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↠ The Minecraft Meetup Server is a server based upon Faqenz's original idea of a Minecraft server where everyone can meet new players, interact with them, play some Minecraft with them & just in general have a great time!

↠ Our server supports all platforms of Minecraft, from Java edition, to the numerous platforms of the Bedrock edition & the Education edition!

↠ We provide a positive, supportive environment in which to watch, learn & grow your Minecraft skills, whether that be PvP, Redstone, Building, Modding or anything in between!
**Gorilla Gaming Faction PvP PS4**

Offers members a choice of server.
We are looking factions and lone wolves.

⭐ 52 Slot Livonia Faction Server
⭐ Live Killfeed records PvP
⭐ Buildfeed feeds directly into admin channel to protect offline raiding.
⭐ Big factions and lots of lone wolves.
⭐ Loot is balanced so anyone new can find top tier weapons.
⭐ Hoarding doesn't affect the loot economy.
⭐ Active admins there to help.
⭐ Lots of UK and US players already members.
⭐ raiding rules to encourage attack and defend siege.
⭐ protected bases no offline raiding.

Join the discord today and get started!
🌟 Chill community

⭐ Lots of events

⭐ always active/Nitro server

⭐ future giveaways!

⭐ Lots of Weebs and gamers.

⭐ mostly highshool / younger
- Cluster network with the maps Ragnarok, Valguero, Extinction, The Center, Abberation and Genesis (Crystal Island will comig on 4 of June) for small tribes (2 Player).

- Four language support (German, English, French)

- Custom Beacons on small tribes cluster.

- Custom Quest System in Ark. *** Disabled atm for rework ***

- Cross Server Chat.

- Item Shop in Ark.

- ORP (Offline Raid Protection).

- Taming, harvesting, breeding are on x10 on big tribe and x20 for small tribe.

- Turret limit in a range of about 30 foundations is set to 200, this avoids huge turret walls and gives the user a better gaming experience.

- Powerful hardware and 1 Gbit/s download and upload (6 Core Xeon with 128Gb Ram and 8 core ryzen with 64Gb Ram).

- slots per server is 70 players. ( 6 servers with 70 players each! )

[b]Small Tribe Setting´s[/b]
► XP x20
► Harvesting x20
► Taming x20
► Breeding x40
► Tribe Limit 2
► Allys are deactivated!
► Player Level Cap 150
► Wild Dino Level Cap 150

► Structures Plus
► Ressource Stacks
► Awesome Spyglass
► Editable UI
► Solo Farmkit
► Reward Vault

► Suicide
► Cross Server Chat
► Custom Quest System *** Deactivated atm***
► ORP (Offline Raid Protection)
► Tribe Log Relay
► Turret Filler
► Passiv Dino Protection
Hey ! Bienvenue sur HayzFight !

Vous pourrez y trouver :

Des builds à couper le souffle
Un Farm2Win compétitif
Grade achetable en jeu
Pleins de nouveautés
Un staff compétent et à l'écoute

Voici la disquette contenant les coordonnées du serveur

Ip :
Site :
Discord :
Recrutement : Fermé
Black Rifle PMC
We are a detachment from the U.S Army that specializes in everything and anything, we are notorious for strategic raids, counter insurgence, scouting, and intelligence gathering. there is a basic training that consists of 4 courses to enter a SOF you need to be evaluated and chosen by the SOF team after proving yourself. We offer the following;


Force Recon
Sniper recon team to evaluate targets for long periods of time from a distance away and provide overwatch for some operations

Raider Division
Specialized group of people how to run n’ gun into enemy territory while looting there base

Quick Reaction Force
respond to operations that went sideways to retrieve loot and men from hot zones. Can also distribute medical aid

Recovery Team
in a time of war when the base is taken of looted they respond to execute all hostiles and retrieve any and all taken property. They work hand in hand with Force Recon and QRF


