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"What will our future become?"
"I don't know."

Cikei Academy was established nearly a century ago, after the discovery of magic.

The concept was simple- an academy created by knowledgeable and skilled magic bearers to teach the new generation of magic bearers to properly control and use their ability, for the good of all humanity.

That's the cover story, at least.

In reality, while the Academy upholds its promise of teaching magic bearers how to properly control and use their abilities, the purpose of doing so was far from good. Quite the opposite, actually..


What we offer:
❈ Immersive and open-ended lore ❈
❈ Active and friendly staff team ❈
❈ Several types of magic to choose from, and more on the way ❈
❈ Three line minimum, to keep roleplay quality high ❈
❈ Over a hundred channels, both for roleplay and casual conversation ❈
❈ Open to partnerships! ❈

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Welcome to Crescent High school!

Crescent Hig school is a new, Thriving server.

Within Crescent, you can interact with a ton of different people and meet some great people, you can also join the roleplay with almost any type of character. Just make sure they are Young enough to join the school.

we allow everything from Custom Species to any power you could ever want, just drop by and check it out!

"Set within the country of, Crescent high school is a school ran by the government for anyone to practice and train their unique abilities. People come from all over the world to study and train within the glorious school.

After Graduation, the students are almost guaranteed a job for the country and are encouraged to continue their training or come back and teach the next generation. Nobody is outcasted from our school.

Why don't you come and join us within our walls?"
Hey everyone! Ever found a server that let you express your creativity? Without many limits? Without all the long specifications? And tedious approvals and long wait times? Well than you've just found us!
Gem Academy is for you to enjoy yourself a! It's a self made world that I have designed with intent to write books for it. No wait times. No approvals. Just fun.
We include:
- Tupper (this isn't required to be used but it's there)
- multitudes of channels for you to roleplay in
- places for people who don't wanna roleplay and just chat
- friendly staff (currently looking )
- A simple and easy template to follow
- easy verification process
- Creative and original components
- Original but easy to follow lore
- no plotlines. Free up your creativity

Doc of the lore link:
Dear whoever this letter finds its way to,

Greetings, we are pleased to inform you that you have been graced with the wonderful opportunity to enroll at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
We are in desperate need of more teachers and staff, please take this into consideration upon joining us.

The term begins soon. We excitedly await your arrival.

Yours sincerely,
Headmaster Vanderwalt & Headmaster Oriaan
Hello! welcome to our server, we want to give users an experience similar to what students would experience at Hogwarts.
We have high aspirations for what we want to give to our members.
Right now we need : Teachers, Prefects, and Students.
Right now we have no teachers as our server is just being opened to the public, we hope to see you soon!
KEEP IN MIND: this server is uner construction
I would also like to mention that we do not support the views of JK Rowling and her tweets. With that being said, we do not wish to spread hate or negativity, we simply disagree with her.
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Ivoryhorn's Boarding School is an academy for gifted children from the ages of 14 to 18.
Young teens that are enrolled in Ivoryhorn's learn to control their magical abilities that they were given at birth along with a regular high school experience.
The founder, Joanna Ivoryhorn wanted to create a safe environment for people like her to learn and grow to defend themselves against the world.
•°• Welcome to Summoner RP! •°•

Summoner RP is a fun and friendly roleplaying server that is based on the summoner trilogy by Taran Matharu.
Here is what summoner RP has to offer!
✨ A SFW role-playing server. NO ERP ALLOWED!
✨ A nice friendly community to roleplay, chat, and play d&d with!
✨Lots of customizable roles to fit your character!
✨And staff that are open to Roleplay newcomers!

