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~what we have~
😌 | simple rules | 😌
🗺 | map to help you around the server | 🗺
👯‍♀️ | plenty of friendly partners | 👯‍♀️
🤖 | color chan, tupperbox, etc. | 🤖
😂 | memes | 😂
🧚‍♀️ | a detailed character template | 🧚‍♀️
✨ | plenty of reference images | ✨
📚 | flexible lore | 📚
✌️ | lots of roleplay channels | ✌️


Long long ago everyone.. every creature was at war. There was no peace at any corner. Witches, vampires, orcs, everyone hated each other. There was chaos everywhere and fights between each race. But eventually they all killed each other off. All that was left was children from each species but eventally they had kids.. then they had kids.. and so on. Now it is thousands of years after the great war. Every month two of each creature meet in the town hall to make sure peace is forming. They are the council. They're also basically the leaders of the country. Sometimes even they cant stay peaceful among each other. It isnt completely civil yet. But very slowly everyone is starting to grow into harmony with each other again.

come join us!
**Kingdom of ahlila**
*these lands have been prosperous for long. Villages and larger cities not having to worry about creatures nor other nations for a hundred years..till recently a demon lord has risen, building his forces to take down the kingdom. Demons, goblins, imps, undead, all these unholy creatures have been creeping their way into the kingdom. Cities falling to these creatures while the kingdoms armies trying their hardest to fight them off..the battle has been fought and the king was lost due to the bloodshed, however new problems have started to raise, not just in Guan but all over the world. No matter who you are, a warrior, a mage, a normal civilian, you may have the power to change the world for the better or for worse. So what do you say? Would you like to change the world for the better or worse?*

We have an amazing staff ready to help you, and answer any questions you may have. 📜

Flexible lore: meaning if you have any ideas for any races and such we will listen and consider adding them in. It can also be for a character or item or creature! 📜

Truth or dare channel! And many other social activities! We like to host them whenever we’re most active which is usually Friday’s ! It’s a lot of fun 😋

Tons of bots for you to have fun with if you aren’t just roleplaying! 🤖

Meme channel for those who have a massive meme collection >:3

Open roles for those who like to affect the story right away, or who like to build their own stories and events!

Combat depends all on you and your partner! If you like dice you could use them of course, if you need admin or mod intervention you got it!

Now what do you say? Care to join us and build an amazing story together?! We welcome any and all!

We’re currently looking for active beans who love to create lore and events! ^^ if that sounds like something you’re interested in shoot me a Dm!!
Evergarden Academy. エバーガーデンアカデミー
◮ “..Making students become better people?”

“What a fake motto. It makes me laugh.. They’re lying to you. All of you.”

The year is’ve just applied to be at Evergarden Academy.

—Evergarden Academy is a prestigious school located in a small city, specifically Akarui (明るい) in Japan. Even though Akarui is a small city, many people from out of the country move to Japan just to come to this so-called ‘amazing’ school.

◮ However, it’s not a normal school..
Recently, people have been mutating due to pollution and chemicals in the air. People started growing ears- tails, even separate heads. Other people have gained powers..

—Evergarden Academy is for troubled students..students who got kicked out of their other schools for being too “bad” attend this school. Or, students who are too shy to start a conversation..
“*That damned principal.. he’s insanely powerful. Don’t provoke him..not like I did.*”

◮Though.. alongside all the “bad” students; there have been rumors about Mr. Evergarden, the principal himself. The rumors say that Mr. Evergarden is a mafia boss, and makes his children do bad things for him. He’s a powerful man, owning nearly every business in this small town. The rumors also say he makes his children do his dirty kill, transport drugs, etc.

—Will you be one of the students who becomes a better person? Are you possibly already good- just misunderstood? Will you find out what Mr. Evergarden and his children are hiding?
....Or, will you prove the staff wrong- and show them that kids can really be bad? We’ll see.

