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Camp Half-Blood
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Camp Half-Blood

Welcome to Camp Half-Blood, the safest place for demigods!

You can currently choose from 27 cabins currently to create a demigod in, more to come soon! There are plenty of channels to rp in and meet other demigods. More channels to come soon as the server grows!

This server is never done with making updates and/or changes. Suggestions are always welcomed. The community is welcoming and anyone will be glad to help out new members. Staff IS NEEDED! A response will be given 2-3 days after submittion.


Server includes an out of character chat to communicate with the other members of the server, voice chatting, music bot, and much more!

Join Camp Half-Blood today!
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u found a dank unxcorn u found a dank unxcorn
This server is great for anyone who wants to be a role player in the world of Percy Jackson. You can make your own OC, explore the campus, and choose your own godly parent! This is an amazing place and is really active!
WinterFalse WinterFalse
Very good
Just amazing. Like, the owner is so nice and understanding. Like, I just love her server so much. The community is just so positive and the rp there is great. I do not have any complaints about this wonderful percy jackson server.