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This is the discord server for the youtuber Fallen. He is a gaming youtuber who makes awesome content. In this server you can have fun with the quiz, events, and much more! Join today.
Hola! Te invito a unirte y pasar un buen rato en nuestra comunidad de League of Legends ◕‿◕

🤵 Estamos en busca de Mods. Si eres muy activo, te damos role (o )ノ彡☆
🤯 Admins activos (´• ω •`)
💵 Torneos con premios
🎉 Sorteos ‿︵‿︵‿︵‿ヽ(°□° )ノ︵‿︵‿︵‿︵
🎇 Servidor ordenado
🥳 Muchas cosas por hacer
💫 Moderación 24/7
🤖 Muchos bots divertidos└[∵┌]└[ ∵ ]┘[┐∵]┘
🎲 Conoce personas que también jueguen lo que tú juegas ٩(๑・ิᴗ・ิ)۶٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶

¡Únete! 🤩
We are a small group looking to grow, make new friends, enjoy role play and/or fun gaming experiences. Come join us! All ages welcome!
An aesthetic server open for all.We got fun bots to play games with. Bots to cheer up one's day.Friendly people and you most likely will be greeted a wecome by the members. No nsfw,No unnecessary drama.Just a friendly server. U are guarenteed to have a nice day hear in aestheties!
We are a server focused on Dank Memer and Gaming Community specially for BD players. We are active and have fun stuff happening around all the time. Here are gamers of different games and we do discussion on those, like Brawl Stars, CODM, Fortnite and others. Except this we also host some dank memer items and coins giveaway, The server is simple and nice. Feel free to join. Everyone is allowed :slight_smile:
Jeśli szukasz osób do pogadania lub do grania to serwer dla Ciebie! :D
Możesz z nami zagrać w gry takie jak: CSGO, Minecraft, Rust, Ets 2, Lol.
Hey, cutie join this small funny community - What we have ↙️
-active members
-voice chats
-funny community
-amazing moderators
-don’t be shy join
Hey! Thanks for checking out the description of our server! We are a welcoming community ( of mostly 13 year olds ) looking to have fun and chat! We listen to all of our members, whatever you want we can change!

Thank you for reading our description and I hope you have a good time in Galaxy Community!
We are a small PC gaming community and hoping to expand as more new people join the server. There are also alot of anime enjoyers in this server, incluiding waifu bots etc XD. Anyone is welcome to join no matter what games you play. At the moment our main channels are related to destiny 2, overwatch, minecraft, and more but are open to new games. we also have a bunch of emotes and game nights planned by the admins and active users, when joining please say hello, we don't bite, but do have a lot of people who join and leave 2 seconds after. We also have some nitro giveaways every so often so stay tuned for them!!!!
Serveur de jeux video (surtout en ligne)
Serveur bien géré par des administrateurs compétant
Nous avons des roles pour des jeux tels que Brawl stars Among us ou Minecraft (vous pouvez demander a en rajouter)

∘˚˳°On behalf of the Pamplemousse community, we would like to congratulate everyone on being invited into our server :))

We are an asian-based 13+ server and we offer a ton of unique bots, roles, events, and channels ! Our top priority is to make sure everyone in the server feels safe and welcomed, and remember, once you join our server you will be part of this ongoing community ! But ofc we accept non-asians since we're cool asf.

New server adapted from simplicity looking for chill people to vibe with, we happen to offer some people who are simp material/angel (not russell). A group of non-toxic awesome people as member's to help you enjoy your stay and helpful mods and admins to help out. We also offer a lovely 9 yr old sweetpig23 and a cool asf wilson∘˚˳°

∘˚˳°Hope you enjoy your stay(if you join)
(which you should)∘˚˳°
This server is for people interested in playing Among Us and/or Phasmophobia.

We usually have multiple full lobbies at once, and a lovely community!

Players are welcome from anywhere in the world!

Our main lobbies are open to all age groups but we do also have 18+ only lobbies.
✪ welcome to the shit show
- we’re all pretty chill here & just want a good time, nothing more than a couple of anime bitches.

↳ yurr we are a dating server so come find ur waifu or husbando (¬‿¬).

**but we also want to make friends as well!

- gaming vcs
-lgbtq friendly
-offer roles & bots
- yes we em gamer girls & egirls

don’t be shy, join in on the chaos 😏😏.
Tu cherches un serveur pour passer du bon temps avec une bonne ambiance, notre serveur est fait pour toi. Dans le serveur il y a beaucoup d’humour et de second degré.

20 Bumps = 1 Year of Nitro Classic

10 Invites = 1 Month of Nitro Classic
20 Invites = 1 Month of Nitro

25 Invites = 1 Year of Nitro Classic
45 Invites = 1 Year of Nitro
Hello there, interested in joining an ever growing community of non-toxic friends? Join us for a laugh.

We have people that play all types of games; Strategy, Survival, Competitive, Casual... you name it.

Join now and meet other like-minded friends.
The Chi Team is a team that plays a variety games to make content with. As of right now we all are playing on the game known as Call of Duty, or COD. We are a skilled base game only, but we do have exceptions if you don’t meet the requirements. We play different kinds of games; just suggest it and we’ll play it! If you don’t enjoy games then you can have fun with our community server!
Welcome to friendly quarantine time!
Our sever is brand new. We are here to make your quarantine better! To help find other friends with similar interests and includes
Self roles
Game chat
Friendly community
Friendly staff
NSFW section
And more!
We do not allow
We are a new server and looking for staff!

🔰mrb7a bikom 3ndna server n9i w new
🔰ay 7aja bghitiha khssna liha room dialha (among us -scribbl-pubg-valorant...)
🔰mona9achat .mawadi3 .streaming .movies. w bzaf dlehwayj akhrin .
🔰meet new great people from all around the country .
💗Welcome to Play and chill community 💗
We are friendly server with awesome people, and we want to play games, chill and have fun.

If you want, join us and we can be good community
This is a brand new Dutch discord server! Be the first person to join this server!

Invite friends / family

Come and join us and get to know:

-Social chat (Dutch / English chat)
-Giveaways 🎉
-Use bots!
-Boosters gets a reward!
-Active owner!
And more!

Do you want to help this server? You can become staff, must have experience. (Dm me hu#4106)

(In order to become a staff: tell me about yourself, why you wanna help, what kind of staff member etc.)