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𝑾𝒆𝒍𝒄𝒐𝒎𝒆 𝒕𝒐 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝑲𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒅𝒐𝒎 𝒐𝒇 𝑲𝒓𝒂𝒊𝒕𝒊𝒂

The Kingdom of Kraitia is an active, LGBTQ+ friendly roleplay server. This is a semi-literate to literate server. Most ranks are still open and staff tryouts will most likely be open at some point. We welcome anyone here! Feel free to join our ever-growing community!


Kraitia is an isolated monarchy located in the northern reaches of the continent Ocura. The monarchy was founded more than 200 years ago. Due to Kraitia’s cold temperatures it isn’t home to all species found further south on the continent. They are rarely bothered by the other rulers living away from the forested mountains. The king of Kraitia died under mysterious circumstances 12 years ago, leaving the realm to his wife, Varla. Since the death of the king, opposition in the area has shrunk as the queen has crushed most of the rebel groups. The capital of Kraitia is called Lovonia and is one of the largest cities in the realm. The borderlands of the realm are inhabited by more outlaws and criminals than the rest of the area, making it popular for people to hide in. Ploura is the largest town in this area, leading to it having a heavier presence of people loyal to the crown.
Hello Young Witches And Wizards Welcome to Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry! This server will give you the full experience at Hogwarts. There will be Quidditch, Prefect, Head girl or boy, Classes, and the events from the book. There will be Cannon and non cannon characters you have the choice. Join now to create **your** story at Hogwarts!
This server is LGBTQ friendly
We never get boring
We support everyone in our server and become a big family
**This server is a roleplaying server**
Will you hop on the Hogwarts Express?
We hope to see you there, for another successful school year!
The current year is 2647, long ago in 2053, Humanity spread itself across the stars in search of new hospitable planets, and new sentient lifeforms. For 18 years they wandered before finally making contact with a new species and discovered a plethora of hospitable planets under the united name of The Empire. Unfortunately, in 2071, tragedy befell the Empire, and Humanity as a whole as Earth was annihilated, turned into nothing more than an asteroid field. And thus, Humanity began to research how to proceed.

In the year 2074, a brilliant scientist named Ezmund Darlen proposed a preposterous idea. One man is injected with a microscopic, rapidly reproducing organism that hijacks the Human DNA to rapidly speed up the Human evolution rate. With an excessive amount of debate, Ezmund managed to begin research. Unfortunately, he would not see his plan come to fruition, as he perished to cancer a heartbreaking 3 months before the first strand was released amongst the Human masses. To this day, a 30-foot tall statue of Ezmund rests outside of the Imperial Capital Building on Adahl for his tremendous contribution to Humanity's survival.

For a few hundred years, there was peace. Humanity spread throughout the stars, and previously primitive Alien species were exposed to recently developed technologies, such as Hardlight, Plasma, and Leap Drives, thus rapidly speeding up the cultural development of these species.

And then, The Cataclysm happened. The son of a petitioner, Adam Marloz, was killed in a riot against the unfair policies of taxation on the lower classes by the Empire, and revolution ran rampant, leading to The Grand War. Brutal guerilla warfare spread across the known galaxy as the masses Rebelled, and after 12 years of brutal bloody war the Emperor, Wilhelm Reubke the Fifth signed a peace treaty with the Rebellion’s leadership in 2630, and the war came to an end.

This, however, did not last long. 3 years after the end of The Grand War, a man named Tok’ra Max was elected President of the Confederacy, and a new war was born out of the hatred of Tok’ra Max’s heart. The Empire, now led by Burckhardt Reubke, engages in an all-out war with the Confederacy in a desperate fight for survival.
Discord server for ME: Reborn and ME2 (coming soon)
Game: https://www.roblox.com/games/457107952/Magic-Elements-Reborn
Well met! Ars Academy is a server about magic learning and/or teaching in modern days, developing your character and growing him into a powerful void necromancer! Or heavenly, holy cleric! Archimages? Charmers, enchanters, battlemages? Anything akin to it. The server has a fairly inclusive system so you can build your character bit by bit into perfection, or even more, if you want to develop them in pure and simple roleplay, you can choose a simple sheet, adding traits later, making your character building far more dynamic.