Military Police
individuals that don’t like front line action or travel long distance are still useful, they can stay at the base as Military police also known as MP’s. These individuals protect the base, farm crops, build walls, and hold prisoners at bay. When everyone else is out they hold the FOB from raiders, zombies, and protect the Quartermaster

front line soldiers that are the hammers that drive nails into the enemy's coffins. They are present during raids, base defense, scavenging, asset protect, base building, or just lending a hand. Without an Infantry, there isn’t a military

drivers are in every division, from special operations to MP’s. The drivers are every soldier's best friend and can make the difference between success and defeat

Field Transceiver Technician
special individuals that are trained to use radios for long-distance deployments, usually in every Infantry squad there are 2 in SOF there are 1

Field Medic
Every team needs someone to handle the medical nonsense, the few and brave who run towards gunfire for their fellow soldiers to offer high class medical aid

Support Gunners
Typical run n’ gun soldiers with enough ammunition to supply a militia for months, the are the first to stick their heads up and the last to go back down

Join today and be part of the strong and the proud!!
⚡️BobsWithFobs cluster⚡️
🎮Xbox/Windows 10🎮
🖥Discord Code : kbZBryg🖥

✨4 Man No Ally✨

📌8 maps
📌4 man
📌no alliances
📌10x harvest & xp
📌custom drops
📌in-game shop (free)
📌good admins, no ABUSE 🙂
📌fast breeding
📌events & more!

We are more than an ark server here at the BWF cluster. We are a community. Feel free to join us.
A Destiny 2 LFG server, you can find people here for anything. Can be raids, crucible, trials, strikes ect.

MatrixCraft is a Minecraft server network created with passion and idea to create a unique, fun, and interesting server for everyone.

MatrixCraft offers 3 modes:
Creative Plots for all amazing builders,
KitPvP for all PvP players,
The Matrix, original, custom and fun mode with an entertaining story, various characters, custom items, vehicles, guns, open city where everyone can build, 2 big and different worlds and much more!

MatrixCraft is also doing something very important. The server has the mission to help save the world. Every month we will donate to global organizations that save the world and support their actions to make our planet a better place to live. Through buying a rank in our store you will be supporting the needed mission of our server and the improvement of our global network.

The server will be opening soon!
The server will be on Java Premium version. 1.8 - 1.15.2
Have a nice day!
**Tu connais __Sideria__?
C’est un serveur __Minecraft__ PvpFaction/Skyblock en développement.**

🥀 **__NOS ATOUTS__**🥀

**📌-> Le staff est à l’écoute et très sympa

💡-> Un serveur bien organisé qui ne demande qu’as grandir !

🌟-> Nous cherchons du staff actif et compétant

__Alors ? Rejoint nous !__**
Welcome to W101! Here, we have a community who enjoys playing wizard101. We also host shops for unique and rare treasure cards to add to your collection! Events and giveaways are a daily thing, so stay tuned!
SCUMperience ist ein deutscher SCUM Server auf dem wir den Survival Aspekt von SCUM und PvP Szenen in Einklang bringen. Ein Server auf dem kein High-Loot aktiviert ist und die Zombies noch eine Gefahr darstellen. Trotzdem geht der PvP Aspekt nicht verloren. Denn das macht den Reiz des Spiels aus, wenn man beim Looten auf andere Überlebende trifft oder sich epische PVP Kämpfe gegen andere Gruppen liefert.

Warum SCUMperience?

- Öffentliches Admin Log auf unserem Discord, kein Missbrauch von Admin Rechten
- Human Trader System mit echtzeit Inventar Liste auf unserer Website
- Coin System, voll automatisiert, als In-Game Währung
- Voll automatisiertes wöchentliches Ranking
- Voll automatisierte Kopfgeldjagd
- Keine Baurestriktionen, bis auf einige POIs per Regelwerk
- Regelmäßige Events (high-loot hour, selfie event, deathmatch, etc.)
- Voll automatisierter Discord Bot für Kills, Entfernung, Spielzeit und Heatmap
- Willkommensgeschenk für neue Spieler
- Ein umfangreicher Discord und eine großartige Community
- Ein Server/Orga-Team, dass bereits seit Jahren zusammenarbeitet
- Aktive Administratoren
- Unabhängigkeit von allen technischen Themen, beide Server-Owner sind Software Entwickler und haben alles selbst in der Hand
- Deutsche und englische Inhalte, sowie zweisprachige Community
- SCUMperience ist ein SCUM Server von Spielern, für Spieler!


