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Discord multi-gaming bien organisé avec des news et des events sur les jeux de votre choix. L'objectif est de rassembler des gens sympas, join nous pour passer un bon moment ensemble!

(⬇️ English after Portuguese ⬇️ )
Faça novos amigos!
vários sorteios
nosso aniversário está chegando e haverá muitos prêmios legais!

Nós sorteamos dinheiro em jailbreak, facas em murder mistery 2 e cargos do servidor

Make new friends!
various draws
our birthday is coming and there will be many cool prizes!

We raffle money in jailbreak, knives in murder mistery and server jobs,
Привет! Ищешь сервер, чтобы поиграть в игры Nintendo с друзьями или найти их? Узнать и обсудить последние консольные и не очень новости? Тогда тебе к нам! Помимо этого, у нас часто проводятся турниры по играм, которые выбирают сами люди, и есть уникальная система фракций!
на этом сервере сидят игроки которые играют в такие игры как GD, заходите к нам!)
Wir sind der größte deutschsprachige NINTENDO SWITCH Discord Server mit einer Menge an Events, Turnieren und Gewinnspielen ! Werde auch DU Teil einer großartigen Community !


Que es ImperiorNetwork es un server de minecraft y de discord,que puedes hacer en el server?Puedes encontrar nuevos amigo,conversar y jugar minijuego y tmb ganar premios,como cuenta de minecraft etc..
Hey! Ciao!
Scommetto che tu voglia entrare nel server del team eye in the darck! No?! Bhe ti perdi molto!
Ecco alcune cose che ti perdi:
una fantastica role play nella quale puoi partecipare e divertirti!
\💻**Molte stanze per giochi!**
\🤖**Molti bot per divertirsi!**
\🐲**1 mondo intero per giocare con pokemon**
Adesso sei sicuro di non voler entrare?
There are a variety of games to play with other people. As the server grows leagues for games may be added. Chill and have fun
this is a server/clan for my youtube channel so yeah just come by and have a good time.
new server filled with people from all over looking for gaming time. tones of server emotes

Fallout is one of the best post-apocalyptic game franchises there is. And this server is for fans of that franchise. It doesn't matter which Fallout it is, it's Fallout, and the game you love.

Our server features include:
- Discussion and lore channels for all Fallout games!
- Fallout Game Franchise News
- Optional Fallout Roleplay
- 76 Trading Channels!
- 76 Faction Missions!
- Level Roles
- Share or find mods!
- Fun bots
- Partnerships
- Fallout Radios
- Lots of Fallout emojis
- Friendly Community and events!
And lots more!

Just remember, what makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

Banners: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/663258834093080658/664288838767869952/Logopit_1578449121004.png


We are a group of people that like to have a fun and mess around, why not come have fun with us
Unete, servidor de joda, sin normas, solo varios hombres disfrutando de su compañia.
Всем привет и преветсвую на своём сервере по игре стандофф 2(скоро будут новые игры)
Могу сказать, что у нас АДЕКВАТНЫЙ сервер, а если ты сам не адекват то БАН обеспечен
И буду приятным собеседником для вас, как другие участники сервера :/
Bienvenue sur Jumparia

Jumparia est un serveur qui regroupent pleins de salons pour pleins de jeux comme Minecraft,Fortnite,Valorant,FallGuys,Roblox,Paladins,The of thiese et pleins d'autres, sérieux je rigole pas il y a vraiment de tout !

- Une Communauté actif et en construction

- Un salon Vocal avec un bot de musique qui est connecté H24/7 !

⛔️- Un Staff qui veut tout faire pour vous rendre heureux

- Des salons pour tout

- En écoute totale avec ce que vous voulez

- Un salon de suggestion

Bref, il y en a pour tout les goûts !
Rejoignez vite le serveur et faites le découvrire à vos proches !

On recherche du Staff ⛔ !
> Ton Tiket : https://discord.gg/PKfyD2d
This server is for people interested in playing Among Us.

We usually have multiple full lobbies at once, and a lovely community!

Players are welcome from anywhere in the world!

Our main lobbies are open to all age groups but we do also have 18+ only lobbies.
Bonjour à tous, Kosai est un serveur communautaire qui rejoint les jeux vidéos (comme LoL, Apex, Minecraft et d'autre pour la suite) mais aussi les otaku entre eux. Nous disposons de plusieurs bots tel que Mudae, Koya, Rythm.. Alors nous vous attendons pour pouvoir passer d'agréables moment ensemble plein de fun !
This Server is for people who are bored and need friends who are not little cry babies. Dark humor is popular and very welcome. Try it if you don't like it i will give you 20 goofy goober dollars. Also everyone is friendly so feel welcome to join the chat channels someone will join eventually.
Do you want to join Shiny Raids/Giveaways or just wanna chitchat with others?

Then what are you doing? Join https://discord.gg/e5eTnMf

We Have
-Regular Giveaways
-Regular Shiny Raids
-Commandant BOT

And our very own SYSBOT! You can make Pokemons with it and Check your Den Seeds! If one Bot doesn't suffice you, GUESS WE DONT HAVE 1, NOT 2, BUT 3 SYSBOTS UP AND RUNNING!

We also have our In House Gamebot, you can play Pokemon Red using Discord! Only a few servers have these and we are the one of the few of them!

Mess With our In House Commandant BOT! Exclusively made for Imperial Forces! You cannot find this BOT anywhere else!

Does that excite you? Im sure it does! Join Now!

Commandant will be waiting for you
A promising place where everyone is welcome who can be respectful to each other, we love pokemon and we hope you too love them too XD
You can join your favourite clan and battle each other and have fun!! 💟
You can also have pokemon showdown battle over here^^
It’s an object camp like no other. Rather than ii/survivor style, this one keeps things traditional by letting the viewers vote real people out. Sound fun? Join and sign up to be a contestant, or join to sit back, relax, and vote.
We're A New Upcoming Gaming Server With Games and players for Apex Legends, Among Us, Hyperscape and minecraft. We are a continuously expanding and adding more games to our arsenal Lets all join and play together, Fight Strong