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The genisis clan is a Minecraft smp or Minecraft survival multiplayer server and it is community server where you and your friends or family can talk and play together only 13 and up can play on server for legal reasons
@everyone It is a Pokemon Go server here you will get all information like
100iv cords,Rare spawn,boosted raids,Nest search etc..
Hello traveler! Want to know your way around Teyvat? This is the place!
Ask help from our kind Travelers who has already experienced every corner of the game.
You can use this channel for help, FAQ from Genshin Impact Official is also posted here.
(a)Looking for Co-Op with People? We can help you find them. We have Separate Voice channels for it.
(b) We announce all the latest updates and Promo Codes
(c) New live reddit posts available for viewing!
(d) Promote your Twitch accounts in a separate channel and role!

˚ . ˚⊹ Welcome to ACNH- Black Market ⊹˚ . ˚
~ We’ve got everything you need and more here at ACNH - Black Market! ~
~ ☆ ┈ ⊹ ┈ ୨୧ ┈ ⊹ ┈ ୨୧ ┈ ⊹ ┈ ୨୧ ┈ ⊹ ┈ ☆ ~
˚ . ˚⊹ We are a server focused on the trade of hacked in game items! Your one-stop shop for everything on the black market! ⊹˚ . ˚
~ ☆ ┈ ⊹ ┈ ୨୧ ┈ ⊹ ┈ ୨୧ ┈ ⊹ ┈ ୨୧ ┈ ⊹ ┈ ☆ ~
╭。゚ʚ A consistently growing community of over 1k members.
┊。゚ʚ Daily giveaways of goods, supplied by our wonderful giveaways staff!
┊。゚ʚ An approachable staff who are always ready to help!
┊。゚ʚ Passport roles of colors and pings to enhance your discord experience!
┊。゚ʚ Numerous trading channels to help you find whatever you may need!
┊。゚ʚ A fully boosted server!
┊。゚ʚ Exclusive rewards and access to events for our lovely boosters!
┊。゚ʚ Helpful guides for duping and hacked animal crossing gameplay.
┊。゚ʚ A wide selection of emotes!
╰。゚ʚ Fun and interactive bots to play with whenever you're bored!
~ ☆ ┈ ⊹ ┈ ୨୧ ┈ ⊹ ┈ ୨୧ ┈ ⊹ ┈ ☆ ~
˚ . ˚⊹ Join and get well versed with our Black Market crew! ⊹˚ . ˚
VestigeSG is a Minecraft server that hopes to bring back the glory days of Minecraft Survival Games. With custom maps, plugins and more, we have it all. We just need you! We welcome players of all skill levels, and hope to build an even stronger community.

Join today at: https://discord.gg/XZcdEp5.
Der Galaxy Imposter Server wartet auf dich . Wir versuchen gerade einen deutschsparchigen Among Us Server aufzubauen wenn du Lust dazu hast komm doch gerne vorbei .
Gründe warum du auf den Server kommen sollst :
1Korekte Member
2. Guten Support 3. Menschen die immer online sind
3. Menschen die immer online sind
4. Die Möglichkeit deinen Server in eine Partnerschaft zu binden
Also wir freuen uns auf dich !!! https://discord.gg/MEB6ezz
@die Galaxy_Imposter Serverleitung
Servidor de minecraft -> IP: ceuvecraft.com ( Versión 1.16.1 ) (para java y bedrock) /skyblock y skywars/ entrale prro >:'v
💫 Olá!! Somos um servidor especializado em Among Us Br.

Criado especialmente para você conhecer pessoas novas e encontrar seu grupo ideal de amigos para jogar.

Está esperando oque?
💫 Ficamos online 24h, corre conferir!!
Type: PvE heavy rp
Link: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/scum/9218396
Region: us-east
Config: 38 slots, max loot, max puppets, build anywhere, max cars, events, free welcome package, free quad. Join us today!

