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Welcome to our server!

that aims to help people to get free robux without getting scammed. We decided to help since November 17, 2019

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Welcome to my server! This server is about gaming, memes, streaming, and making new friends. We would love to have you in my server!
Just a Fortnite server that provides you with updates like:

- Fortnite News
- Fortnite Leaks
- Fortnite Shop
- Fortnite Challenges,
- Tweets from official twitter pages
- And etc!

Everything about Fortnite is all here!

It's also a server for other interests like listening to music, playing other games, talking about random things like food or anime, anything really!

The server is pretty small at the moment but is a work in progress as we grow bigger.

More improvements to come, though feel free to join and make some new friends! Come chill, send memes, play some pokecord, send clips or montages, look for duo or squad partners, you are welcomed! :)

Bienvenue dans le mamadou club ici c KFC gratuit 🔥😂 serveur plonger surtout sur l’a dérision, serveur ultra sympa ont cherche des joueurs motivés et surtout sympa. Alors si vous aussi vous aimez les jeux et la bonne bouffe venez ⚡️💪😉✅ Et il y a des petits contenue nsfw pour les personnes qui veulent en avoir accès 😉
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Join for a experience like never before. And Happy Gaming.

Bluestacks India, is a growing community of emulator and mobile gamers, we organize weekly tournaments for our members. Do join our community if you are from India and love to play mobile games.
Join this server to talk about all sorts of games and do all sorts of other fun stuff.
Looking for a place for pictionary players? You love drawing games but got no one to play with? Join us and meet new people and fellow artists! Doorillo’s a place where you can post game links (such as,, Pinturillo 2) and share your artworks. We also have fun bot games for you! Come and join us! We’ll be glad to have you here.
Hi guys we are a game server with many different accounts we also do free gta money drops every friday!!

Filled with Memes, Anime, Music, Epic Gamer's, ᵖᵒʳⁿ, Fancy Bots, ligma and much more! Join our community to meet new friends, hangout and/or epic game. Thinking of doing Giveaways soon! Come chill with us!
Oi! yes Im talking to you, Our guild (or server) is in need of assistance right now. Wait before that I will explain what our guild is. (Upcoming smp series)

The Cataclyst Guild is a server in which people play, talk, chat, even karaoke with eachother. We are in need of members currently as our member count is pretty low, that’s where you come into play! I assure you that you will have a good time here. We accept anyone, male or female, professional or rookie, anyone!

We offer:
👾Multipe Private VCs (with different genres)
👾Multiple Public VCs (with different genres)
👾Security and a healthy environment
👾Boards for issues, and suggestions
👾10+ bots
And much MUCH more!

I’m not suppose to give my opinion but don’t miss this epic opportunity to join a rapidly growing server! Good day

Come join Celestial!!
We are a friendly global community of new and experienced gamers and FFXIV players; Our server was founded in June 2019 with the purpose of socializing, having fun and helping each other in not only FFXIV but in other games as well. We have an language requirement of English only and an age preference of 18+ but the ages can be reviewed in certain cases.
Disrespectful behavior and prejudice are taken very seriously here and we do not allow those kinds of things to exist in our server; so please refrain from preforming such actions.
Want to earn 2 robux for every captcha you solve on roblox? Or earn thousands of likes or favourites and visits on your game for FREE? OR FREE FOLLOWERS? JOIN OUR SERVER. We giveaway hundreds to thousands of robux each day.
Wir sind der größte deutschsprachige NINTENDO SWITCH Discord Server mit einer Menge an Events, Turnieren und Gewinnspielen ! Werde auch DU Teil einer großartigen Community !
Hello and welcome to the [Heiwana Anime Coffeeshop], the serious anime discord where we discuss and talk about anime, chill, and generally have fun. We have a range of activities including giveaways, events, there are also prizes to be won. In addition, the server is family friendly and the staff are nice! Join us, and have the best time! We look forward to meeting you!