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✨Space Station Duels✨
Space Station Duels is a discord server designed for people to chill and play with friends and the community in Rust, Mordhau and Among us. Get cool roles by leveling up and being active!
- A nice chill Mordhau and Rust server!
- Meet new people to play with!
- Help grow our community!
Academy Gaming is a Multi-Game Community to bring players together in a chill, non toxic community. We host servers and events on the main active games of our discord. This is a community to bring all communities together in a chill hangout zone with plenty of game and chat channels that are hidden unless you give yourself a role to them.
King Annihilate Army is a chill gaming and content creation community for many games and regions around the world. We host our own dedicated servers and servers for certain games. Join to hang out, talk about gaming and participate in the memes.
Have foppish men shown you the way to the dung covered peasant convention over and over again, just to strike you down with a Maul? Not anymore! You finally found the convention! It is time to train and beat those foppish men! We manage a NOOB Duel server (32 players) and want to give a good place for people to train who like us don't have a 1000h in the game yet. There's also a 64 player sever for modded games and co. Mod suggestions welcome :)
A server for medieval enthusiasts where you can share your knowledge or learn about medieval history from others. This server is also for medieval games and showcasing builds. If you have any suggestions for the server we have an suggestion channel bellow the rules. If you are interested in becoming an administrator you may ask the owner.
╞══════ Rejoignez les rangs de l'armé Royal ! Notre Roi a besoin de preux chevaliers tels que vous pour agrandir, protéger et maintenir la paix dans son territoire.
♕ Ϯ Nous sommes le Royaume de France, une puissante armée qui marche sur l'Europe. Ϯ ♕
Notre tag : {RDF}

⚔ ⚔ Nous combattons dans un cadre RP et avec honneur sur le jeu vidéo Mordhau. Nous sommes présents sur les serveurs Duke of York, The Dark Ages, et sur les modes de jeux de base (Frontline, Invasion, skirmish, etc)

📜 Nous avons un système de rangs, des armures et des rôles qui sont fidèles à l'histoire.

💛 Nous sommes accueillant avec les nouveaux joueurs, nous voulons avant tout créer une bonne ambiance RP.

🤺 Nous formons et entraînons les nouvelles recrues qui en ont besoin.

🏳 La faction est très majoritairement francophone 🏳

👑 Notre roi est courageux, et nombreux sont les puissants qui lui ont déjà prêté allégeance.

⚜ Nous vaincrons pour la France ! ⚜

📣 Rejoignez notre DISCORD :
Welcome to Castion's Crusade! We won't stop at any means to crush our oppressors! Whether we are fighting on the ramparts of Feitoria, the rolling hills of Grad, or the sprawling mines of Taiga, we are always ready for a fight! (This is a Mordhau faction looking for active players, if you are interested in joining, we would love to see what you can do!)
Witam poszukuję osób do nowo powstałego klanu mordhau
-mieć zakupioną grę :P
oraz chęci (przyjmujemy wszystkich nawet początkujących)
Co zapewniamy początkującym
-Naukę walki 1v1 (podskoki,finty parowanie)
-to samo tylko z większą ilością przeciwników
-Nauki walki w szyku,strzelania(łuk,kusza),broń drzewcowej
Co chcemy organizować
-Rozmaite rekonstrukcje bitewne
-Bitwy drużynowe(własny klan)
-Bitwy Klanowe(polskie lecz prędzej zagraniczne)
-Scenariusze szkoleniowe (ćwiczenia kawaleria na odziały strzeleckie itp)
Jeżeli jesteś zainteresowany dołączeniem lub samym wytłumaczeniem podstaw (nie chcąc brać udziału w klanie)
Zapraszam w nasze skromne progi.
What do you see yourself as?
A Knight? Warrior? A Wolf? Or a Sheep?
Prove yourself and fight for Blackram, a reignited clan geared towards War. We don't fight for any patriarchy, or Kingdom. We fight for War.

Newer Clan remade following the wisdom of Apollyon.
Not many members, a Spot can be yours.
We accept ALL. Doesn't matter if you are Viking, or Samurai, or Knight. War is War, and it needs bodies.
Only a few restrictions, Emblem and Colors. Everything else is up to you.
We are a hybrid, playing on Mordhau and For Honor. If you'd like to only play on one game, you are still welcome to join and wait for events/happenings on the game of your choosing.

