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Starseeds is the largest starseed server on discord. We are dedicated to cultivating a comfortable relaxed space between deep intellectual discussion and having fun.
We have a very active voice channel and many support channels offered. Our core aspect is cosmic exploration in all of its forms: from astral travel, intuition development and the occult to ET channeling. We host weekly tarot and psychic readings on sundays and we are constantly creating new events together and learning from each other. Please feel free to express yourself openly or just lurk and discover all of our inspiring and exciting content.
This server is about discussing and learning the true history of our planet, it's peoples and of the galaxy around us

We discuss: starseeds, aliens, ETs, metaphysics, spirituality, Atlantis, other ancient civilizations and so on. We encourage all to join us who are curious, even if you don’t know much about these topics. If you enjoy ancient history or extraterrestrials you’ll fit right in!
Friendly occult server, to learn and share experiences together. We are open-minded people who would love to have you with us.
We have an extended occult library and a video channel to learn from. Aside from, that we have channels for mysticism, the left-hand path, middle and right-hand path, occult, starseeds, shamanism, astrology, wicca, paganism, magic, etc. In the astrology channel, there are natal chart bots and you can also request help with your chart. Aside from that we have a readings channel where you can request a reading.
There are roles for every channel too in the role channel which are all self assignable.
We have health and nutritions channel and media sections to chill out in with music, art, and selfies.
It is for all ages and we hope to see you there!
Welcome home!

Have you ever looked up at the stars with a sense of longing to "go home"? Ever just felt like you really aren't from here? Ever wondered if there's more to this life than what you've traditionally been told? Then you have found your home! There is no pre-requisite other than an open mind!

Namely, we are home to beings of Love and Light looking to bring Love and Light to the Darkness. But you don’t have to believe exactly what we believe, everyone is welcome! By sharing our knowledge, we hope to learn from each other, grow together and support each other as the Star Family we are.

We hail from all over this beautiful globe; sharing this collective Human Experience. We also hail from the stars and beyond.

If this all sounds like your kinda place, pop on by and join the Fam!
Un server de adulti non -toxici!
Discutam teme de spiritualitate si evolutie umana.

Server in progress avem nevoie de staff si de membrii implicati!
Looking for a place to be yourself no matter how crazy u seem for the ones around you? Welcome uwuwuwuwu
Welkom in de Nederlandstalige Starseed en spiritualiteit Discord! Misschien heb je je altijd 'anders' gevoeld of mis je 'iets'. Misschien voel je je gewoon aangetrokken tot spiritualiteit of het universum. Misschien ben jij zo iemand die vol zit met levensvragen. Wees allemaal welkom! Dit platform is opgericht om de verbinding met elkaar aan te gaan zodat we samen kunnen groeien. Deel je ervaringen, vraag wat je wilt & connect!
Welcome home all multidimensional beings. It is here that you will find companionship and be alone no more. Starseed community is a spiritual scientific network dedicated to guiding the identity of your true soul and awakening your soul memories consciously in the physical plain. this is to help others seed through life in terms of creation, instead of destruction. Our empowerment shall bring about the golden age of enlightenment as foreseen through cosmic history.
The starseed community is a place for non human incarnate to call home. Starseeds are a member of the other kin family of people who are spiritually aware of their past lives. Starseeds are one side of a two sided coin, the other being lightworkers. together working as a team to balance the soul, and manifest soul memories through psychic wisdom and practical knowledge while genetically with each generation, releasing the veil of astral amnesia so we may become conscious together on Earth.
for many beings, this is not the first world where life has been seeded from a creation standpoint. However, there are many beings who misunderstand their purpose and feel entrapment at the hands of misguided and uneducated humans who attempt to raise us in their image. Such confusion shall be replaced with new knowledge, which is actually quite ancient as history develops a new cycle as has been happening steadily over the past two centuries on earth. It is recognized that the reincarnation community in general, is home to the birth place of paranormal and psychic knowledge experienced from the inner worlds as dreamers of our society. As a result, is partially our doing, to make efforts to create a cosmic new Earth for a universal terran race to evolve and come into being.
this may be uniquely different and promote an esoteric relationship to how you may currently view the world. Yet the ascension of Earth and her inhabitants to reach the stars and awaken consciously has begun. The time is now to shift into 5d and beyond. The celestial akashic records are open, and all beings connecting with the birth place of their cosmic origins will emerge to become conscious spiritual beings on earth. with an advanced scientific core at the source of all of our understanding creating the way for future inventions in peace, love and harmony.
Love, in fact, is the answer. One which has been the birth right of all souls who choose to shield themselves in physical vessels. The design behind which, is to experience form, as a solid object of continuous growth. One theory is to allow the universe to know itself by experiencing living matter as individual and self aware parts to the same being. this through the epicenter of universal intelligence would allow all manner of possible aspects of creation to know itself, while maintaining a quantum core of ever knowing limitless potential. Where every decision can happen, and be reshaped to never happen as environmental free will would be the ultimate solution to all beings as a result of sovereign equality.
Unfortunately, fear is the result of this change being prevented. and this is what we are here to correct. Fear stagnants growth and prevents any kind of change from circulating. It is not a tool of descension, but rather, one of absolute stillness which creates the seed for descension, and the possibility for destruction to occur. In worlds which have a lot of reshaping to have happen, and who also have a history or misshapen events taking place, the only solution is to return to love while keeping and restoring the flame of soul identity intact. This is why we are here, and why you are always welcome in our lives, regardless of what happens. All things eventually resurface and come around full circle, which is exactly why history will repeat itself if it is left unchanged to maintain spacial temporal order and synchronicity throughout the universe, our cosmic home.
Together we are openly united to remember who we truly are, souls of love.
!! íntєrstєllαr cσnvєrgєncє !!

no normal humans allowed

hi there! this is a starseed comm-
-unity welcoming everyone rega-
-rdless of age, gender, and race.
if you are not a starseed we kin-
-dly ask you to not join. we have
many subjects for our fellow star-
-seeds. our subjects include: spi-
-rituality, occult, philosophy, ast-
-rology, numerology, and more!!

this is currently a small fast
growing server, we are lo-
-oking for staff, if you are
interested, please dm:
Meta Help Cafe is a server for getting help with metaphysical issues. We defeat astral threats, exorcise demons, heal people, and even just can answer questions. Stop by for a cup of coffee and protection cx