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Reviving Roses
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Reviving Roses

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Update: There is a secondary group made called Chess Pieces for people to play as well!
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A slice of life Roleplaying server of a group of childhood friends. Being a closest group of friends when they were young children of elementary. A fun time to escape their lives that may have plagued them. Until their bonds of friends of friendship start to crumble once Middle School started before shattering by the time High School comes around. Perhaps their living situations crumbled? Perhaps unrequited love and unreturned confessions? Perhaps a argument or misunderstandings? What happens after they are full grown adults someone tries to revive their friendship?
🌹 Enjoy collaborating backstories between players to create interesting characters
🌹 Helpful staff to help answer questions, concerns or listen to suggestions
🌹 Create your own locations and help build the world
🌹 Semi-literature for more in-depth story telling
🌹 Small knitted group, spots are limited
Silver Fox Podbito 20 dni temu

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