To Evergarden Academy. ◮

hello! i'm the owner of Evergarden Academy, (ルシオ #0086)
everything in this server is original and done by me! let me tell you some of the things we have here~ <3

↪ friendly staff
↪ many bots
↪ self roles
↪ giveaways (nitro, crunchyroll premium !!)
↪ many roleplay events
↪ over 50 roleplay channels !!
please note that this is a SEMI LIT roleplay server. minimum is 4 sentences!!
if you join, i hope you'll enjoy your stay <3
"Die Welt außerhalb des Elysiums scheint so gut wie nur noch Ödland zu sein. Wir danken den Göttern für den kleinen fleck auf der Erde der noch fruchtbar und sicher zu sein scheint. Unser neues Zuhause ?" ~Ryan

Nach mehreren Kriegen um die letzten Ressourcen vorkommen der Erde sind unzählige Menschen, Tiermenschen, Vampire, Dämonen, Cyborgs, Roboter, Engel und viele weitere Seelen der verschiedensten Rassen gestorben. Bevor die großen Kriege jedoch begannen, begann der Bau einer Millionen Metropole namens Elysium, der Ort des Vollkommenden Glücks. Hier sind alle Willkommen die sich ein Leben außerhalb der Welt wünschen. Der Stadtstaat Elysium war vor beginn des Krieges das Reichste Land und war vor allem Technologisch sehr weit Fortgeschritten aber dennoch hielt diese Stadt an Traditionen Fest.
Elysium umfasst eine Million Metropole sowie wie einige Provinzen um der Stadt herum.

Als die großen Kriege begannen flüchteten viele nach Elysium. Vielen schafften es, aber ebenso viele nicht. Die Spannung in dem Stadtstaat war am Anfang recht groß zwischen den verschiedenen Rassen aber mit der Zeit des Krieges verstanden alle Lebendigen Geschöpfe das wenn sie zusammen arbeiten und sich gegenseitig helfen würden. Das Sie ihr und deren Leben um einiges erleichtern würden. Durch die große Flüchtlings welle verschafften sich aber auch unbemerkt Monster, Diebe und Clans zutritt zur Stadt.

Wer oder Was hinter dem Gigantischen Bollwerk die Drähte zieht weiß keiner aber es scheint gutmütig zu sein aber dennoch bleibt die Frage bestehen.
~"Wer oder Was bist du, du, der uns Zuflucht gewährt, uns allen ein neues Zuhause gibt....aber wer möchte ich sein, in unserem neuen Leben ?"~
Welcome to "The Four Kingdoms" Role-play Server! Here is what we have to offer:

•A friendly, non-toxic community
•An erp free server. Dms only for that.
•13+ (Discord ToS)
•Lore that the community can interact with and make their own creations
•A friendly staff prepared to answer your questions and help you in every way they can
•Every type of role player is welcome. No matter if you are a one-liner, a semi-lit, or a literate role player, all are welcome!

So, what are you waiting for? Your character’s story awaits here in The Four Kingdoms!


In the beginning, there were two deities, the Dark Lord, and the Goddess of Light. They constantly fought for power, clashing daily. One eventful period of time, the Goddess overcame the Dark Lord, sealing him away. With the Dark Lord defeated, she created life. She made spheres of various elements (known as planets) and created life on them. On one particular planet, she created mortals. The mortals were given the gift of intelligence, and with it they created many beautiful structures for the Goddess. Not knowing what to call her, they gave her the name, Luna, claiming she was as beautiful as the moon she had created to orbit the planet. Luna adored the mortals and their glorious buildings they made for her. Luna didn't know, however, that the Dark Lord still had some power. He would whisper in the ears of the weak, convincing them to praise him. The more people he convinced, the stronger he grew. They gave him the name Skol. Skol created creatures known as abyssals. He created legions of these twisted creatures of pure evil to terrorize the mortals.

Luna realizing what happened, damned all mortals except those who truly believed in her power. She created ethereals to counter the abyssals. Not forgiving all of the mortals, she gave the ethereals their own free will, not forcing them to help humans if they didn't wish to do so. Luna created the seasons to trouble the mortals, along with unruly weather and natural disasters. Luna had finally turned her back on the mortals, leaving them to fight on their own. As Luna's final gift, she created other Gods. These Gods would help the mortals. Praising them is not a sin, as Luna created them for that purpose. Praising them gives Luna some power, but not as much as praising her. Since Luna was able to create Gods, Skol was as well. Once enough mortals gave him power, he created his own Gods. Gods will be listed below.