You start with a limited amout of spell points given by your race (human, elf, fairy, etc...) and maybe your mystic atribute (a bonus that you are born with, like being naturally better at studying or even animal traits. Some can make portals to traverse distances or use a last, powerful word to finnish enemies). You also start with a limited amount of status points, used for you to invest in the more physical part of your character. After studying, practicing in supervised duels and/or taking classes, you can earn new spells or gain spell points.

But, what is a spell? The spell is a interesting thing! After chosing what you will use to cast them, you mix an effect, a shape and a modifier, making your magic flow into the world around you

Oh, you are a pacifist roleplayer that don't like combat very much? The server is also filled with numerous channels for meeting another students, teachers and citizens, with several places for you to visit outside the school. If you would not like to be in the academy itself, you could also be a citizen, earning bonus spell points at the start of the roleplay and being an adult.

If you prefer the more adventurous path, we have dungeon masters to build little to large quests, and even more, we have events that make gargantuan, colossal places for you to explore and conquer, along with duelling and offensive classes.

● Roleplay ● Memes ● Cosplay ● Art ●

。☬0Welcome to Ultea0☬。

Hello, brave adventurer! We are a roleplay server in a fantasy setting, complete with a simple introduction to the lore, jobs that grants you different magical abilities, and a variety of races you can play as to spice up your roleplays!

What we currently offer:
➳ In server Emojis!
➳ Colors and Self-roles!
➳ Art channel for our artistic members!
➳ Cosplay
➳ Useful bots! (YAGPDB, Groovy, Carl, etc.)
➳ Achievement system
➳ Jobs & Classes
➳ Venting and Ranting channel for our angery potats.
➳ Chill Admins

Choose what career path you want to take! Ranging from freeform jobs such as farmer, palace guard, tavern waitresses to magic based jobs like Tamer, Berserker, Battlemage, Bard, and many more! Each would give you advantages in roleplaying. Gain more power as you unlock achievements and new occupations!

Make allies or enemies, live a peaceful life or fight monsters and go on a trip to uncharted places. Make your story in our Kingdom!!

So what are you waiting for? Adventure is just one step away.

        — 𝐇𝗔𝗥𝗥𝗬 𝐏𝗢𝗧𝗧𝗘𝗥 —
         𝘀𝗹𝗮𝘃𝗲𝘀 𝗼𝗳 𝗱𝗮𝗿𝗸𝗻𝗲𝘀𝘀
     •─────────⋅☾ ☽⋅─────────•

A Harry Potter RP set in the Canon Universe two decades after the Battle of Hogwarts. Without considering the events of The Cursed Child, Hogwarts was rebuilt and it opened its doors to students from all around the world. The generation of 2020 attends Hogwarts, giving you the choice to create 6th and 7th year students, or even professors if you prefer!

But something lurks in the shadows, something darker than the era of Voldemort and the Crimes of Grindelwald. Join our RP and try unraveling the mysteries that await you!

     •─────────⋅☾ ☽⋅─────────•

❧ A literate-novella server with SFW and NSFW channels.

❧ A safe community for everyone.

❧ A mature staff team to help you.

❧ A well-developed yet secret plot to discover.

❧ Lots of events so nobody is left out!

❧ A detailed website with all the information you'll need.

❧ You can join without knowing a thing about Harry Potter!


Under new management
Where Gods roam the world and powerful Elemental Lords keep the fabric of the world together. Mortals indulge themselves in pleasures of all kinds, fates entangling in love while others carve a path of blood…
It is YOU to decide what your story is, how you choose for others to tell the tale.

The world was naught but ash, reborn from the carcass of what it was once before, where Humanity is born of circumstance, of the Light Goddess, Lumiere, and of the Dark God, Myrkur.
Mortal nations rise and fall, of legions and orders created for peace and war. Where Elves scoff at Humans and Dwarves despise Orcs.
Where Spirits roam the ancient forgotten forests and the dead walk amongst the living, hiding in plain sight.

Will you be a servant of the Gods? Or will you carve your own path, taking your own fate and destiny into your own hands?
Who will be your enemy? Your friends and lovers?
Will you be hated for all of time, or will you be praised as the hero you were?

