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Marvel: Next Generation
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Marvel: Next Generation

Welcome to Marvel: Next Generation! We are a Marvel roleplay server with an original storyline unrelated to the movies or comics.

• Nice staff!
• LGBTQ+ friendly!
• New or old to roleplay? Doesn't matter!

NOTE: Almost all canon characters are dead (except for some event bosses; see story below), and because of that we are a •••OC ONLY••• server.

In the span of 5 hours, the world has lost all hope. In October 2018, there was a massive war between the forces of good vs evil, the Avengers vs The Masters of Evil. In the end, the Avengers, aided by the rest of the superhero community, managed to beat the Masters of Evil, but at a great cost. No one managed to survive the battle. The Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the Xmen...all gone.

1 year later, the world saw the birth of the Next Generation of heroes and villians. Under the watch of S.H.I.E.L.D., this new batch of superheroes rose against the forces of darkness. But then, in December 21st, 2019, S.H.I.E.L.D. fell. Corrupted by the terrorist organization HYDRA, S.H.I.E.L.D. was dissolved by the newly-formed Avengers and HYDRA was pushed back—for now.

The world was at relative peace until February 2020, when the murderous A.I. Ultron escaped from his prison and initiated a massive battle against the superhuman community. This event known as the Ultron Uprising marked the end of another era. The leader of the Avengers, the speedster Lightspeed, died saving the world from Ultron. 8 months later, the Avengers have rebranded themselves as the Ultimates and the world once more knows peace. However, this won't last, as the mysterious relics known as the Infinity Stones have resurfaced in the past few months, and there are those out there interested in them....

So, will you be a new hero ready to fight against the forces of evil, or will you join the dark side and fight justice? Or better yet, join no one and fight for yourself? The choice is yours!
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Bebsi the Merp Bebsi the Merp
TBH I've been on this server a while and sometimes it's really good. Other times it's kinda bad. It's not the rpers faults. It's the staff's most of the time. Some of them come off as temperamental, others lazy and sometimes their decisions are completely to satisfy themselves. Example: Political powers have been banned for a long time. However a few weeks ago they started having presidential campaigns. But only the staff are allowed to participate. And the only two candidates are owned by the same guy.

The server has felt like it's been in a rut for a long time. I proposed bi-weekly events a long time ago and despite everyone being on board, including the owner, it's never happened.

They have a "Suggestions" and a "Story Suggestions" channel that go unchecked by the staff the majority of the time. And when they do it's usually to shut your idea down.

If you want a fairly relaxed rp... I guess come here? I can't promise you joining will be a smooth transition but I can say once you're here I'll do my best to help ya out.
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