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Hi there! if you're interested in discussing or learning about Islam in a civilized, fun and beneficial environment. Look no further than the Ask-Muslims Discord Server! We warmly welcome people of all faiths, curious or educated.

💬 Knowledgeable Members well educated on dealing with questions from both the Muslim & Non-Muslim side.

📚 Daily Educational Posts in Multiple Channels, Lectures, Voice Discussions, Debates, Wisdoms, Refutations, Books.

🌙 Activities and Custom Bots.
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Forsaken Forsaken
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ☪
The server is pulchritudinous and splendiferous. Moreover, the community is great especially the guy called Abu Batatas.
1 dzień temu
mohammed abderrahmane mohammed abderrahmane
Best of the best
Nice people
we can ask any questions (not problem )
I learn a lot I don’t want to leave it
they are nice and respectful admin
It’s Funny sometimes and serious sometime like when someone of members have questions or problem they become serious and supportive
13 dni temu
Illyria Illyria
Great server
This server has a channel for islamic resources, a Q&A channel for muslims and non-muslims. The people are fantastic to talk to, and the resources are brilliant! May Allah reward everyone who strive to gain knowledge for His sake.
13 dni temu
nedimco nedimco
Epic and active and amazing
lol i love it been here for a year or two

disboard wants 80 characters so i will waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle
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