Start of Story:
It has been 10 years since the end of the Battlemage book, Fletcher has finished his education and went back to managing his New territory. Othello has continued the Smithery with his Golem and is ready to leave if anything happens or if he is called. Sylva has gone back for a vacation to her home land and is not going to be back for a year. But inside the Jungle, another Trouble is stirring and not waiting for our old protagonists to come back. it is your turn to help save Corcillium and its citizens. Beware of Traps, the enemy is cleaver, Beware of Back Stabbing, the enemy is sneaky, and beware of the land over the sea. You will start as a first year and work your way up, learn spells, demonology, and other things to help you in your travels.
"Eyerlin's Multiversity. A magic school for aspiring magicians. Choose among the three schools of mana; Astrology, Alchemy, and Biomancy and learn under experts at each. What wonders will you learn? secrets you unfold? It is up to you to find out. Go forth in this magical world and master the art of magic!"

This server is a magic school role play server set in the medieval times. Active admins and friendly users are what await you inside. We have support bots for reputation, economy, NPCs, and other things bound to give you a wonderful experience. Come on and come all to Eyerlin's Multiversity.
[] You quickly snatch the letter from the mailbox, not caring if there was another letter in there for someone else. Something was drawing you towards this one and it's brown splotched parchment. When you opened it you found out why. It read:

Dear future student of Witherwood School of Magic,

We write this letter to you to send our regards and wish you the best of luck on your journey to your new school. We also want to warn you of the things you may find. On the third floor storage room, for example, we have been seeing some venomous snakes. On the fifth floor locker room there were mounds of small centipedes, and, we can't forget our very own Professor Widow who has very...interesting...teaching methods.

Choose to become a Lighheart, Darkheart or Healerheart on your journey, but be careful. You may become one of the best and strongest mages out there, or, you may find yourself the most devastating and evil villain for miles.

Send back a letter with your response, Signed, Headmaster Phoenix.
Hiraeth academy was founded to provide a safe haven for mages and creatures alike, to protect them from the outside world that might wish to do them harm until they turn twenty one.

...However, a lot of things are *off* about this academy... Will you break the rules, face the consequences, and find the truth? Or will you stay complacent and finish your studies? It's your choice in this thrilling RP adventure.

~ LGBTQ+ friendly! ♡

~ Chill admins!

~ Special irp events!

~ Memes.

~ And so much more..!
I see this caught your eye! Great! Hopefully this will interest you even more when I explain it! If you like it so much don’t forget to talk and share about it with your friends

This server is a middle/High school roleplay server. Please remember that, I cannot express how many times someone has gotten the wrong idea about servers when it’s so clear on what it is. There is no murder, or at least hopefully not. I’d rather it just be a friendly server for everyone to wind down. Just be friendly! Maybe even get along and make a few friends while roleplaying!

In a land far, far away, had a middle/High school that welcomed both humans and creatures instead of just one of them. It was a school specially made for both humans and creatures to make new friends, laugh about in, to learn, to grow. The same goes for the teachers, but they’re learning about the students, and also teaching them. This is all thanks to a guy named Krypton, who was once the principal at the school. Now, his daughter is the principal of the school after he passed away to continue on what he made. The students here will learn what any other normal student would learn. There are many things to do here, and hopefully you’ll make a few friends here too in rp (or outside of rp too!). Will you drop out of this school, get expelled, or pass all classes and graduate? Only one way to find out now...come and join the fun!
In a world where the majority seek the eradication of the minority, there is hope. A world where the little has been made to be a simple parasite, a place where there is no escape.

This server takes place in V-001, a year into the Morse accident, where an innocent civilian was killed, mistaken for a parasite.
The "parasite" is something non-existent, but is a label in order to eradicate a more superior race: Tribloods. However, finding such creatures is far from easy...

Therefore tests at the age of four, to sweep them from young. It is the job of the family, to make sure they survive, before they are murdered.

Far from Emordnilap and the government, a school resides, taking in Tribloods and hybrids, keeping them safe, masking them as normal students. They are tested again and again, to the point where it seems that the students' safety is not the top priority.

The rule of Tribloods and stronger hybrids is simple: don't get caught, only Death waits.

