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CubePlanet is a new 2D gaming platform where users can trade, play and shop. You can visit our official website here —> !
welcome to our internet cafe :3

we’re a social and friendly server that has lots of fun things to do with everything you need to have a cool experience! join now and check it out and stay for a while if youd like. :)

(looking for admins & staff)
This is a server for Chill Active Vcs and gaming sessions also we have music bots and private channels you can use Another use of this server is Lous game nights! Gmod-TTT Minecraft-Survival Realm) Come and use this community to chat and play with us we will love to see you all in with us :)
This is a server where everyone is welcome to meet new people and wanna see how it will go,this place is a 18+ and up server and a area where you can ERP and make friends with the crazy,
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Здравствуй, дорогой друг. Это сервер где вы сможете найти сервер майнкрафт развивающегося в этом мире, а так же ютубера который на нём присутствует.
► Набираем актив сервера!
► Красивое оформление
► Музыка
► Экономика
► Мини-Игра
Немного о сервере:
► 2 режима ( Grief, SkyWars) в разработке сам сервер.
► Топовая администрация
► Да и вообще заходи и сам смотри!)

> Наша группа в ВК: :
> Наша беседа в ВК:

Тут всё:
Witam serdecznie,
Oto serwer discord stworzony dla ludzi chcących znaleźć kogoś do wspólnej gry oraz do miło spędzonego czasu :)
Serwer nowiutki i mały, ale bardzo ambitny i trwały :)
Zapraszamy do wspólnego tworzenia community :)
We are a small community but are looking forward to gaining more members that are willing to play with us/chat or help out with problems.
There are bots so you dont get bored and we are going to host giveaways (such as nitros) along with polls so you can choose whatever you want .
Everyones pretty friendly, there are little to no rules in the server , if there are issues the mods and admins are there to solve it.
We hope you chose our server :grin:
We are a small and growing community that loves to play strategy games. We welcome any and all strategy gamers to come in and relax with us. We do allow people to host games casually or events.
WELCOME TO MY SERVER -Community looking for active members 👀 -🛠️Need staff/Staff apply -Different channel with different things to do 🔥 -Giveaways🎉.
```↢⨊↣MORSEY´S CITY↢⨊↣```

-**Que es?**

Es un server de rol ambiantado al año 3935, a una ciudad futurista magica, donde tendremos grandes eventos y misiones, podras hacer amigos, crear grandes histrorias y sobretodo, divertirte.



Estamos en el año 3935, en una ciudad magica llamada Morsey, parece que la gente esta enserrada en este lugar, lograran superar las pruebas y salir de aqui?


-**Que te ofrecemos?**

`Staff activo`

`Eventos frecuentes`

`Variedad de lugares`

`Variedad para crear tus personajes`

`Server abierto a propuestas`

`Comunidad sin toxicidad`

`Server abierto a cualquier tipo de comedia`

`Poder decorar tu nombre con eleccion de colores`

`Server abierto a debates de cualquier tipo`

`Y por ultimo, echo por diversion y para diversion`


-**Ping:** || @everyone ||

-Owner de Morsey´s city
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❙-Oyun, program, kitap, film, eğitim, hacking gibi arşivlerin bulunduğu,

❙-Sürpriz ödüllerin verildiği,

❙-Her hafta yeni çekilişlerin yapıldığı,

❙-Yeni nesil arşiv sunucumuza sende davetlisin!

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Welcome to The DFC

Welcome to the DFC! Here you can fight with others using a unique bot command system! Originally created in the DBL. Will you become a DFC champion? Find out now by clicking the link below!

- Play games using bot commands!
- Spar with others in practice gyms!
- Fight your way through the ranks and potentially become a champion!
Welcome to !!!
A place where all who love visual novels gather.
The server is so-called " One Stop Visual Novel Site "
Friendly member, you got a problem, we solve it together.
New Developed bot which you can access our recommended visual novel through banner and pfp server. and many more feature soon ..
The Pawn Zone allows you to take part in many discussions with like-minded chess players. Our server offers:
➥ Study Material: Opening Systems, Gambit Openings, Defenses, Tricks & Traps, Tactics, End-Games, and Much More.
➥ Chess Bot that made it easy to play chess and solve chess puzzles on discord!
➥ Talk to FIDE Titled players like WIM Anna-Maja Kazarians, and WFM Lile Koridze.
➥ We believe in collaborative learning; so you can learn and teach chess, and thrive together!
➥ You are not just part of the server, you are a special member who can get access to build it as well.

So come, learn, teach, and improve your chess skills on discord.
Сервер "Обитель Мемасов" - это большая библиотека мемов всех мастей и видов,а так же ламповое общение. Присоединяйся,у нас тут классно!
Alerte giveaway ⚠️

Tentez de gagner un bot discord personnalisé totalement **GRATUIT** au 50 membres sur ce serveur

Voici votre ticket pour nous rejoindre

◇─◇──◇────◇ ◇─────◇──◇─◇
◇─◇──◇────◇ ◇─────◇──◇─◇
Bonjour ou Bonsoir, 👋

Je vous présente mon serveur qui pourra vous aider dans votre quête d'un serveur Discord fonctionnel et élégant, 🤖

Vous pouvez effectuer une commande pour que l'on vous créé un bot Discord unique et juste pour vous ! 🛒

Nos prix sont raisonnables,💶

Nous sommes à votre écoute afin de répondre au maximum à vos attentes, 🔥

Le bot en question peut servir pour de la modération, vous simplifier la vie, et même jouer avec vous ! 🛠️

Nous vous proposons aussi de configurer votre serveur Discord afin d'avoir un serveur propre, élégant, simple et fonctionnel, 💻

Nous recrutons également des développeur qui pourront s'occuper des commandes, les développeurs recevront l'entièreté de la rémunérations du client ! 👨‍💻

Nous espérons vous revoir bientôt ! 👋

Serveur Discord Communauté de Themaend

Serveur officiel de la communauté du Streameur/YouTubeur Themaend

Un staff à l'écoute :white_check_mark:

Des giveaway régulièrement :white_check_mark:

De l'entraide :white_check_mark:

Qu'attends-tu ?
**the server is predominately for gaming**
Welcome to ぺこぺこserver!
This place is for chilling out, chatting, debate and gaming.
☆The main chat is always for you to share your thoughts
☆We have our own Minecraft servers to play together!
☆ We are a tight-knit community
☆We LOVE Karaoke!!
☆Debate room is available to discuss any serious topics.
☆We occasionally play Among us!
☆Selfies, music, art channel are also available!
☆Besides English, you will see Japanese, Chinese French etc.. in the main chat!
☆As the server becomes a multicultural community, please respect each other.
Сервер для посиделок с друзьями! Тут есть аниме-каналы,
игровые каналы и просто каналы для общения с людьми!
Заходи и зови друзей!