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Celestial Garden

Celestial Garden

This is an 18+ server.
The Celestial Garden is a server dedicated for those that are interested in spiritual paths both new and old, with a focus on self exploration. We honor human and spiritual diversity.
We currently offer:
- A safe space for LGBTQ+, Otherkin, and Starseed individuals - and people of any path.
- Discussion questions, and several room on different topics.
- A self promotion room for active members (1 promotional post per month)
- Self Assignable roles, including ones for opt in NSFW, politics, and conspiracy theory rooms.

Est: June 16th, 2019.
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☽ Raven ☾ ☽ Raven ☾
A nice magickal community
(I'm a mod here) This a nice server with lots of good people! Good vibes here :D
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