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Genshin Impact Hungary - szórakozás, és egy weeb játék with a good community!

Ez a server meme-ként jött létre, nem kell komolyan venni. Viszont szeretnénk új embereket megismerni és egy jó kis társaságot kialakítani. Ehez viszont te kellesz! :D

A new server owned by Coochie Man#0007

We have fun commands where you can win tons of stuff, for example, there are commands called ?lt2-spin and ?mining-sim-spin, when you spin it, it will ping you in the spin logs saying what you won. Also ?lottery 1-15 and ?spin. If you get lucky and get right number you will be rewarded!!!

We do Lumber Tycoon 2 base raids, invite rewards, level rewards, bump rewards, and booster rewards. The same for Mining Simulator with millions up to trillions of crates. We also do fun events where you can win stuff too.

Join today and win tons of free stuff.
wanna have something to do other then just story mode and not knowing what to do well ive made a server that will change red dead welcome to rdorp were you have more to do become a business owner become sheriff of the town a trader or a bounty hunter so come join us we will see you there
---------------------[ Zetanium - PvP Faction No-Cheat - En Dev ]---------------------

Complètement Farm2Win de A à Z !
Des enchantement surpuissant !
Des stuff incroyable !
Économie retravaillé !
Un market réfléchi !
Des Évent réguliers !
( Koth, Totem...)
Un système d'investisement inédit !
Un classement de Faction qui en vos la peine

Discord ->
Site ->
Instagram ->

Cordialement Staff de Zetanium
Welcome to the first-ever Star Fox server, here we can talk about Star Fox and other games, this is also a place for furries to join like me. This is a channel that involves teamwork and fun. So please join!
Vous cherchez un serveur pour découvrir une aventure d'Escape Game ? Escape Game History est fait pour vous !
Welcome to sausey smp! I’m wanting to post some stuff on my twitch and YouTube and I’d love for y’all to join!! We will start when we have 5-7 people if you aren’t comfortable with being on video or recorded then you can play other games too!! We hope you join and if you have any help you wanna give please bc I’m really dumb and can’t do this alone 😔
This is my Pokemon world it is a work in progress we are working in gyms and the city's there in we ready have a few and we have lots of strong trainers we use phone pokecord not pokemeow or some other bot so join if u want wish u the best time
˚ . ˚⊹ Welcome to ACNH- Black Market ⊹˚ . ˚
~ We’ve got everything you need and more here at ACNH - Black Market! ~
~ ☆ ┈ ⊹ ┈ ୨୧ ┈ ⊹ ┈ ୨୧ ┈ ⊹ ┈ ୨୧ ┈ ⊹ ┈ ☆ ~
˚ . ˚⊹ We are a server focused on the trade of hacked in game items! Your one-stop shop for everything on the black market! ⊹˚ . ˚
~ ☆ ┈ ⊹ ┈ ୨୧ ┈ ⊹ ┈ ୨୧ ┈ ⊹ ┈ ୨୧ ┈ ⊹ ┈ ☆ ~
╭。゚ʚ A consistently growing community of over 1k members.
┊。゚ʚ Daily giveaways of goods, supplied by our wonderful giveaways staff!
┊。゚ʚ An approachable staff who are always ready to help!
┊。゚ʚ Passport roles of colors and pings to enhance your discord experience!
┊。゚ʚ Numerous trading channels to help you find whatever you may need!
┊。゚ʚ A fully boosted server!
┊。゚ʚ Exclusive rewards and access to events for our lovely boosters!
┊。゚ʚ Helpful guides for duping and hacked animal crossing gameplay.
┊。゚ʚ A wide selection of emotes!
╰。゚ʚ Fun and interactive bots to play with whenever you're bored!
~ ☆ ┈ ⊹ ┈ ୨୧ ┈ ⊹ ┈ ୨୧ ┈ ⊹ ┈ ☆ ~
˚ . ˚⊹ Join and get well versed with our Black Market crew! ⊹˚ . ˚
Nice to meet you User! We are inviting you too ✰ GΛMΣDΛI ✰ Server!