What will you do? Will you join the fight against the abyssals? Will you become an abyssal? Will you make your own race, or become a race that no one in the land of the Four Kingdoms has seen? Only you can decide.
In the year 1945, it was said that there would be a meteor shower known as the iteris Passing. No one gave a care as it had become a common event until the valuable cooled rocks now know as Perseids began emitting a strange light. in a short span of time The city of Ultresk were built around the large rock as there were numerous reports of supernatural occurrences eradiating from the rocks origin. Everything from physical evolutions to fire proof people started popping up. with in time it became a problem on a global scale. In the following 100 years, civilization had grown attuned to a life with adaptations and magic. Criminals known as 'Villain's' had started popping up this called for the birth of 'hero's' too, even some new species never thought possible came in to existence. Though, there were rare occurrences of those without powers. this caused the powerless to focus on scientific progression to strive to keep up with their powered companions; eventually creating a species known as Alchemists, they are capable of magic at a lower level but possess super human traits. Altera is no normal school, it’s a school that teaches its students how to control and understand their powers to normal life. I̷f̷ ̷y̷o̷u̷ ̷a̷r̷e̷ ̷l̷o̷o̷k̷i̷n̷g̷ ̷f̷o̷r̷ ̷a̷ ̷n̷o̷r̷m̷a̷l̷ ̷l̷i̷f̷e̷ ̷A̷l̷t̷e̷r̷a̷ ̷s̷e̷e̷m̷s̷ ̷l̷i̷k̷e̷ ̷t̷h̷e̷ ̷p̷e̷r̷f̷e̷c̷t̷ ̷s̷c̷h̷o̷o̷l̷,̷ ̷B̷u̷t̷ ̷t̷h̷e̷r̷e̷ ̷a̷r̷e̷ ̷s̷e̷c̷r̷e̷t̷s̷ ̷h̷i̷d̷d̷e̷n̷ ̷b̷e̷h̷i̷n̷d̷s̷ ̷i̷t̷s̷ ̷d̷o̷o̷r̷s̷ ̷a̷n̷d̷ ̷w̷a̷l̷l̷s̷
Hej, bienvenue à toi jeune raider !
Tu aime le rôle-play mais aussi le monde Viking, les Mythologies et le genre Fantasy/Dark-fantasy ? Alors Crown Raiders est fait pour toi !

●▬▬▬๑۩ Quelques points importants ۩๑▬▬▬●

𝐂𝐫𝐨𝐰𝐧 𝐑𝐚𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐜'𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐭𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐝'𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐝...

⌊👏🏻⌉- Un univers qui compte sur la participation des joueurs pour avancer progressivement dans l'histoire narrative.

⌊🌱⌉- Un système de fiche et de dé remanié pour des actions plus justes !

⌊🎭⌉- Possibilité à l'avenir de gérer son clan avec d'autres joueurs !

⌊🌍⌉- De nouvelles intrigues dans chaque saisons, le clan se veut très actif !

📯 A très bientôt sur le serveur ! ❤️

Disclaimer : Le serveur peut contenir du contenu choquant pour des personnes sensibles, le E-RP est réservé sous un grade spécifique.

Force est de rappeler que nous recherchons des membres du staff et principalement dans l'animation du serveur. Si tu pense avoir les qualités nécessaires n'hésite pas et viens postuler !
*Aimed towards people who are mature (18+)
Welcome to Altera! We are a fairly active, semi-advanced to advanced literate, fantasy free roam roleplay with a 100% character-driven plotline. If you're looking to make friends and expand your horizons, we are a young server with big ideas and very involved members in and out of roleplay. Also included in our server are channels for sharing artwork, writing, photos, and more. Come join Altera, and let's build a dynamic community together!

Some common RP genres within the fantasy realm of Altera include action, adventure, horror, drama, romance, and pvp battle.

