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The year is 2842. So much has been explored that there are over 300 confirmed sentient species. We have fully explored not only our own galaxy, the Milky Way, but we have met with the leaders of the Andromeda galaxy, a species similar to out own. Now, humans have spread themselves to the neighboring galaxy. Together with the Andromeda leaders, we have started to explore the rest of the universe, but as of recently, one of the largest planets, Kolorid-74C, has gone dark. This is not uncommon as the planet is known for its absolutely brutal snow storms, but something else seems amiss...
The Galactic Faction War is a Star Wars fleet/character focused RP, where you can become anything from the lowest soldier to owner of a planet. With a dedicated staff team and an advancing timeline currently set after Return of the Jedi, GFW aims to be a unique experience among the Star Wars RP scene. Utilizing a point based system for fleet battles to deliver balancing on a new scale and narrators to guide the battle, anyone can hop in to GFW.
Factions include
-Bounty Hunters
-And more
System booting up…
Check one…
Check two…
Check three…
Check four…
System checks completed booting archives…
Please enter the password...
Password: ******
Password accepted booting archives.

Error...system detection ID:*****
Opening logs 2015…
System crash....
“Heh...I knew you would try to find the history...and you know it’s illegal to do such an act yet you persist. Code XXIV I will find you. I promise that....”
Transmission end. Uploading files…
Opening 2015 data….

“2015, June 21st, That’s when it struck. You probably don’t know what I mean yet for those of you in the future, but those who were there remember it like yesterday. Some call it Armageddon. Some called it the apocalypse, but I called it a reality check. Something I will regret till the day I die. My daughter, Nocturna… She was a young girl the age of 15. She had just begun to see life for how it truly was highschool being troubling years for her. Yes sure she had just got into highschool, but still. Anyway June 21st at 15 hundred hours (3PM) She had come home distressed. I had gone to see if she was okay, but she wouldn't answer me. I heard her cursing about humanity… I had tried and tried to ask her to tell me what was wrong, but she just wouldn’t. Not long after I would hear a loud bang, and again I heard the same sound. I then heard a horrific roar as I ran to my daughters room. I had to bust the door down. What I had seen was absolutely terrifying for any man to see his daughter in front of. It was a dark figure that had seemingly walked into her before an explosion occurred. I was knocked unconscious. When I came to fire was falling from the sky, beasts of all shapes and sizes roamed the city causing destruction of unthinkable proportions. It was horrifying. The military, the country, the world was paralyzed in fear. At the same time in every country beasts roamed. I would be picked up by military vans and escorted to another place. The whole drive, no, the whole time I laid in that rubble I looked upon my daughter. She was bathed in darkness floating in the sky with dark angel wings. She was like a dark phoenix. It was at that moment I knew she was no longer human, but please. I beg you. Save her. There's still a human in her. I just know it. I beg of you. Save her ” - Professor Grimrose

System failure....crashing...crashing....crashing…crashin- *Device turns off*

Hello there, and welcome to Starlight's Bastion! We are a new server created by myself and my helpful co-founder! We are a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, and fantasy server! Yes, that's right a mix of sci-fi, fantasy, and post-apocalyptic. We do hope you join us!

What do we offer?
➥ A friendly and mature community, dealing with mature topics such as blood, violence, and death.
➥ Kind and casual staff to guide you through the introductory process.
➥ Bots to make your stay more pleasant and to enhance your roleplay experience (Tupperbox).
➥ No tolerance to any kind of disrespect regardless of age, race, or sexuality.
➥ Self-assignable roles.
➥ A wide range of literacy. (one line - Novella, all of them accepted.)
➥ Looking for Staff!

Though we are new, we hope that you have been convinced to join! We put a lot of effort into it, so we hope that you enjoy it here!
A border extremely large border with all sorts of crime and raids happening,Occupied by a large imperial empire but thats fine! You can make your own rebellion here or even your own business located near the border or just be an innocent citizen roaming the border! or get a house and just be some normal citizen living in an apartment! (yes you can add your OC's and they can just be used for normal RP not all of the RP is to do with violence and rebellions you can do your everyday casual RP)
Welcome to Cyber Who, currently one of the largest Doctor Who communities on Discord!

We specialize in all things Doctor Who related, such as emotes, events, channels, roles, etc.

We offer lots of fun activities such as games to play with friends, music to listen to, an economy to take part in, fan-created content and so much more!

Stop by today and join our growing community, we'd love to see you here!