*What do we do in the server? *

Introducing the main guy, GΛMΣDΛI, he does HUGE Giveaways, Online Battles, and much much much MORE in stream and on discord servers!! (ノ^∇^)

Daily Announcements! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The Moderators in the server host giveaways such as shiny pokemons, competitive pokemons, and personal artworks as well. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

We share art works with other artist ! ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

We build a community family friendly, and nice people ! o(≧∇≦o)

We start conversations everyday, anyone can join the talk ! (°∀°)b

We are very diligent at all times. (๑✧◡✧๑)

We make the server a better place for everyone in it! °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °


Welcome to:
S T Y L O  H I G H S
The fantasy/sci-fi highschool roleplay server!
Here are some of the things that you can expect from joining this server:
- Large selection of OOC channels
-NSFW channel
-ERP channels (We aren't an ERP server, though.)
-LGBTQIA+ Friendly
-Interesting lore
-Magical abilities for OCs
And more!
The lore:
It's a different universe entirely and theres a galaxy called 'The Evlight Galaxy' and a star system called 'The Stylo System' and theres a planet and a moon called Styloth and Dromasi K8J7 or just Dromasi for short. Theres an advanced civilization thats figured out how to terraform Dromasi and how to normalize space travel (just to the moon and back tho for now). I say "civilization" because theres more than one species. They've also learned how to use magic. So now to get to the juicy part, theres a highschool on both the planet and the moon who are rival schools. The one on the planet is called 'Frahsia Highschool' and the one on the moon is called 'Medalin High.' Frahsia is located in a city on Styloth named 'Eyville' and Meladin is located in a city on Dromasi named 'Osasea.' Eyville is a lush, nice looking town located in the north eastern hemisphere of the planet. The other city, Osasea, is located near and partially above an ice glacier near the far south of the moon. Now back onto the schools, both of the schools teach and teach the students how to harness and later on use their magical powers.
If you're confused about anything, then theres always an available staff member willing to answer any questions, or a questions channel!
Well, that should be about it! We'll be happy to see you here in:
S T Y L O  H I G H S
Ten Commandments on Monster Hunter World is a guild of 10 of the strongest and help hunters you can find, founded on America on xbox! We are friendly group and like to help newer hunter who got into Monster Hunter World and make more friends to have fun with! We have fun and challenging ways to test people to see how good one is with their main weapon! We love this game and the community so this is an effort to bring people together to enjoy their time on monster hunter world. Don’t worry about faints, it can happen even to us! UwU Hope to see the Xbox community join us!
A deep breath signals your waking moment. You lift your arms to stretch after this long nap but your arms feel heavier than iron and they're stopped by the cold surface of 2 inch thick glass. The cold shocks your warmed skin. That's when your eyes flicker open. You don't remember that. In fact, you don't remember anything other than your name. Your eyes move about the small space. You're lying on your back, the pads of your fingers pressed against the glass. Under you is a thick white padding of sorts and a small pillow under your head. The walls were made of metal, you knew that, but it was covered in the same white padding and above you was the glass. You felt trapped. You don't remember falling asleep in this coffin. What is happening?

Welcome to Nadaren Manor a place where students can learn about themselves and grow as a group. They have classes to attend and grades to keep up, friends to make and adventures to endure.

45 Color roles to choose from.

A few bots to use, Tupperbox, Poketwo, and Groovy. We can also add others upon suggestion.
A group for anyone who wants to trade cars in GTA V Online, a friendly environment, with up to date duping methods, and other working glitches and Giveaways.
Jeśli szukasz osób do gry w Phasmophobia to dobrze trafiłeś! Największe polskie community Phasmophobii stoi przed wami otworem!

-Bycie częścią największego polskiego community o Phasmophobii
-Możliwość znalezienia osób do gry
-Aktywną i pomocną administrację
-Codzienne sesje
-Miłe community
-Pomoc i wprowadzenie dla nowych graczy
hi! we're a fun genshin impact themed server. some of the things we offer are:

✧ many co-op opportunities

✧ friendly staff and members

✧ a wide range of genshin character emojis

✧ level one boosting (perks for server boosters)

✧ server events such as game nights and movie nights

✧ nation and vision reaction roles

✧ over-leveled people to help carry

✧ and lots of simping for childe (we're very kaeya-phobic lol)

please join, we would love to have you here :)