The decision is up to YOU to decide. Come and join us! All are accepted here in Terragaia: The Song of Ages! We're a brand new server (and underrated) looking for members whom are active or semi-active, it doesn’t matter!

If you prefer the more literate side of roleplaying, there are members willing to entangle your Original Character’s fate to their own. If you instead prefer more laid back roleplay, we are looking for members who can expand on the stories that are being woven!

We have:
• 150+ channels
• A Highly professional staff team
• Literate Roleplayers, both new and veteran
• Erotic Roleplay (Optional)
• Friendly to all sexualities and ethnicities!
• A Looking for RP role to ping partners made easy!
• Open Staff positions!

If you instead would prefer to relax during or after a RP session, feel free to enjoy:
• The OwO bot
• Dank Memer
• And Tupperbox for more technical choices for RPs!

Please, come and look around and stay awhile! We are open to feedback and/or suggestions!
Welcome to Shilohs Magical and Mystical Mansion anyone is welcome in her mansion and can come explore the forest and ride on dirtbikes and play laser tag or paintball and just have a great time. Shiloh enjoys having the company around her mansion and she loves having fun so come explore the magic and mystical beings in the mansion and around the mansion.

Years ago a beautiful baby girl was born when she was a baby she would watch her mother do spells and magic. When she was a kid her mother taught her spells and magic she told shiloh that there is magic all around her and that she should have fun with it and that is exactly what shiloh did growing up. When Shiloh hit her teenage years she had many many great friends but she did have quite a few enemies as well. When she turned eighteen years old she found some land and built her mansion from the ground up and she has a great and friendly staff that works for her and that is very loyal to her plus she wouldn't hire anyone that wasn't loyal to her. When she reaches the age of twenty one she became a very powerful mage or sorceress is what she likes to be called but otherwise she is a amazing woman that loves to have fun and go on adventures but most of all she loves to come back to her mansion and relax with her friends and have a great time. Shiloh is like a teacher she is always there to lend a ear if you have problems or a shoulder to cry on many people love her cause she is very motherly but she can be protective at times of the people that are very close to her heart.

Plot: All is calm and quiet until one day a darkness decends on the mansion where Shiloh will have to get help from her friends from the Sky Castle and the Under World to help bring the darkness down and keep everyone safe all at the same time.

Roleplay Server
We do have a out of charecter channel
Anyone is welcome
We accept one liners or paragraphs
Dont join then leave stay and pull up a chair and relax
Mages, Vampires, Warewolves, Fairys, and other mystical creatures are all welcome with open arms
⚫ Welcome to deepvision!

⚫ We are developing a game on roblox and we are looking for people to try it out when it comes out!

⚫ Here's a list of what you can do in our Discord Server!
- Chat and Interact around with many members of the community.
- Participate in Giveaways. This includes: Nitro and Roblox Giftcards (Closed until we have more members).
- We also assure:
⚪ Safe and Moderated server.
⚪ We don't favorize members. (All members and staff share the same rules and upon broken they get the same consequences).
⚪ Friendly and Active Staff.
⚪ We listen to your opinions, suggestions and reviews to try our best to make the game and the server as welcoming and good as possible!

- Much leaks. (To get you hyped for the release).
- And more!

⚫ So why wont you join us? Theres nothing to loose but to gain!
Hello everyone! This is a roleplay server in an universe filled with different elements and magic and such. This is a friendly place who enjoys the company of everyone. So what are you waiting for? Hop in and have fun!
✿Welcome Travelers✿

Welcome to “Magic Academy: Fight For The Throne” This is a discord roleplay server! We hope you could join us in our adventure!
This is the tale of a new Era, the era of magic and creatures folk tale. It was a chaotic day in the town of Sokyo. Everyone was fighting, everything was almosted destroyed. Suddenly a shining light comes down, a beautiful lady with white hair and blue majestic eyes landed. She says "Hello, my children. I shall restore peace to this place. Fighting is not the answer to problems." But then suddenly her servants suggesting a new world with "Magic" it seems. They all agreed to this, she restarted the whole world with her ability and gifted everyone magical abilities. Now in the new world when everybody started to age civilization once again. and now An academy named "Sokyo Academy" has been formed for the people who wanted to learn magic or perfect it. The top people who could pass the classes and had the most powerful abilities could have a chance to be a king, a king of magic or maybe even a demon king! The story of the magic era now began.