[ NSFW channels (ic & ooc) are available upon request. ]
[ We require all members to be apt in communication to be considered active. We accept your necessary hiatuses when you notify our mod team. ]
Alastro: Realm Reborn

Alastro: Realm Reborn is the outreach of creativity and attempts to spread some ideas. The server is offering some leniency in way with some concepts of creation for characters not limiting it as others might. Of course there are limits but with more folks we can poke prod and explore the limits it will have. Till then maybe just drop on by for a look and a quick laugh. That or just get an idea if you’d enjoy it. No harm no foul for a quick stop either way.
──┅┅┄┄ೃ:.✧✲゚。⋆─── ⋆✩⋆

──┅┅┄┄ೃ:.✧✲゚。⋆─── ⋆✩⋆
The gates open with welcoming arms to those invited into its magical and extraordinary  walls, what awaits you is an utter mystery but of course an exciting one. 

゚☆゚ ゜゚☆゚ ゜゚☆゚ ゜゚☆゚ 

Thousands upon thousands of years ago the grand Academy was created by the greatest sources of strength and power, these were the mighty keymasters of many planets spread across the vast galaxy. There were 10 key masters in total that all combined their all mighty abilities together to form the most known and prestigious Academy that the universe had ever seen. 

゚☆゚ ゜゚☆゚ ゜゚☆゚ ゜゚☆゚ 

 All species from all different types of places came together to learn only from the most intelligent minds, what path will you choose here in….stars academy. 

゚☆゚ ゜゚☆゚ ゜゚☆゚ ゜゚*

╭─ ˗`ˏ —     
            𝑾𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒘𝒆 𝒐𝒇𝒇𝒆𝒓 

┊❥ Staff to support you along your way

┊❥ Many fun bots to entertain yourself

┊❥ 100+ Rp related channels

┊❥ Social/talking channels to make friends

┊❥ Events

┊❥  Roleplay help/guidance and advise
┊❥  A friendly community 

 ──┅┅┄┄ೃ:.✧✲゚。⋆─── ⋆✩⋆
. . . ⇢ ˗ˏˋ Links ࿐ྂ

──┅┅┄┄ೃ:.✧✲゚。⋆─── ⋆✩⋆
┊        ┊ ┊     ┊ ┊ . ┊

┊        ┊ ┊     ┊ ✧.*ೃ༄ ☆

┊        ┊ ┊     ✫ *

┊  *   ┊ *

┊ ⊹                   ☪︎⋆

✯ ⋆     ┊ °           ೃ༄

☆°.          *
Welcome friend to our server

this is a fun roleplay where gachas furries and others are welcomed! We support all types of people here so no worries we
accept all different people. Cause everyone is welcomed! Just make sure you follow the rules and respect others cause this server is meant for everyone! :D

This is a role-play server and the story for it is that the world has gone corrupt. Darkness spread throughout the valley which made animals go insane. So insane that they devolved and became primal now the world is filled with beasts and monsters. Life is beginning to die as the world has became the world of fear and hate. Now monsters are everywhere filling the corrupt lands and no one is safe and terror is continuing to grow as life begins to die. That means its up to you to decide the story and fate...
Hello! Welcome to Iwone! The Place of Endless Possibilities!


--A massive continent that is offers a plethora of landscapes and places to explore. It was recently discovered by the human prince, Atlas Salius. The continent is longer and the coastline cuts into the land creating coves and lagoons. On the Eastern end of the continent stands a mountain range, taiga, and dense forests. The coastline is draped in temperate rainforests. The Western end is mostly grassland with deciduous forests throughout, but there is a cursed pine wood that stands at its center.

Come! See Estor and its prime jewel, Eyll Lones. A grand port city that was beautifully put together. Stop by Lupus plaza, the city center that earned its name by harboring a large fountain with crystal clear waters and adorned with a mighty bronze statue a fabled pterolycus! Perhaps the beast will carry your wishes on its wing and grant your desires true!

<>Discover New places!
<>Work with admins to expand the kingdoms!
<>Introduce as many characters as you wish
<>Homebrew Races
<>Friendly, welcoming environment
<>Rules and Moderation plans
<>Roleplay Events!
<>Drawing and writing showcase areas!

Ask Vaveena if you have any questions upon joining!

We hope to see you!

⏰ Welcome to the city of Clockwark! ⏰

• Setting.
The year is 536, this secluded megalopolis running on steam, steel and magic welcomes you to its 9 districts. From the glamorous, wealthy and majestic central piece of Glanz, to the labyrinth of cogs and engines that is Gebieter, the ran down, shabby slums of Schmiede to the prestigious wonderland of Zauberei, the steel jungle of Clockwark is the place to fulfill all your greatest fantasies!

