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The Swamp

Hi! We're a small server full of nice people and memes. We'll gladly welcome everyone. We have a lot of furries too, so if you're a furry, feel free to join! But some of us like to joke a lot, so if you can't take jokes, don't join. Otherwise, the rules are very simple and mods aren't strict at all. As long as you'll follow the rules, we won't have a problem. Hope to see you there and possibly make some new friends^^
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Pasta_sauce Pasta_sauce
Really lit
Lots of jokes and there are lots of funny moments. Some chats that I love in the server is the love chat and poll chat. We have events, usually every Friday, and they're short and fun. Everyone welcome!
traktor traktor
Great server
I really like this server, right when I joined I got welcomed by the mods which is really nice! The people in it are really nice and funny too. I really suggest joining!