~Cyber Guy#2020 (The Owner)
Hello passerby! The Hive is all about Erotic Roleplay! For the most part. (We also have a normal station rp and a well-built economy!) The main special thing of this server is the setting, and that is a faraway colony with Succubi and Xenomorphs and aliens, oh my! If you like Transformation, or breeding -or just a good time, in or out of the roleplay, then this is a good place to look! We have a very friendly community, our six members of staff are really active and will work like maids for your needs, and.... idk what else do people say to entice people? Cookies! Guaranteed! Digital ones, of course.
☼After the breach [REDACTED] years ago, Site 55 had fallen into ruin, anomalies escaping, staff dying, a complete warzone. Locked off from the inside to reduce breaches at the cost of lives inside. Only a year after did the site fall silent, the screams stopped, the trickling blood stopped floating, the growls of anomalies silent. The site reopened to MTF, cleaners, and a few scientists only for them to discover bodies of staff, d class, and anomalies lay everywhere amongst the once white walls now stained brown with old blood. Few survived the massacres but that didn't deter the few who stayed behind. Years later Site 55 was brought to working condition, new staff was brought into place, anomalies captured, the stains of the past now gone.☼
☼This is site 55 revitalized. We have experienced staff that knows the subject of the roleplay, customizable SCPs, and a welcoming community as well!
Please enter containment and we hope you don't get [REDACTED]! Enjoy your stay at Site 55 β ☼

𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄: 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐢𝐬 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐚𝐧 𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐛𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐒𝐂𝐏 𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧 𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐛𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐚𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐝 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐨𝐬.
𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐖𝐞 𝐇𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐓𝐨 𝐎𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫:
☼Custom SCPs and Canon SCPs (which have to be approved, of course!)☼

☼Unlimited races for your choosing! There are no limits to what your characters can be (powers will be examined to ensure they aren’t overpowered)☼

☼Player driven lore, where the role player determines their story☼

☼no character limit (save for canon OCs)☼

☼ Custom/Canon Groups of Interest☼
Do you need a break?

What am I saying? Of course you do; and what better place to have one than on the IPC?

People from everywhere, at any point, and any time receive an experience like no other: Relaxation, recreational activities, and inner workings so large you'll never have to worry about finding something new to do! Though the IPC focuses on nothing less than absolute pleasure, the sheer amount of options for you to explore on our endless cruise will send anyone through the roof! Take a look for yourself!

We support people of all types; races, ethnicities, genders, and sexes (futa-friendly!). This roleplay server has rooms to satiate even the most adventurous of users, as well as a community that will warm up to you through and through in the matter of days.

Well? Aren't you interested? Come check us out now!
Welcome to the U∩D≡RGR0UND, a bustling metropolis covering almost 1/10th of the entire world. In this far future RP (6182, to be exact) You can be anything! A normal human, a child, a demon, or even a 20 foot tall worm creature! Everything is completely up to you! Just note, this server is 16+, since it has, and encourages, ERP. If you are not 16+, or are not okay with ERP, then do not join. Assuming you are, though, I'll see you in the U∩D≡RGR0UND!
A cruel universe, that is all this is. Death, war, and manipulation is all that is filling this place. So the 'Creators' activated their toys known to the UPDA as 'Creations' and a common term used by soldiers for the Creations, is 'Gears'. This war is now raging, between the UPDA and the Creations. The formation of the UPDA is very recent thanks to the emergence of the Creations. The Creators have never been seen. This rp will be taking place in one solar system upon the many in this Galactic war.

This server is brand new, I would say. This is still being worked on so do not expect the best for now. The server offers:

Being new
Custom lore
A semi-literate rp
Chance to be in a sci fi world that is still developing
The ability to change the rp for the best or worst
A new and nice staff
Ability to create factions in rp
Join a small yet great variety of factions
Custom template
The Interdimensional Outpost is an erp server where you punish your characters and make your fantasy come true with all the public worlds and locations offered.

Welcome to the Interdimensional Outpost, a server where you can go visit other planes of existence, why? Why else to clap elven cheeks or get your ass brutalised by gigantic creatures, or anything at all you please, be it sex to murder we probably have a channel to a world suited for your needs and desires. Otherwise our staff and other dimension hoppers may be very happy to please you in the server, be it with chatting, sex, or death.
The Lounge is a community and RP focused server aimed to both provide entertainment through interactions with one another and help to let folks relax from the stresses of life. However you go about it, it's of our hopes that you enjoy your time here. So far things are in work, but, with the help of those interested in such, it's to our hopes that we'll be able to make a world enjoyable for those in the RP side, and a server that's chill and relaxing for those not quite as interested in such.
What is a king? You would probably think a wealthy powerful or a leader. Well, what if I tell they are real but not what you think they are.