• Overview.
This is an Aether/Steampunk server where we are inclusive to most, if not all types of roleplayers. We explore a rather unused genre of mystery in a fantasy world that seems just about perfect 8 times out of 9. If you're looking for a goofy and lively community that's also always welcoming new members, then this is the place for you!

• You.
But let's talk about you, where's your place in this world? Well, you're just another person, starting at the bottom at this wonderfully utopian society. What you do from there is up to you as you develop the skills, motivation, and personality of your character to take them to wherever your heart fancies across a vast nation.

❘❦︎~WE OFFER~❦︎❘
Υποδοχή | A welcoming and refreshingly chaotic community!
Μυστήριο | An all-inclusive intellectual mystery steampunk fantasy roleplay that offers endless possibilities!
Εκδηλώσεις | Frequent events and organized plotline!
Απέραντος | Explore the vast city-state of Clockwark, complete with nine, fully unique districts that are yours to explore!
Συνεταιρισμός | Partnership opportunities for all!
Χρώμα | Colors! So. Many. Colors!!!

⏰ Don't keep us waiting! Join up and dive right into the world of ςɭ๏ςкฬ๏гк! ⏰
Small science fiction setting: our server revolves around the lives of those on a novel space habitat in orbit around Earth.

Optional bios & original characters of any species! With a mysterious wider world, the choice in character backgrounds and roles is nearly unlimited.

Open groups: create and manage your own groups!

Evolving world: suggest places to expand the playable world!
One day, a mysterious dungeon appeard, to lure travellers with its treasure. Now there is builded whole city around dungeon, to support challengers of all races in beating the dungeon. At this point noone ever beated first floor, but who know, maybe you are the choosen one.
25 years ago, the faction of creatures known as monsters defeated the dwarven empire, taking over the continent and establishing total dominance over it
Many rebellions started as a result of this, the faction of monsters still dealing with them to this day
Will you join this alliance of monsters? Or will you help in the rebellion and get your continent back?!?

We have a lot of things in this rp
-Diverse areas to explore

-Plenty of useful bots to use out of rp

-Tupperbox for multiple characters

-Helpful channels and staff

-Information on your enemies

-Plenty of out of rp text channels

So why not join today?!? It's a fun rp!
once a time ago, all species lived in harmony. with the different factions of species came the great fued, a war that lasted a hundred years. it shook the world creating global uncertainty with it's nations. people both in poverty and in riches hated each other racially to the point of riots shaking the ground they once shared. one day, a rich man decided tomake a difference in this mass discrimination of nations, turning politics to his favor and creating a multi-billion dollar academy for the worlds future.

thus Velora Academy was born, along with the town that neighbored it. the schoolwas designed to create indifferences and unity between all species, becoming an eye-widening sight for the world to see. who thought to believe that one man made so much change in the world that even 87 years later, the grounds still remain conditioned,and the world still being brought back together by this one academy. now in a world where the strong prevail over the weak, you must work or even fight your way to the top, or crumble below them all.

at velora academy it's do or do not, will you rise? or will you fall? your choices shape your future, and how you succeed shapes your freedom and will. now go fourth youngling and make a difference in the world for everyone to see like the greats before you.
La Loutre est votre animal Totem ? Vous l'adulez ?

Eh bien c'est votre jour de chance, le Royaume de Hélya vous accueillera avec plaisir, leurs Souverains, la Reine Rose et le Roi John vous traiterons comme n'importe lequel de leurs sujets.

Voici un peu d'histoire à propos de Hélya:

Citoyens, citoyennes ;

Hommes, elfes, fées, nains, lycans ;

Nous vous souhaitons la bienvenue dans le merveilleux monde de Terra, abritant quatre grands royaumes.

Au nord, tout d'abord, il y avait Bragyr, monarchie au grand pouvoir diplomatique. Le couple royal se partageant le pouvoir, deux totems apparaissent sur leur bannière. Un loup blanc et un ours polaire. Seulement, le froid régnant sur leurs terres rend ses champs infertiles. Ainsi Bragyr dépend-t-il de l'importation pour faire vivre ses populations.