With the government and Emordnilap scanning for any threats, it's only your job as a normal student to just survive school, whether Triblood, stronger hybrid, or neither.



This is a new server finally being released. This role play revolves around a school training their students to survive the world outside, which applies especially to any Tribloods. With skills available and an interesting plot, we hope to draw any daring members in.

Newest update:
•Mentua (another role play spot, allowing more than just students and teachers)
•Surprise drops and raffles for fun
•A few bots to mess about with

Future updates:
•City role play areas
"Before you graduate high school, you are asked to take a standardized test. Anyone who gets 90% or above on this test, gets sent somewhere. No one knows the actual name of the place outside of the parents and students."

Magic School rp!

We have a bunch of our own lore and a story planned!

Literate RP, LGBT+ Friendly.

I hope you enjoy!
A mysterious man in a black suit knocks on your door one day. He says there’s something he’s supposed to deliver. Without answering any questions, he hands you a letter and walks away, not before congratulating you out of the blue. Upon opening it, you find a highly decorated note, hand written with an incredibly good calligraphy
Dear (Your name here)

We are glad to inform you that because of your distinct set of abilities and background, you have been hand-picked from the population and are hereby invited to join us as one of our first students. We promise you will find:

- A welcoming community, accepting of all
- A staff team, ready to help you out with any doubts you have
- A good amount of lore, spanning from the creation of all, to how our academy was founded a long, long time ago

As a proud member of the Never Academy staff team, I hope you will join us soon. But always remember to survive.
Magic can be used by anyone, all you need to do is find the magic hidden inside your soul.

In 2058 man adopted a thing known as magic. For a while, it was used responsibly, but evil people got their hands on magic and used it for lots of terrible things. Conveniently there were many stronger magic users and they have been able to contain all of the evil for a while... but the evil has grown stronger within a few years and it's gotten even harder to contain, people fear that it will become too much for the good users to handle, and the evil will wreak havoc on the world again... At the thought that they would be overwhelmed, the good users started a school to train young magic users to fight against the evil, and they called it... Magicademy.
The Faden Academy, located in [REDACTED] City. Here, the students are classified by Three Classes. High Class, Medium Class and Low Class. The Sister Location school, Kadam's School for the Gifted, completely rips apart our school's ideals. Politicians were bribed by them, the media, everyone gives our school a bad reputation it rightfully deserves. People here fight instead of talking situations out. People train constantly to not get bullied by the High Class people, the untouchable people. Most of the High Class people are related to the Politicians and Government in some way, shape or form. The schools secretly fight countless students dying in the process. It's best described as a war. The Year is 2021, a new era for technology and overall discoveries. The 'Manipulation Natures' people have are either Hereditary, or randomized at birth. No one really knows how the Manipulating thing came to be, but it's here. There's an Organization that suspiciously gains members, as we lose students. People have been kidnapped never to be seen again, but the school seems to avoid that. . Sort of push it aside? Well, I guess you can never be too careful. But here we are! Present day, with a little bit more information than you had before. Now go out there and get 'em, champ!

What we offer
-Friendly staff!
-Lgbtq friendly
-A chance to grow your oc at your own pace.
-A unique lore and power up for ocs!
-We are a relatively new server
-Tons of channels to rp in!
-Youre welcome to have your personal plot for your ocs growth! (Wont affect main plot.)
-Be a professor or student in the academy!
-Note in case you're wondering why you can't see any roleplay channels. Theyee invisible until you create your oc.

So are you going to lie back and accept your darkened destiny? Or grab it in your hands and fight it until it submits to your will? Your choices could affect the school forever. Choose wisely!
The year is 2020, and the world isn’t quite as it seems. Several forms of Magick exist, one being elemental. This type of Magick is taught at Penderghast, the college of elemental Magicks. Penderghast was founded in 1693 by Desmond Penderghast as a safe haven for persecuted Attuned during the Salem Witch Trials. Ever since, the school has grown from a small manor to a large institution, it’s grounds sprawling far and wide.

