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We're the official We Love Anime group, the biggest anime group on Steam community!

Our goal is to bring anime fans and gamers from everywhere around the world to one place! We offer a range of things:

PUBG Custom Games, Minecraft Server, Fun Discord Bots, Anime / Movie Nights and a lot more! So why don't you join us today!


Looking for a place to advertise your server in? Or maybe just your youtube? Or maybe, just maybe just looking for a place to talk? AYS is the place for you!

AYS offers anything you need to grow your server:

Discord Growth Experts to give you advice on how to grow your server

International Server Development, they will help you with any of your questions if you aren't English

Different channels for different server categories

Our own custom bump bot

Currently the biggest advertising server on Discord

What are you waiting for? Join now!
A Discord made by filmmakers and movie fans. We want anyone who loves movies or makes movies to join and discuss. We also welcome official filmmakers and critics to join in on the fun.
SITE 81 | SCP FOUNDATION is an Official Discord Partnered server with over 1.9k Members, with constant chatter going on the daily! Do not let the name scare you, we may be SCP that is just the theme in which we chose.
We're an active and welcoming community of chill people with over 2k members with focus on socializing and having good time. In our server you'll find people with similar interests in things like gaming, anime, music and maybe even in-real life activities. We like to chat about actual topics instead of spamming and memeing and if that's something you appreciate, there's a big chance you'll find some good friends in our community.

Some features that our server offers:
- Activity-based leveling system.
- Community events like Movie Nights, Gaming Nights and more to come.
- Hand-picked, mature staff members from around the world, online 24/7.
- Optional NSFW content achieved by assigning NSFW role to yourself.
- Assignable roles for color and your favorite games.

Extra link:
[Golden] is a multipurpose server with over 1.2k members, you will find very friendly people with similar interests such as Anime, Gaming, Art, Food, Pets, Memes and other real life based activities! Go grab a coffee cause you're about to meet the chillest people in this server!

Some features that our server offers:

- Activity-based leveling system.
- Activity-based currency, which allows you to gain custom roles, custom colors & much more!
- Community events like Movie Nights, Gaming Nights, Music Nights & more!
- Very professional staff & Members all around the world, online 24/7!
- Other optional channels such as NSFW which you can achieve by assigning yourself the roles!
- 4 Main Role Categories: Personality, Others, Ranks, Special Tags.
- Leaderboard, which rewards people with special tags for inviting people in the server!
- Overall a very active server & very professionally edited.
A server for people who love body inflation, weight gain, breast expansion, giantess, vore, etc. We have lovely voice actresses that read fetish audio books and even dub some sexy animations!
Hey there! Ever wanted a great community, where you can advertise your discord server or minecraft server? we got you covered! BlocksHub features a great Community, 15+ Discord minigames and a targeted advertising platform for advertisers at no cost!

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