why not join our server? We have:

- New, growing community.
- Well moderated.
- Chill 24/7 staff.
- Animal crossing bell market
- Gaming, memes, music & much more.
Depths of Lewdness is a welcoming and fun server for all users. Especially ones within the fur-fandom.

We have plenty of users, lots of channels for different opportunities, and a competent staff to make sure this server is in order.

Please read the rules if you haven't to prevent yourself from doing something wrong.

==== Features ====

🌸 Personalization Through Roles! 🌸
- Want to personalize yourself? Explore the options and pick what fits you best.
- More options will be coming in future updates.

🎭 Roleplaying! 🎭
- Want to roleplay without using DMs? Head over to the many regular and erotic roleplaying channels and go nuts.
- We also have character description channels so you can describe the character you want to use. Make sure it has all the info needed as well as an image.

🍆 NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Content! 🍆
- Because why wouldn't this have it?
- Post any yiff, clop, hentai, or anything else you might have, including home-made ones, to the many nsfw channels available.
- You can even do some erotic roleplay... Fuck your significant other or engage in orgies if you want! UwU

🤖 Lots of Bots! 🤖
- This should be self-explanatory. Just a bunch of fun and easy-to-use bots to screw around with.
We are currently a new and growing server focusing around dating romance love and also the BDSM, Master/Slave and DDLG relationships If you're a brat, then welcome again, we will be your haven! Come join us, chill totally chill the most chill experiment a little, explore some of your kinky desires and just let loose in a safe place! Play your music, make friends, and have fun with us A creative server with prompts, a tightknit community, and no judgement - fetish feet foot vore kink intellectual science debate rap hip hop gaming league of legends dota battle royal modern warfare rambo movies john wick action kungfu anime kawaii cutest babes buff guys men muscles hot af, focused on artistic growth and intelligent discussion sex love romance flirt kiss nudes make money freedom super advanced most amazing server on discord the future is now ➔|:cherries:|•:frog: MEME CHATS! ➔|:cherries:|•:underage: NSFW CHATS! ➔|:cherries:|•:thinking: SELF SELECTABLE ROLES! ➔|:cherries:|•:rainbow: SELF COLOUR ROLES! ➔|:cherries:|•:shushing_face: ONE ON ONE VOICE CHATS! ➔|:cherries:|•:hammer: ACTIVE STAFF! ➔|:cherries:|•:exclamation: ALMOST NO RULES! ➔|:cherries:|•:musical_note: MUSIC BOTS! ➔|:cherries:|•:art: ART CHANNELS! ➔|:cherries:|•:peach: SERVER EMOTES! :small_orange_diamond: GIVEAWAYS EVERY WEEK :small_orange_diamond: LEVEL UP SYSTEM :small_orange_diamond: AWESOME BOTS :small_orange_diamond: OVER 200 ROLE :small_orange_diamond: SELFASSIGNABLE ROLES :small_orange_diamond: OWN HELPLINE BOT :small_orange_diamond: MOVIE/GAME EVENTS :small_orange_diamond: SERVER PARTNERSHIPS :small_orange_diamond: ANIME AND MEMES :small_orange_diamond: ROLES SHOP :small_orange_diamond: MINIGAMES :small_orange_diamond: MULTIPLE VOICE CHANNELS :small_orange_diamond: MUSIC 24/7 kiss cuddle nuzzle owo wild sexy wet boobs huge dick perfect body earn cash easily selling nudes and web cam shows plus much more love lust lonely sex fun party rave dance free custom commands super amazing custom built entertainment for everyone 18+ adults only @everyone @here
Hello, we're The Pack!
The Pack is a newly created server for people ages 17+, looking to increase its member size, and get the place howling with activity! True to its name, The Pack is a community-based server, with roleplay mingled in. Here you can find the perfect role-play partner, whilst bonding with people and making friends along the way!
The Pack aims to be a tight-knit community, with many fun additions such a music and economy bots, voice channels and more!
We have tons of channels to talk in, fulfilling every area of interests from food, art, debates, and even gaming! We are a super loving, friendly and fun community that welcomes everyone with open arms, no matter how they identify or what their kinks are!
Feel free to check us out, and become a member of The Pack!
This server is a chill area where people can talk about there problems they may face without feeling sad or uncomfortable and also it’s a fun place that refuses to Tolerate toxic behaviour
This is the discord server for the youtube channel ImLike XD, we have a chill comunity and welcome anyone into the server!
some features are:
Level up roles
interactive bots
gaming news on multiple games
a chill community
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the gamer house is a very friendly and chill server. i made this in hope of making new online friends! i hope you have a great time here and enjoy your stay!!

CUTE EMOTES !!! baby emotes and melody sanrio emotes and cat emotes

we are very nice people and i wanna make new friends <3

;)) join for a fun family friendly comunity . there is no rule channel but if u piss me off i will ban u okay .

there are fun p0rn bots and channels 😄🤣😂 join now NOW NOW .

Need a place to find friends or just have a great time with users? Check out Global Lounge!
Here is what we have to offer:
A counting channel
Quarantine fun
A meme channel
A fact of the day channel
occasional events
And much, much more!

Our goal is for humans to connect with each other and spend time together instead of spreading negativity towards one another.

We are a new server, still growing. We would appreciate if you join us
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