NEW PLAYERS ALLOWED!!! We are willing to mentor the newer players, teaching what was learned from others a while ago. (Mostly applies in Mordhau)

WE MAINLY PLAY ON PC! But that doesn't mean we won't accept you. You can still fly our flag in Xbox For Honor, or, as an alternative, be redirected to our allied group who mainly plays on Xbox.
BREAD Vikings is a chill gaming community that began on Mordhau. We play all kinds of games together and regularly have meetings/events/community building. We would love to have you join our team and rise in the ranks of the BREAD Vikings!
--Active, regular meetings
--Beginner Friendly
Red Rum Bandits started out as a clan on Mordhau for the melee competitive scene, nowadays we’ve expanded to multiple games and stay true to the groups purpose. For friends and fun.
╔════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ════╗
---------Swiss Guard---------
╚════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ════╝

We are a Mordhau pike and shieldwall group, which hosts and participates in many unique events, ranging from 10v10 skirmishes, to infection mode on modded maps.

Upon enlistment, you will receive the Citizen rank and will have the opportunity to rank up as you gain experience within the group. This will come in the form of 'XP', which is fully integrated into our server role system.

Progress from a simple Guardsman to a mighty Captain! Earn server currency from attending events! You will become more noticeable on the battlefield with vibrant surcoats and gold-tinted weaponry which becomes available in the server's store. Furthermore, you will gain access to other classes, such as the Halberdier a lightly armoured soldier, who guards the pikewall's flanks.

In your first training session you will be put through the basics of Mordhau pikewall combat, which includes: basic pikewall commands, formations and tactics. There will also be opportunities for fun mini-games such as: duelling circles, javelin dodgeball matches, fashion shows and brawling competitions.

We have two main Cantons: Berne and Zurich. These were areas of land in the Old Swiss Confederacy. In our group, they serve as battalions, with an intense rivalry between them. You can enter a canton by earning a 'Canton Pass', purchasable with server currency from the server store. You will train, fight and live in your Canton from this point forward.

Alternatively, you may be invited to the Canton of Zug later in your career. This is a special unit; members will serve as elite flankers during skirmishes, lead by Weqqw of Zug.

Watch this video to learn the basic line commands:
The 20r was founded in February 28th 2014 as the 20th Regiment of Foot. Our roots stem from Mount and Blade Warband yet we eventually branched out towards Multi-Gaming. We strive to provide both quality casual and competitive experiences to our members in their favourite games. This is achieved through our years of experience, offering a strong foundation to uphold a robust clan structure. We go for quality over quantity, where every member is valued and represents the 20r as a whole.
Fear and Terror [FaT] is an 18+ PC Gaming Community that focuses on creating an active and teamwork-based environment for the games we play. We are a no-drama, no-bullshit group that strives to have fun while focusing on winning. We operate off of our discord, where all meta-communication takes place.
Tyranny is a competitive Mordhau Clan that wants too grow in members and play in tournaments/scrims. If you own Mordhau and search a clan feel free too join and apply for us! We are EU mainly but accept NA Players.

Age restriction: 16+
Owner: wraithseer#3928
Leader: Defox#4358
We're currently a very small gaming community with only one server. We require active users, donations and ongoing support to grow further, and wish to do so in the future!
Gaming community with an active player base and a Rust, Five-M and a Mordhau server. Come join!

Here is what we offer as a server:

🏹 A Medieval/Game of Thrones Server Theme 🏹
🎮 Gaming 🎮
🎭 Role-Playing 🎭
🥇 A Levelling System 🥇
😂 Memes 😂
🔞 NSFW Channels 🔞
🎻 Music 🎻
📂 Server Advertising/Partnerships 📂
🔈 Dedicated Communication Channels 🔈
😃 A Friendly, Welcoming Bunch 😃

What are you waiting for? Join The Royal Vanguard now and become a member of The Kingdom. 🏰
just a place to hang out (i need more friends)
this is a clan of milfs we all suck at the game but i hope you will suck with us