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Welcome to the Forza Gaming community Exclusively for Xbox one gamers, a professional and creative gaming server for all your gaming needs. Music and bots to an amazing and helpful staff team. We dedicated ourselves to becoming the best online gaming community so you can have the best experience in gaming, so what are you waiting for? Hop in, buckle up and lets drive.
Come join our Bendy Fan server. We got lots of fun stuff
. Music bots including other fun bots
. Assign a colored role for yourself
. Friendly staff
. Show off your artwork
. Suggest what should we add
. No NSFW at all
. And more
Note: you don’t have to be a bendy fan to be apart of the community. There is a off topic channel along with others there to
Hello this is a server for Artists, Writers and Songwriters as well. We are a welcoming server for everyone

🔆LGBTQ+ Friendly
🔆NSFW have their own channels
🔆Share and recieve good Feedback from everyone
🔆Plagerism is not allowed and won’t be tolerated
🔆Have Fun