SCUMperience is a german (and english speaking) SCUM server on which we harmonize the survival aspect of SCUM and PVP scenes. A server on which no High-Loot is enabled and the zombies are still a threat. Nevertheless the PvP aspect should not be lost. That's the attraction of the game, if you meet other survivors while looting in the city or if you have epic PVP fights against other groups.

Why SCUMperience?

- Public admin log on our discord, no abuse of admin rights
- Human Trader System with real time inventory list on our website
- Coin system, fully automated, as in-game currency
- Fully automated weekly ranking
- Fully automated bounty hunting
- No building restrictions, except for some POIs per rulebook
- Regular events (high-loot hour, selfie event, deathmatch, etc.)
- Fully automated Discord Bot for kills, distance, playtime and heatmap
- Welcome gift for new players
- An extensive discord and a great community
- A server/orga team which has been working together for years
- Active administrators
- Independence from all technical issues, both server owners are software developers and have everything under their own control
- German and English content, as well as a bilingual community
- SCUMperience is a SCUM server by players, for players!
TGN is the community to join, with varying game nights to enjoy and play our favourite games. If you're interested in Minecraft, we also have our own semi-vanilla survival server. Our Minecraft population has grown with 16,000 unique players from January 2019 to January 2020!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ( P R É S E N T A T I O N ) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Qu'est-ce que Xerion-PvP ?

Xerion-PvP est un serveur Minecraft Bedrock PvP Faction moddé en cours de développement, avec un staff complet, actif et a l'écoute. Des développeurs très actifs travaillent d'arrache-pied pour permettre aux joueurs un serveur fluide, jouable et qui donne envie !

Quels sont nos ajouts moddés ?

Nous possédons trois différents minerais : le Rozium, l'Erazium et le Xerium. Chacun de ces minerais est utile à fabriquer des armures, des épées, des pioches, et plein d'autres choses intéressantes, qui ont chacun un niveau de pouvoir dépendant de la rareté de leur minerais !
II Naruto: DayBreak II Literate RP II Non-Canon Timeline II

A new era peeks over the horizon of the shinobi world, and with it the strings of destiny are wound tighter for those brave enough to greet it. An era of peace is finally coming to a close as nations push their borders to seek further expansion and whispers of the power within the Jinchuriki are on the tips of everyone's tongues. The attack on Kumogakure only raises tension, their Raikage ready to unleash a storm on those responsible. Where will you stand? Will you cross enemy lines to gather information on opposing forces or will you collect the bounties of those that deserted your proud nation? Perhaps you tread a different path though, one that leads you to nurture the minds of those young and eager. No matter the path, your destiny calls at the approach of Daybreak.

The Server

-A literate writing community where quality is rewarded, with space for character growth.

-No starting rank requirement, but higher ranks require a higher level of literacy and some an RP sample of the quality you will uphold while role playing.

-Simplistic stat system to give general idea of character ability and skill.

-Suggestion channel to voice concerns and suggestions to better the server

-Character database to easily find other player bios

-And much much more!

Update: 6/4/2020

-Hokage & Tsuchikage (Rank Open- SoftMod position)
-Jinchuriki (Accepting applications for both approval and wait list)
-Document Updates
Hello fellow survivors, looking for a server to call home? Try “Akatsuki’s Verdansk”. If you’re unsure, visit our discord ( where you’ll find server settings and other information. The admin team is committed to generating a community everyone can enjoy being apart of. We hope to see you in Verdansk!
Welcome to the new Boutte Pirates official Community for space engineers, where players that are interested in PVP/PVE. Please feel free to join where everyone is welcome :)