Penderghast takes in students from all across North America, most from the United States. Numbers of its current attendance are somewhere in the lower 100,000s. Majority of students already know about Magick before their induction into the school, some from rich, prestigious families of great renown, others children of parents who have attended the school when they were younger. Others are clueless nobodies from normal Earth, who were sucked in through their bathroom mirror and spit out into the hall of mirrors.

The school seems to be in another dimension, one separate from Earth but with the same exact properties. There is gravity, the sun and moon, tides, etc. It’s considered a part of the “Magickal” world. Whether this is a different dimension, or an island invisible to the outside world — nobody knows. Regardless, the Magickal world has done a great job at keeping its existence a secret, it’s habitants sometimes venturing to Earth and containing any potential breaches in security.

What we offer:
• Simple lore and Magick system, easy to read and understand!
• Detailed but necessary and easy character creation.
• We accept one-lining, however highly discourage it.
• There are 25+ channels to role-play in (for now, more will be added as time progresses!).
• Welcoming staff.
• An experience-based Magick tiering system.
• Power approval.

+ Events
+ More spells
+ More expansive lore
+ More visually-appealing layout
+ And much, much more (hopefully!).

please do know that this server is based off of the choices series: the elementalists. most content in the server is actually drawn from it.
Welcome to Dremiton, School of Sorcery! In this universe every has a power that makes them unique. At Dremiton students go to learn how to use their powers for good and not evil. You can make a student or a teacher character! We hope to see you there!

ok so


a roleplay server
with (sometimes) responsible staff

a magic school

become a hero bruh


this school is in Japan

but foreigners are allowed

this school is Alizan High

where people of all kinds go to become heroes!

we have:

many channels
dank memes
amazing friends

and dont worry if you're shy, I understand. I wont make ya join

jOes barBeQuE fOoT mAsSaGe



join if you want

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

Hello there! Welcome to my server. When you join, you'll notice it looks a little different.
Worry not!
This is basically a lobby that leads you to 3 other servers created by me.
You can choose new hogwarts, the golden trio era, and the old hogwarts. This is a fairly new server, and I hope you like it!

Have fun, wizards!

•Enjoy canon, au, and ocs
•LGBTQ+ allowed
•Friendly staff
•Taking suggestions
•Much more!
Welcome to Hogwarts: Another Story, this is a A.U. where Harry Potter and the original cast, never existed. Instead, this is a place where you make your own allies, enemies, and your own story! Come join us now today!
Olá! Bem vindo ao server da escola Tsubaki, um server de rp, com uma história única e sistemas únicos! Venha ser quanto um herói, um estudante ou um vilão, mas também, se não gostar de role-play, o servidor também tem chats, bots, entretenimentos offtopics! Além do server ser todo organizado!
⭐Welcome WWWM (wonderful whimsical world of magic), a role play server for people who love magic! Here your can roleplay to your hearts content. ⭐
Quests are where!
We are open to partner ships!
Raliart Academy of the Arcane is a strange place. No one knows how long it's been here, or how long it will remain. It teaches magic to the generations of witches, and others. The school sorts its students into four houses: Lupuslykos, Ibisglafx, Tigristigri and Pistrisarpax. The wolf, the owl, the tiger and the shark. We're gladly accepting new enrollments. - Headmaster Adezhal
Welcome to Maginovum, a prestigious school for magic users. A school set in Wales, we allow students from all over the world, and many noble magic families send their children here to learn everything they need to know. From ages 10-21, this school will be remembered as one of the best times of your life.

Things we have to offer:
¬ Self-assignable roles!
¬ A blacklist that is always free to update!
¬ Active and friendly staff team
¬ Events and tournaments!
¬ Limitless colours for your user!
¬ We use Tupperbox for roleplay.
¬ We are open for partnerships!

At the moment, our school is small, but we are hoping to grow over time. We hope to see you here!