Ensuite, à l'Est existe Keiven, pays forestier et ancienne démocratie communiste devenue autoritaire. Le chef de l'Etat est nommé le Vox Populi, la voix du peuple, ce depuis dix ans. Keiven a pour totem la girafe, et à la différence du pays du nord, il est plus giboyeux que beau parleur. Il ne s'implique quasiment pas dans les échanges interroyaumes.

Puis, il y a Ulentor, à l'Ouest. Région montagneuse, Ulentor est un empire riche en matières premières et à l'agriculture abondante. Par le passé, sa faiblesse militaire lui a fait perdre ses territoires de plaines, au Nord et au Sud. Les nobles Ulentoriens durent se réfugier dans les montagnes qui abritaient auparavant les plus pauvres. Désormais, l'empereur tente de remettre sur pied ces terres placées sous la bannière du panda.

Finalement, Hélya, au Sud, placé sous la protection de la Loutre, est un royaume presque dirigé en oligarchie. Son territoire est étendu, et sa puissance militaire n'est plus à prouver. Seulement, cette puissance est coûteuse en ressources. Ainsi le pays a-t-il une alliance par le mariage.
William, héritier de Hélya, fêtera sous peu son dix-huitième anniversaire. À cette occasion, des familles nobles provenant de toutes les nations peuvent rejoindre le Sud, dans l'espoir de saisir une quelconque opportunité de réaffirmer leur place.

Entre mariages, tensions et manigances politiques, qui sait quel pays, du nord, de l'est, de l'ouest ou du sud, saura faire s'incliner le monde sous son drapeau ?

Vous, joueurs, avez l'occasion de choisir votre camp, et de faire pencher la balance. Alors qu'attendez-vous ?
Welcome to the Household, a fantasy based nexus of debauchery and desire that will surely adress any kink you would like to roleplay out~. We offer both opportunity for the ones who only look for a night of intense desire, and for those who want their roleplay to be part of something bigger as we have an ever expanding lore, youtube channel and other upcoming material to keep you interested. We also reward you in our economy system for being an active rper~. But why am I rambling about this? Come on in. You wont regret it~.
A hundred years after an event known as the Fracturing of Yeyar to gods and simply as the Flash to mortals, gods have begun to rise after the devastation brought upon by Yeyar and the death of Omarus. Old gods are awaking and new gods are being created..
Gods of Ekria takes place upon a peninsula called Ekria. Kingdoms rise and fall while gods, malicious and kind alike, watch, guide, or directly impact what happens.
Will you be a Watcher, to see what occurs during the sands of time? A Mortal to be a god's play thing? Or the child of a god, to suffer or prosper?
Or... perhaps, you'll be the god that pulls the strings to make kingdoms rise and fall, the god that brings the fragments of Yeyar together to return his reign.

The main setting of Ekria is medieval, with other extreme influence from Greek and Roman mythos and eras!. Intimidating castles, enormous pantheons, and impressive architecture! With the clothing to boot!

The setting also takes place after an that is only known to mortals as 'The Flash', while to the deities it is known as 'The Fracturing of Yeyar'. This devastating event has caused unrest between mortals and deities, a trust that can be repaired or truly destroyed.

Gods of Ekria has:
Lots of rp channels!
Spam and vent channel!
Lore! Plenty of it!
Questo Server Discord è basato sul Fantasy Roleplay, capace di integrare al meglio i nuovi arrivati e di discutere pacificamente su qualsiasi argomento possa venir in mente.

Questo Gioco di Ruolo ha come obiettivo quello di immergere completamente il giocatore all'interno della trama che, man mano, si sviluppa attorno a tutti tramite quest ma anche le scelte stesse dei personaggi che formano questo mondo, il quale è gestito da uno staff attento e da gm (game master) fantasiosi.