"Strength always comes with responsibilities."

A man named Izumo Kusanagi once said that y'know. Sounds a lot like someone right, well I won't say who but I bet you know. Well, kings exist but instead of wealth or leadership, they are just superhumans among humans.

"The final curtain falls at the very moment a person gives up."

Miwa Ichigen said that one and, to be honest, all kings follow this quote to the very end. Now the question lays ahead, will you make peace or destroy all who oppose you?
The City of New Queens, a city that always has something going on due to it being ruled over by the Echlin family who basically run the show. Although... during their reign in New Queens, the original Boss of the family made a deal with a dark figure in the past, the deal caused the present people in 2020 to gain some kind of powers... but something always happens when people have powers. Now you get to choose what you wanna do! Keep the city under control with the Echlin family, Stay neutral and not intervene or cause mayhem with the power you’ve obtained, the choice is yours...
☀ Welcome to Cyrus City! ☀

☀ What do we offer?
☀ An LGBTQ+ friendly environment
☀ Mythical Creature OCs
☀ A nice Sci-fi roleplay
☀ A friendly community
☀ An original RP lore
☀ Tupperbox for roleplaying
☀ A server captcha bot to prevent raids


We're a new RP server, so there's not a lot of people right now, but here's a plot summary:

Welcome to Cyrus City, the year is 2274.

Cyrus City is a bright, friendly city that prides itself upon its ability to survive on only renewable energy. It’s situated near the Amazon Rainforest, but the government hardly ever touches the rainforest. Ever since the fossil fuel crash of 2056, the world sought out new ways to survive, and ended up converting completely to solar power. 97% of countries around the globe completely banned the use of any fossil fuel or coal as energy sources. With this ban, most machines that were previously used with fuel or coal were scrapped, turned into solar-powered machines, or turned into the current currency, Becqs. However, with a ban, always comes some people who defy it. Deep in the underground parts of Cyrus City, where the government scarcely touched, a black market is run. A gallon of fossil fuel goes for a whopping 400 Iron Becqs. The Black Market is mainly made up of the lowest of the low class citizens, although there are rumors that some rich people have ties with it.

Ever since Humanity made the switch to completely renewable energy, mythical creatures have come out of hiding to say hello. They introduced their own technology which helped human technology skyrocket ever since they made the truce.


We hope to see you here soon!
Welcome one and all to the great Circles of Hell! We offer some good, original lore and mostly free roleplay! We got some easy to follow rules and more than friendly peeps! My name is Nicci and I am more than happy to have you!

Hope to see ye soon~
Dragons. Magic. Gods.
Just silly things the humans invented to fill the gaps in their knowledge. 

To give their fears a face. That was what logic dictated, and as an artificial intelligence, that was what I thought…
Until the war came upon us.
It turned out, they were not tales that hide human fears, they were very real.
And the world almost ended in a war for power.
But luckily, humans prevailed into a now very different world.

Welcome to Pandora, a big continent, full of open space, and opportunities.
A place where the most advanced technology clashes with the most fantastic magic.
Pandora is a small roleplay server, with expanding lore, where you can be (almost) anything.
A place defined only by the creativity of its inhabitants.
Come have fun, a place where your char can not only live, but shape, create and transform the word.
Almost everything is permitted.
So what are you waiting for?

Disclaimer, we have rules. We are not barbarians. The server is strictly 18+
It's been awhile since I found an interesting Sci-Fi server. So due to that, I decided to make a military sci-fi based server with a heavy focus on plot and characters, less so on the badass factor, ranks, and equipment. The main focus will be the characters and how they develop when living in a time of crisis and hatred.

In the year 3020, the Federation fell due to a plethora of problems. From it's ashes rose many nations, some large and strong, others small and frail. This is where the nation of Ordane comes in. Tarlan Ordane, the leader of the people neglected by the Federation and it's minions now fights with the Federation's once favored pet in the Krex Galaxy, Salzador.

The current year is 3607 and many has been drafted into the military to fight these men, these tyrants and oppressors. You, the new character will be in the military whether by force or by volunteering. The fights will be long and brutal, but the great leader Tarlan Ordane expects you to do your duty and he will do his.