Server info:

please follow our

Server information

Please read this MOTD for server info and rules.
-- Info
Inventory size: 60x
Block inventory size: 4x
Ship size limit: 50k blocks
View Distance: 15km
Ingame Scripts: On
Airtighttness: On
Spiders: Off
Wolves: Off
No PCU limits.
-- Block Limits (per player)
4 Assemblers
8 Rotors
4 Pistons
4 Advanced Rotors
-- Mod Info
Air Traffic
Automatic Ore Pickup
Gravel Resource Extractor
Modular Encounter Spawner
Tech Blocks Everywhere
Text Hud API
Tiered Ship Tools
Tiered Tech Blocks
Tiered Thruster Overhaul
Defense Shields - v1.9(83)
-- Rules
1. No excessive amounts of pistons or rotors that could cause
server to crash.

2. No Solar sun scripts with rotors which lags the server.
This server is a PVP server. we recommend all newcomers to team up in a faction.
Signature_Style is a guild on BDO that is recruiting young and experienced minds. We have a lot to offer. Soon we will be running T1 Node Wars, until then we grind Mirumok, Aakmans and S`ycrai daily. We are very helpful and willing to invite new players as well and tech them the way of the game and their class. Feel free to join us and come hang!
This is a server based on mainly roblox and minecraft, although we do play other games sometimes. I am active almost all the time and so are some of the mods / admins. If you join I would really appreciate it.
A Wizard101 hangout server that hosts pvp tournaments along with other wizard101 related events. Even if you don’t partake in pvp you can use this server to get help from higher level wizards and make new friends!
Salut a tous
J'espère que vous allez tous bien !
aujourd'hui je voulais vous présenter un nouveau serveur pas comme les autres, ce serveur Minecraft et discord s'appelle LightexNetwork .

√ Présentation du serveur Minecraft :
LightexNetwork Est un serveur ouvert au crack et au premium, qui est en cours de développement . Un serveur avec plein de mode de jeu introuvable dans la majorité des autres serveurs, Un serveur avec des évents et des récompenses régulieres

__Fanctionalités du serveur Minecraft :__

> - Farmer du lightcoins pour débloquer des nouveaux pouvoirs.
> - Améliorer vos pouvoirs.
> - Augmenter votre grade en fonction de votre expérience de jeux ( kills, xps, lightcoins...).
> - des permissions à débloquer.
> - Devenez l'un des meilleurs membres du serveur.

__Présentation de notre serveur discord :__
__Serveur discord avec :__

> ✓ Tickets
> ✓ Concours
> ✓ Recrutement
> ✓ Des récompenses régulières
> ✓ Des grades intéressants
> ✓ Plus de 50 salons textuels et vocaux pour tous les goûts
> ✓ Des niveaux à découvrir pour montrer votre activité sur le serveur
> ✓ Une communauté Sympathique.
> ✓ Staff Actif et a l'écoute de tout le monde.
• je vous invite a rejoindre le serveur !

👇👇👇 invitation 👇👇👇
Big Stinky Gaming 💨🎮

Welcome to BSG, we have opened up a community server for PvP, 1PP,  factions + lone wolves. We are UK based currently with UK based admins only, we may be working towards covering other time zones. All are welcome, be it a lone wolf, group of 3 or a full faction ready to go 💙

⭐ We have a live and working killfeed 💀
⭐ Adjusted the loot economy so it is consistent for anyone who joins weeks after it started. Hoarding does not affect obtaining high tier weapons. 🔎
⭐We have added extra items such as the sword and cannabis seeds as well as different colour varients of items and weapons  ⚫
⭐Rules are designed to protect bases from offline raiding and promote fair game PvP, creating a welcoming, friendly and thriving discord community. 🗣️📚
⭐ Zero tolerance for rule breakers. Please make sure you are happy with the guidelines and rules before you get settled.✔️
⭐ Weekly events will be organised by one of the admin team ⚔️
⭐ Base raiding is allowed following the base raiding rules and guidelines 🏰

KOS everywhere except for the safe zone. 💀
A growing community of bedwars players. We accept all different level of skill. Noobs to PvP LORDS!! Everyone is welcome! So if Hypixel Bedwars is your thing, this is the server for you!