Welcome to Magic Academy: Fight For The Throne!
About Us:
- We have Wonderful Staff Members to help with anything you need!
- We are always Open for partnerships
- We are a non-toxic roleplay discord server
- We're always working on the Server, Hosting Events and Giveaways!

We hope if you can join us today to help grow our roleplay server to a larger and a more active community!
24TL is a unique fantasy roleplaying game based off of the skeleton of dnd and roleplaying games as a whole. People who play this game play alongside a community of other players, who all exist in the same world as you. You can meet, interact, sabotage, or kill those you stumble across, but watch out, every action has consequences. The unique thing about this place is that things you do in your sessions, known as "days" can affect the whole world, meaning some other player might benefit or suffer from your actions. Everything is connected!

The characters stem from yourself as a person, however you are not limited to such and can make an entirely unique character to play as well. There's a set of skill trees that every player picks from: Physical, Technological, and Magical, allowing a player to choose one main and one secondary. A main allows you to do almost anything, while a secondary is more limited. More is explained in the server so check it out if you're interested!
A new server for witches and the magick-curious! All ages welcome! All practices welcome! We do not discriminate or gatekeep!!! We have many channels that focus on witchcraft and witchy topics, but we also have many channels and bots that are just for fun and hanging out! We're starting to build a really great community of people, so come join us!
Lunphire is a Medieval Roleplay server with set up lore fightable monsters and a loose plot. We are LGBTQ+ friendly and support BLM. We welcome any roleplay level so come join and have some fun :D
Hogwarts: Our Generation

We are an amazing community(or well, try to be), based on the Harry Potter Universe. We are accepting and do not tolerate discrimination

What we do:

➺ We are a talkative, kind and active community you can talk to about anything
➺ We are talking about Harry Potter ofc, exchanging memes and pictures
➺ We have created our own roleplay, everyone can create their OC
➺ We stream Harry Potter from time to time
➺ We chill and listen to music whenever we want
➺We play games together, such as cards against humanity or basically whatever you want

What we expect from you:

➺Follow Discords TOS and also the rules we have for our server
➺Verify yourself after reading the rules, to get access to all the channels
➺Introduce yourself, as long as you are comfortable with it
➺ Get your own roles in our self-roles channel
➺Create your OC if you want to roleplay

Annabelle's School For Gifted Magicians is a roleplay server that details the lives of young students attending a school that teaches magic, witchcraft, and everything in between! 

Split into six factions: Ignis, Terra, Lux, Aura, Aqua, and Umbra, there is a place for every aspiring magician here at Annabelle’s! Throughout your journey, you’ll meet friendly and accepting students, faculty members, and teachers who will teach you lessons that you’ll remember your entire life!


✨┆Self-assign roles!
☀️┆Plenty of roleplay channels!
🌙┆Tons of immersive lore!
🌟┆A student council!
✨┆An honor society!
☀️┆Student-formed clubs!
🌙┆Voice chat!
🌟┆Tons of server-wide roleplay events!

Why don't you consider joining? Queen Annabelle awaits your entry, future student!
We’re currently hiring Partnership and Affiliate Managers!


Founded On: December 14, 2019
Founder: <@!395072093492084736>

꧁ᗰᗩᏳᎥᑕ ᗰᎩŞŢᗴᖇᎩ꧂

》A fun interactive roleplay server with plenty of channels, events, and lore. Our world is based only a couple of years in the future..however, much has changed after the earth was split in two causing most of the population to either perish or develop unexpected abilities.

