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• Hey there brotherN, were just a server trying to just live life ^^
• this server is lgbt Friendly!
• and you can chat with other bro's but remember you gotta kiss the homies gn 😌
• Any ones allowed in! As long as your not a creep / pedophile or something like that
• keep things sfw please!
˚꒰ა ♡ ໒꒱︰

╲⠀╲⠀╲ ╲

⠀⠀╲⠀ ╲⠀ ☆ ⠀ ╲ ⠀⠀


⠀☆⠀ ╲⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ★

★ :・꒰ *Welcome to:*

“꒰ ”Frostᵎ꒱ˀˀ ⋯”!

We’re a chill, fully sfw server, with no toxicity! We’re always accepting new people! So come and join us! . . . ꒰ ❏ ︵︵︵︵︵︵︵

── 🎐 :: Here are a few things that we offer you! ︵.

✦ ❈¹ A friendly environment for everyone!
✧ ❆² Interactive and and caring owner and co-owner.
✦ ❅³ A non-toxic, fully sfw server!
✦ ❈⁴ Monthly revamps!
✧ ❆⁵ Daily QOTD questions!
✦ ❅⁶ A good place to be comforted at, since we care! <3

୨ ❄️ ୧˚₊๑ Hiring free pm’s and am’s!・꒱꒷꒦‧₊

୨ We hope to see you all there! <3 ୧‧₊˚
This is a server for our Minecraft Bedrock Edition server.
It have a nice and friendly environment.
We have some useful and fun bots too.
Join us on a Great Adventure of Survival Minecraft with a Great and Friendly Community.

♥️♥️We are an ex-esposrts clan trying to find our way in the servers list.♥️♥️

We offer :-
✔ A number of bot games.🧩🎲
✔Friendly enviroment ♥️
✔Small giveaways that are easy to enter.🎉
✔bot currency giveaways 🤑💰
✔Different game sections 🎯
And lots more to come.

A Very Fun Server to Chill and spend your time In.
With Various Games, Music and events, There are regular Giveaways and a Very Friendly Environment.
A safe haven for chill gamers

Wanna hang out and play? Come and join our discord community.

What's in:
📌 Minecraft (24/7 up time)
📌 Among Us
📌 Phasmophobia
📌 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
📌 Valorant
📌 League of Legends: Wild Rift
📌 Movie Nights
📌 Music
📌 Food
Hi! This is mostly an Among Us server. We provide among us exploits and many other things. Subscribe to "BACKUPJESTER" for the content! We are also kind and have a friendly environment. Please consider joining as we have various facilities too!
Very friendly atmosphere, work in progress. Active owner, looking for trustworthy mods, admins, and staff. We try our hardest to make sure that all our staff are active and respond as soon as possible. Family friendly. Emotes for people who don't like joining a lot of servers for a couple of emotes.
Have fun!
This server is made for people to hang out, make friends etc. It doubles at the server for my nitro type team "Adieu Bruv". Join now and we'll always treat you like family!
kannas hospital is a 13+ non-toxic friendly environment for gamers, artist, cosplayers, weebs, roleplayers and memers. We would like to have something for everyone so if you join this server and see something you think would benefit everyone and create a more friendly environment add it to our suggestions channel. (please note that this server is not fully done and there might still be some loop holes, please do not try and break the server with these loop holes)
Were a friendly community on an upstart D&D server homebrew welcome were not too strict on balance looking for new members to help us develop our server we cater to a more adult audience of D&D but allow those underage as our sister server holds most our more lewd bits though we make damn sure to keep underage members safe and sound from da lewd our rules are simple dont be a dick respect admins and keep negativity off the server unless your in character
Hiya! Welcome to my Persona server. It might not seem like much, but this server is gonna be great someday! We have roleplay, discussions, memes, karaoke, and even channels for non-persona things! The roleplay is NOT the main focus, though, as the main focus is having a nice place to hang out and have fun! Mainline SMT fans are also welcome, though I've not completed more than "If" and "Nocturne." OCs are allowed in the roleplay. Have fun!
Wellcome to the music room! This server is all about music. You can talk to others in this server to create bonds and potentially start to collaborate others!
An estimate of 6,000 years after The Sandwing succession, a new school opened.. Tailflame Academy, for all dragons..
A friendly school server with friendly rules! As its just a regular school.. Maybe a lore could be added. But as for now.. Its a friendly server with built-in things to satisfy you. Please give us a chance and a pass by! You might like it here, and enjoy your stay if you do!
<<<<[**ABOUT US**]>>>>
Hello!! We're a growing community with some perks.
- We have custom commands you can play with! Even recommend bots or custom commands.
-We're a friendly environment that all strives to be a helpful community that lets people relax and feel free.
-Need to get something off your shoulders? Feel free to vent in our #vent channels. Want to tell everybody about the cool dog that let you pet them today? Feel free to share in our positivity channel!
-Buy things with UnBelieveABot! Like Royalty or Animuses! Even like special attributes like Frostscales and Firescales!!
-LGBT friendly!! Feel free to express yourself without getting judged by a a mean person that comes into your way! Express yourself,,
Hentai lovers is a NSFW server where you can send hentai and view Hentai images, the server is also a friendly nsfw role-playing server and a great place to make friends. Now do you think we'd stop there nope our server also features many bots who add fun activities to the server so please join and hop into our lovely community.
Hello every one, this is the community of Different kind of Games and also here we have members of YouTube Streamers and Twitch Streamers and also steam people with friendly Environment who stay with love with others. This server is Role-Play server where you can give to your own self the roles. Come and Join this server to grown up the community, stay in love and live with calm.
Invitation link : https://discord.gg/uyVk2y8
Here at the Playboy Mansion, we currently sit at 450+ members, with a good amount being active at different time zones and topics you can choose to discuss about. Our main queen, Tsuki, is constantly posting lewds/nudes for both males and females (yes she’s interested in both 😉) and encourages her members to do the same, if possible. We have plenty of content to your liking and any inquiries can be addressed to her or myself included. We are a friendly community that has plenty of fun and admire nudes when posted. Join today! 🌸
Hello every one. As the name indicates "Steam Community" means this is the community of steamers where they can chat, have funs with friendly environment.

come and join this server.
This is the Frostdin Café, a place for relaxation. Come here if you want friends or to just chill out.
This is a friendly PC clan for people of 16 years and older. Interested in playing games with chill people and having fun without the drama of the internet (HAH on the internet, weird right?) if you're Metal enough, please feel free to ask to join. We accept Furries, metal heads, gamers, noobs, filthy casuals, no lifers, gay, straight, we don't discriminate. Unless you're normal, we don't like normal.
When you join you'll be unsorted with no permissions, don't worry you'll get permissions after we verify age. Feel free to friend me personally on Discord
List of games we play.
League of Legends
For Honor
this discord is for one of the top clans (menace) we are dedicated to people that are willing to grind for this clan and have at least 100 to 200 wins to get in.. we love having people just join the server to chill and hangout. We also have people that are trying to get big as in "subCount", there is several rules as you do need to earn them which is fun its like a game am i right. hehe thanks for taking a look at this