Warning: This server will have dark themes and topics, if you don't believe you can handle it, please do not join.
We are a science fiction roleplay server inspired by many successful series such as Halo, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Cyberpunk 2077, and many more.

The year is 2187, humanity has just concluded a 90 year conflict in space and for now a thin blanket of peace has covered the galaxy.

Following the years of peace, you, as the roleplayer, get to decide the life of your character. You will experience life within the universe as a UNSF Starfarer, or possibly, the experience of a criminal, a mercenary, a bounty hunter, a scientist, and many more unique occupations that may aid in progressing the story of the roleplay. Whether you choose to establish or demolish relationships between groups or factions and even nations, to possibly discover hidden treasures and secrets on other planets, or ancient monoliths created by an ancient and long forgotten race, you have the freedom to be who you want to be.

Will you go as a soloist? Or maybe enlist a crew to partake in your journey through space? The possibilities are quite endless and with the current shape of the universe, freedom has never felt so free before. How will you create your story in this world?

Things we offer
★ - A large open world roleplay area
★ - GM events and missions
★ - A friendly community!
★ - An interesting lore system!
★ - New content based on user suggestions!
★ - Literate and active roleplay!
Disclaimer: This server is not exactly Metal Gear related nor directed by Hideo Kojima.


Are you tired of the same shitty server over and over? The same dead military cock measuring contests? The god awful "tier" systems? The same shitty staff? Do you want to finally break out of the eternal disboard loop and join a server that doesn't fucking suck? Introducing Faction Hell: Sons of Liberty! We have...

- Complex interactions between factions (not just basic trade and brainless war)
- Unique player-created factions with interesting lore and cultures
- Actual diplomacy and interaction
- Spicy space politics!
- Server relevance is based on quality of writing, not time on the server, so if you have brain cells you can hop right into the center stage! We're very open to new active players, especially ones that write well!
- Well balanced rules to prevent total bullshit. You don't have to be super death empire #95852538 to have fun! Make what you want to make!
Hello, and welcome to Pneuma Productions! There are few things that this server is aiming to be.
1. A place where the people of Pneuma Productions can show others the content that they create.
2. A place for those who enjoy games, animation, and art in general.
And last but most importantly
3. A community where we can all share with each other, play with each other, and have fun with each other.
With that said, please enjoy your stay here at Pneuma Productions!
A great war rages across the multiverse between two organizations, the Wyan Rage and the Hunters. The war has been brought to the city-state of Phoenix Drop and the neighboring city-state of Blackwater Falls though many have taken to calling it the "Fallen City" as it was occupied and completely leveled by the Wyan Rage. Both sides now engage each other in a gureilla war with the Wyan Rage making occasional incursions and terror attacks on the city leaving local Phoenix Drop law enforcement, government forces, and the Hunters to hold off the Wyan Rage attacks. The war for Phoenix Drop marks a turning point in the war for both sides, whichever side achieves victory will gain a decisive edge over the other and decide the very fate of the multiverse, how will you influence the the outcome of this great conflict?
☆ Welcome to Centauri Station. We are a STRICTLY 18+ Science-Fiction C/E/RP Server. ☆

Created from a passion for the genre and from exhaustion of the fantasy, school, supernatural and mansion roleplay settings, we proudly present our hours of work to the world.

Our features include:

☆ Deep, handmade lore that includes Races, Planets, and Factions; we also encourage people to craft their own and submit them for approval to be added to the canon of our universe.
☆ An easy-to-learn setting aboard the crime-ridden planet of Proxima Centauri-b.
☆ A custom in-server tabletop built from the ground up, which makes use of the in-server currency and items. This feature is still in development, but is being worked on actively.
☆ A plethora of Community and Hentai/Porn-related channels for your enjoyment. This includes memes, art channels, and more.
☆ A special VIP Deck for Verified users, including Selfies and Nudes.
☆ Specially-categorized E/RP Request Boards.
☆ “Custom Rooms” which allow you to RP in areas outside of our pre-made assortments.

It is the year 3020 and for one reason or another you have ventured to the planet of Proxima Centauri-b, famous for its two massive cities “El Dia” and “La Noche”. Sadly life is never as pretty as the advertisements and quickly you realize that you’ve dove head-first into a cutthroat, crime-ridden world. Become a Freelance Operative, a Corporate Bloodhound, or whatever it takes to survive in the seductively cruel world of neon lights.

☆ See you there, Space-Farer! ☆