❁ ❁ ﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀❁ ❁

✩What we Offer✩
✿ Experienced and Accommodating staff
✿ Fun bots to play with!
✿ Roleplay, duh
✿ TupperBox for character creation and rp
✿ Magic rp, combat rp, explore rp, romance rp etc.
✿ Optional NSFW Chats (Only visible to those who choose)
✿ Optional pings for events, roleplay, games and more!
✿ A safe environment for LGBTQ+, all races, religions, etc.
Hikoto is a fascinating city with magic and crime lingering through its whereabouts. It is a vast, entangled place that pushes almost every inhabitant into unconventional situations. It's a city of both great prosperity and large amounts of poverty, with the highest crime rate not only in Japan but across most of the world. Whether you were born here or moved for more...suspicious reasons, the city is open to people of every background and every outlook on life.

The year is 2012, magic is still unknown to those who don't possess such a unique ability. Many locals would tell you of this vast city and the myths surrounding it, but you might dig yourself into a deeper hole and find yourself at the top of whatever your heart desires.

✶ A friendly and welcoming community.
✶ Selectable job roles to help differentiate your characters.
✶ A well-balanced ability system that encourages creativity!
✶ Plenty of interactive RP channels!
✶ LGBT-friendly and accepting!
✶ An organization system to promote competition!
✶ Titles to make sure your efforts never go in vain.
✶ Events to make roleplay more interactive.
✶ Literate RP >:)
✶ Active admin and genuinely good vibes!
Like most fairy tales, this one begins with once upon a time. Once upon a time, ancient and legendary civilizations gave life to powerful people, who in turn created legends of their own. The Lordsmen, both adventurers and guardians of the world, the ones who held back the darkness. While their story seems to have ended with the Cataclysm, they have inspired countless adventurers to go and keep the monsters at bay.

Rise of Magma is a written D&D-esque roleplaying server inspired by Overlord, intended for mid-teens to young adults. We have a ridiculous amount of lore, various plots and subplots, and a lot of freedom for both character conception and movement, along with missions for adventurers to reap rewards from. The possibilities are endless, and it’s up to you to decide where you want to go.

We like a lot of details and specifications here, and prefer larger arcing storylines with big impacts. You’re free to make these yourself, of course, with staff cooperation. This server is ideally for literate role-playing — we’re not exaggerating when we say we like details. If you’re willing to put in the effort, welcome aboard! Let’s hope you’re not too late.

Rise above the rest. Find your own path to the top. Maybe you'll kill a god someday. Or become one.
Welcome to the city of Feredar, a towering magical city located in the middle of the Sahara desert.
In this city, it's inhabitants are from many different realms, universes and dimensions, and all of them would have the ability to control a certain form of magic.
We welcome you to our place, where your adventure could begin as your character grow in development of the society of Feredar...
⊱ ──────────ஓ๑🔮๑ஓ───────── ⊰
⊱ ──────────ஓ๑🔮 ๑ஓ───────── ⊰


»Jesteś fanem Harrego Pottera?«

»Chciałbyś wczuć się w rolę ucznia Hogwartu?«

To idealny serwer dla Ciebie!

Co oferujemy?

˚₊🔮 Lekcje
˚₊🌀 Quidditch
˚₊🔮 Roleplay
˚₊🌀 Punkty Domów
˚₊🔮 Ogarniętą administrację
˚₊🌀 Miłą Atmosferę
˚₊🔮 Fajnych Ludzi
˚₊🌀 I Wiele Więcej!

Jedyne czego nam brakuje, to właśnie Ciebie! Na co czekasz? Zapraszamy!

We’re a close-knit roleplay community that accepts original characters and canon characters alike. We accept and help everyone, so long as they’re nice! We hope you come, stay, and make yourself at home, here in Temporous.
But be careful, anyone can be friend or foe.
Original Lore. Unique RP. A non toxic community.

Say Aloha to Blue Winter!

Magic is a staple of life. All who are born can use magic to some capacity, and many choose to develop this power for the good of the world. Tales of Kings, Heroes, and Champions are all around. But so are many tales about the darkness in the hearts of the strong, and the deeds they committed. This is where one must write their own story. One to be forgotten to time, or one to be remembered for eons.

Blue Winter is a community driven RP server, where everyone plays a role in the world's progress. We feature a non restrictive stat system, as well as an arc based system, where users plan and run arcs for the server. We also proudly present an open world, teeming with flora and fauna.
We hope to see you soon!