The Emerald Smp is a anarchy survival realm. there are 2 different countries, two different presidents, and 2 different vice presidents. this is bedrock only and you can basically do whatever you want like raiding, griefing, if it's ok with your leaders or you can betray them, but be careful! President elections will be every 4 weeks, and people can keep being reelected until another person wins president! have fun in the Emerald Smp
Hey Gamer, welcome to our new server, "Among US [LFG]," this server is dedicated to the players who are searching for an "Among Us" lobby. This server will help you to find players for the game and make new friends.
---------------------[ Zetanium - PvP Faction No-Cheat - En Dev ]---------------------

Complètement Farm2Win de A à Z !
Des enchantement surpuissant !
Des stuff incroyable !
Économie retravaillé !
Un market réfléchi !
Des Évent réguliers !
( Koth, Totem...)
Un système d'investisement inédit !
Un classement de Faction qui en vos la peine

Discord -> https://discord.gg/HGXSb2nuJA
Site -> https://zetanium.eu
Instagram -> https://www.instagram.com/zetanium.officiel/

Cordialement Staff de Zetanium
Server for an ROBLOX game but if you wanna join to chat with us then thats fine too. World of Magic, Arcane Odyssey, Arcane Reborn, I try to do server events as much as possible such as gamenights and movienights but right now its kinda limited due to having so few members.
Welcome to Zero SMP! We are an open community of 1.16.4 minecraft builders, players, and gamers! Zero SMP is an active whitelist-only minecraft server desgined to the vanilla experience. We have wars, build, events, and chat!
⦁ Helltaker Emotes is a emote Server offering you alot of emojis you can use on other server

⦁ We have:
⮩ Media Channel
⮩ Anime Channel
⮩ Discord Bots
⮩ Helltaker Fanart Channel
⮩ A nice community!
⮩ Self Verification!

Our goal: We are trying to become the biggest and the best emote server of discord! Give this server a look, it might be dead but you people can change that! :)
「 Pallet Town 」
✧✧ Our server is a fun friendly community that is always looking for new members. We have lots of things that you would enjoy! Here is a list of all the things we have. ✧✧
| ✰✰ Features ✰✰
| ︾︾︾︾︾︾︾
| 🔁 ┇gen 6, 7, 8 trading
| 💥 ┇gen 6, 7, 8 battling
| 🎉 ┇giveaways
| 💰 ┇ shop
| ❔ ┇ daily trivia
| 🔢 ┇ counting
| 📙 ┇ one word story
| 🥇 ┇ levels/leaderboard
| 🤖 ┇ lots of fun bots
| 😁 ┇ 100+ custom roles and 50+ emojis
| 🏆 ┇ tournaments
| 📌 ┇ events
| 🎨 ┇ art sharing
| 🥚 ┇ breeding requests
| 💫 ┇ genning and editing requests
| ➿ ┇ cloning requests
| ✅ ┇ legality checks
| and much more
Join today using this link ➪ https://discord.gg/zWThcjr
Hallo ich bin Luwero Rose und ich habe einen kleinen Discord Server Namens Rosencraft. Was ich noch dazu sagen will wir sind kein Deutscher Server sondern ein Österreichischer obwohl es anders angezeigt wird.

Rosencraft bietet:
-freundliche User
-nettes Team
-Channel, wo du Vorschläge reinsenden kannst.
-Ein paar Events
-freie Plätze im Team
-vlt auch bald einen MC Bedrock Server
-auch ein paar Nice Emojis

Was neu ist bei Rosencraft:
Wir haben jetzt extra Channel für Spiele zB: Among us wo ihr über das Spiel schreiben könnt oder auch Spiel einladungen reinschicken könnt um gemeinsam zu spielen.

Was wir derweil suchen:
Teammitglieder zB.
Jemanden der einen Bot programmieren kann der extra für Rosencraft ist.
Aber was sehr wichtig spaß haben und sich verstehen.

Falls ich dein Interesse geweckt habe würde ich mich über dein kommen freuen.
Adventure Time With some events games and other giveaways JOIN NOW!!!
Ici vous avez un serveur avec

> Un système d'argent
> Un shop fini pour l'instant
> Des bot de jeux encore en préparation

> Un STAFF à l'écoute et attentif, s'insère

> Un règlement
> Si vous regardez pas le règlement et vous faites une erreur vous allez être SANCTIONNÉ SÉVÈREMENT

> On recrute des personnes qui c'est créer des bot ou qu'il c'est configurer des bot, du STAFF, des juge dessin, des responsable partenariat et pour être partenaire allez dans le salon recrutement

> Vous pouvez aussi faire votre pub dans un salon fait exprès

> Si vous bouster le serveur vous gagnez un rôle BOUSTER

> Si vous invité des personnes vous gagnez c'est rôle
> VIP 🌟
> VIP + 🌟
> VIP ++ 🌟
> VIP +++ 🌟

> Un tirage au sort fait le premier du mois et la réponse au dernier du mois 3 gagnant sur 15 et des concours et des giveaway très régulièrement

> Il a pas d'âge pour aller sur ce serveur

> Il faut rester actif le plus possible Mâture
> Avoir un bon micro

Le lien du serveur