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3D lock [Hacking & Programming]
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3D lock [Hacking & Programming]

Welcome To 3d Lock!

A whitehacking comunity
a programming comunity
a cyber comunity and a server for beginners
here we have a tons of ressources and drops everyday
we do have helpers to help you
We have a special channel to learn hacking and programming
We also have partnerships
join us! and enjoy your days on 3d lock :)
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Oceny i recenzje

26 recenzji
Stilton Stilton
pretty nice server
i love the channel where they have resources i found some interesting stuff i recommend this place for you
Mirono Mirono
actually good server
REALLY A GOOD SERVER i finally know how to protect myself against the damn hacker
Pocko Pocko
Best server ever to learn
learning hacking
learn programming
and i found good resources GG i mean really GG
Mniop Mniop
awesome place to learn
learn hacking from resources also i found some python pracetive where i can learn thanks to the server i really recommend that place to you