Esso, però, mira anche ad avere player di un certo livello di Roleplay.
sarebbe gradita:
- Una conoscenza discreta dell'italiano, non è bello vedere una sbagliata punteggiatura e i tempi verbali errati;
- Capacità di saper far distinguere bene azioni e pensieri (con un apposito metodo che vi verrà detto non appena entrati);
- Personaggi che siano capaci di evolversi e che non mutino carattere ogni volta che il vento cambia direzione;
- Non far contagiare il proprio pg dalla vostra vita reale;
- cercare di scrivere il più possibile;
Avrete una settimana di tempo, alla fine della quale, verrete giudicati in termini di roleplay

trama (quando sarete entrati vedrete i titoli):

Leone, Lupo, Orso, Drago, Tigre, Delfino, Corvo e Ariete, queste erano le Leggende. Persone, se ancora definibili tali, capaci di imprese incredibili, trascendevano il divino. Così narrano antichi testi di civiltà ormai passate a miglior vita da questo mondo. Il mondo anche dopo la loro scomparsa continuò ad andare avanti, tranquillamente. Tutto finché la Leggenda del Drago, ultima tra altre quattro decise di tradire i compagni, assassinandone uno ad uno, si dice che il potere accumulato è pari a quello di un impero e che la sua magia sia tutt'ora all'apice, illimitata e così potente che neppure il praticante è riuscito a controllarla, cadendo in follia. Nonostante siano passati secoli le popolazioni continuano a donare questo titolo, tra le persone c'è sempre colui che spicca in qualcosa, ma solo pochi possono raggiungere tale titolo. Spetta a queste nuove Leggende sconfiggere il mago e riportare realmente la pace nel mondo. Finché esisterà un male tanto grande, sarà necessario del bene ancor maggiore per batterlo, la Leggenda del Drago non è l'unica minaccia, per quanto si viva pacificamente il male è ogni dove: culti maligni, tradimenti, minacce minori che se sommate potrebbero esser peggiore della principale. Sarai degno di incarnare una Leggenda? O cadrai in preda alla paura non credendo neanche in te stesso? Spetta a te deciderlo.
Hello, and welcome to Nexuverse Roleplay™, a crossover roleplay between all kinds of universes! We strive to provide a detailed, action-packed, and overall enjoyable experience for our members, with original characters and an engaging and accessible story. Here's some of the things we'll offer you within this server!

- Friendly staff! We're always around to help you if you need; just give us a call!
- Detailed character creation! Power scaling and info fields galore, to make any proud roleplayer's heart content.
- Original story and characters! Universes and timelines cross over in an ongoing storyline.
- Custom races and creatures! Build your own fauna, and leave your mark on the world!
- Any type of roleplayers are allowed! While we may prefer literate roleplay, any person of any skill level is allowed to join in on the fun.

Overall, we hope you enjoy our server! It's our second public run, and we hope to expand it far more now that we've rebranded! While updates may seem slow, we'll try our best to update daily, and do exciting things with all of our fellow members. We hope you can join us and have a fun time here on Nexuverse Roleplay™.

Ḩ̷̫͕̪̲̽̆͛̈́́o̶̢̙͓̿͂̔̋̕p̶̱̠͉̮̚ͅe̵̢̖̍͝ ̵̧̙͉̲͘ț̵̟͈͎̒̍͜o̷̮̠̘̚ ̸͖̽̐́͝͝ś̶̳e̶̢̲̣͓̝̅̓̾ę̴͕̮͋͛̓͜͠ ̸̧͇̔̅̎̇̀y̶̺̅͗̇̂o̷̹̜̬̔͊͋ù̸͇͛͂ ̸̲̖̗̂͂s̴͖͓̍́̌͘ô̷̧̖̈ò̸̳̪͔͓͙͐̀̌̿ṇ̷̪͍͛̄͊̕.̷̲͇̫͎̒̂̌͘͘
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Hello Potential Student,
Welcome to Moonlight Academy, An aesthetic moon themed Role-playing server with a chill vibe. This server is about a high school roleplay! We have plenty of classes to be in and many more to be created.
◊--Chill Admins ✔︎
◊--Friendly Chats ✔︎
◊--Powers are allowed! ✔︎
◊--Fantasy/Roleplay Server ✔︎
◊--Many Channels ✔︎
◊--Many Obtainable roles ✔︎
◊--Very Kind Members ✔︎
◊--And overall, a server! ✔︎
So what are you waiting for? Come join us! Thank you for your time reading this and hope you consider joining,
Au revoir! ❣︎