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A gaming server owned by weiss gaming. We're mostly focused on monster hunter, but there's other content too.
Broken Valor is a new US based medieval fantasy RP Server, still in it's first few days. Our server owners are very experienced, and our moderation team is incredibly friendly and helpful! Smithy is the highest tier we utilize in the current season, and guns are not allowed (Though we do have the longbow and crystal arrows, as well as a modded bow and obsidian arrows!). Additionally, we have an ever-evolving base camp, which will grow to a sprawling market over time, custom assets, a unique system for claiming land plots, and a wonderful community full of excellent roleplayers!
Wer Leute sucht zum zocken oder einfach nur zum Reden ist gerne Willkommen :D
-Wer den Server boosted kriegt die Nitro Booster Rolle mit ein paar rechte
- Wer 5 leute einlädt auf dem server kriegt eine Spezial Rolle
gezockt wird alles :D oder man kommt einfach talk und redet :)
A new gaming server has emerged. Use this server to advertise your YouTube gaming channel, collab with other content creators or just talk video games. PC, xbox, ps4, Nintendo Switch, Steam, VR Gaming... everything and anything goes here when it comes to Video Games! This server will help you get views, subscribers and overall just help you learn how to make a better channel. Being a new YouTube gaming channel can be hard, but once you've got some support it becomes alot easier!
Red Dead Redemption 2 is a mature and welcoming Red Dead Community. Need someone to play with? A friendly atmosphere? We've got you covered
Sweet dance is a multi-player rhythm game, with many features, including:
- 4 modes: Power, Bubble, Crazy and Trail
- Fashionable clothing
- Fun events

We also have other channels to enhance the enjoyment of our members! such as:
- Creative zone
- Music sharing
- Memes
- Anime/ manga/ K-drama
- Photography
And more!

Join us as we grow the sweet dance community together!
Everything is good here!!
-Many Games
-Spin of Fortune (With many Prizes)
-Robbery Disable
-No Toxic Users on the Server
-Many Activites Like
*GOTD (Game of the Day)
*Lottery Game (Guess the Number rolled)
*Unluck of Fortune (For fun)
*And many more things you can do on this server 😄!!

Im sure you will gonna like my server😉 #YourCool!!
Join This Server.
We Have Giveaways.
And Alot More Coming Soon.
And ETC.
haii, join my group only for ages 12-16. we chat about almost any topic and the server includes games like fortnite, roblox, terraria, minecraft, cod, gta, and more. we have a userphone, ordered food and you are able to choose your own roles. enjoy! ^^
The (2nd) official server of youtuber and streamer MrLisp. After the downfall of toxic members on the original server he decided to revive his community, so come join and have fun!
Hola, bienvenido a CROSS-PLATFORM GAMERS... Esto es una comunidad gaming y para ir de chill aquí tenemos muchos juegos variados como por ejemplo brawhalla, paladins, Minecraft, rocket league y muchos juegos mas... Somos dos líderes que están dispuestos a llevar el Server hasta más allá y con todos vosotros ... A parte de ser una comunidad de juegos también estamos para pasarlo bien entre todos conocer gente nueva hacer amigos y amistades y pasarlo bien, si te quieres unir aquí te esperamos con brazos abiertos y se bienvenido a nuestro servidor muchas gracias ♥️😘😜
Phew Network is part of the next generation of networks. Designed to be fun for all kinds of players. Always constantly adding new ideas!

Currently we have
- Wholesome Survival
/Fly, Free cosmetics, Marriage, Emotes & Keepinventory.

- Ruthless Survival
Custom coded mobs, 3D modeled GUNS & Death = 1 hour ban.

Join this server to support fellow twitch streamers (even YouTubers). We are very loving and welcoming. Everyone is accepted!!
This server is for everyone! Everyone can be friends with one another and spread positivity. I hope you can have a fun time and interact with one another. This server is basically for any fandom! If you like anime...GREAT! We got it! And if you like K-pop... AMAZING! We stan lol! I hope you check it out!!!
Не знаете с кем поиграть?
Скучно играть одному?
Тогда вам к нам!!!
Этот DISCORD сервер создан специально для поиска команды.
CS GO, Dota 2, Valorant, Warframe и многие другие популярные онлайн игры.
Сервер только начал развиваться, поэтому мы благодарны, что вы присоединились к нам!
A discord server specifically designed where fellow gamers and trainers can discuss, battle, and trade with one another. But this server isn’t all about Pokémon. No siree, we also have a wide variety of other games as well such as Super Smash Bros, Animal Crossing, and many, many more.
Serwer na którym znajdziesz ludzi do pogrania popisania. Na serwerze również masz dużo zabaw . Serwer należy do youtubera.
🔶-Community server
🔶-Memes and Art
🔶-Streamlined Chats and features
🔶-mostly SFW
🔶-Hanging out, and getting some game on
🔶-Spicy Pepe Boy
🔶-Helpful Staff
-Our main goal is to make a community of gamers, artists, content creators, you name it.
🔶-Open to suggestions!
Don't stress, our rules aren't stringent. We follow the guidelines of treat others how you want to be treated. We hope that people joining for the first time resonate with that philosophy. The more members join, the more opportunity there will be for community-oriented activities. Tell your friends about us!
Here's some ideas we have:
Activities (current)
Party chat
organized teaming
Activities (planned)
30-40 members
organized team battles
movie nights
streamer shout-outs
100 members
giveaways (gift cards)
200+ members
Nitro server boost
Yeah, it's ambitious, but we'll never get there as a server if we don't try!
**The Last Of Us Server**

Hey, are you looking for a friendly community with the passion and love of the last of us? Well we would love for you to join! Our role play is in the hearts of Jackson. The story of our role play is up to you, on how you'll deal with the circumstances you've been given... Will you succumb to the pressure? Or will you be able to survive in such a vile place you call home? We also have cannon characters apart of our role play.

🎉│What do we offer?│🎉

🔷 Friendly and helpful staff.
🔷 Constructive feedback.
🔷 Character development advising.
🔷 Fun Bots.
🔷 No annoying pings.
🔷 Safe and inclusive community.
-----> The Gamer Server <-----

Das bieten wir:
- 🙂 Eine nette Community und ein nettes Team
- 📰 Corona-News
- 💰 Ein Geld-System
- 🆘 Ticket-Support
- 🎵 24/7 Musik
- 🎉 Verlosungen
- 🎥 Youtuber/Streamer Bereich
- 💬 Chats zum chatten
- 🗣️ Talks zum Sprechen u. Zocken
und mehr!

☣️  ---------> Corona-News <-------- ☣️
Die Aktuellen Zahlen und Nachrichten zum Coronavirus hier im Discord!

Wir wurden uns freuen wenn du mal vorbeischaust! 🙂

Schöne Grüße vom The Gamer Server Team
Servidor Internacional, (No se aceptan Peruanos).
Acá Jugamos lo que pinte y charlamos,
Si no te metés nos garchamos a tu vieja

-Mining Simulator

Wenn Ihr reinkommen würdet, würde es viel mehr Spaß machen.

Discord Server, Gaming, Animes, Deutsch und so halt.
Seit Herzlich wilkommen!