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The World of Alterra
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The World of Alterra

Welcome to the World of Alterra~!

A Fantasy RPG server with unique dice mechanics and a focus on literate roleplay that offers something to everyone. With a unique world that has been built for the ground up over two years by the players and the people, come join a community where your voice matters and you have the ability to shake the World of Alterra by it's foundations through your actions!

"The World of Alterra and everything in it was crafted by the Twin Goddesses, Dia and Mortemia. Their disagreements turned cataclysmic when over 10,000 years ago the stage was set for a war that saw both of the goddesses sealed away and the remains of their armies left to duke it out for an eon. Join the story of the Races of Light as they find their way and navigate the dangers of a hostile but majestic fantasy world- and join others in the adventure lasting generations."

* Custom Classes
* Design your own Abilities
* Unique Server Dice/Combat/Quest Systems
* Create Guilds and get rewarded for playing with your friends
* Over 40 Races Options with Half-Breeds, and Growing
* Warm Community over 2 Years in the making
* Make Allegiances with Nations and participate in server wide wars and dramatic events
* Be anyone from a Brooding Villain to a Shining Hero
* Character Roles that put your character at the center of it all

We encourage highly literate RP, but are welcome to those looking to enjoy a casual experience and just have a good time. Still, we look to appeal to all sorts of audiences- so don't be afraid to pop in and check us out first as we might have even more brewing.
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